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I am scheduled for later this month - brachio and modified TT (skin only).

My PS office said I can put the garments in the washer on cool and dryer on cool while I take a shower. Will they dry fast enough for me to put it back on an hour later. I thinking the longer they are off the more you swell and the harder it will be to put it back on. The abdominal one has a fasten at the bottom to go to the bathroom easy but is Velcro around the waist so it seems like it would be easy to get back on. However, the arm one sounds more difficult.

Should I buy a different arm one to have on hand? They will be giving me a long sleeve one that I should wear for 6 weeks. If that is too hot would it be ok to get a 3/4 sleeve one?

Did everyone really wear them 24/7 for 6 weeks? Were you strict for a few weeks then slowly deceased the time you wore them?

Their paperwork also said to stop any Protein Shake and Vitamins that have Vitamin E but i talked to the surgeon and he was fine with me continuing to take it.

The nurse did recommend Arnica especially since I can't take anti-inflammatories.

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I had two garments for my Abdominoplasty.

I just had one garment for my brachioplasty, but I had a hard time wearing it 24/7 because of various issues with my incisions, so this really didn't come up...at least for me. That said, even with my abdominoplasty garments, I often left them off for an hour or two a day, so you're probably fine with having one and washing/drying it - it shouldn't take more than two hours.

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I have 2 arm garments and 3 abdominal ones. I wash the set i have on before i shower and just put a fresh set on afterwards.

Im the worst about remembering to move my wash to the dryer, so i need the extra sets.

im almost 8 weeks and i’ve been wearing all of mine at least 22 hours a day, every day (though there was a three day stint when i went compression-less due to experimentation AND laziness, but I went back to wearing them cuz TBH, i like them.

Lately, i’ve started wearing a “base” tanktop underneath all of it, as I start to smell ripe if I get too hot or sweaty in these non-breathable fabrics. The cotton tank is easily changed out of if its not shower time yet.

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