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Dr. Fischer - OU Oklahoma City

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Making this review because I didn't see my doctor listed in the group of surgeons and I don't see a lot of other Oklahoma people around here.

I actually started my journey with another medical group, not affiliated with a hospital. I wouldn't call them fly by night but close. Did a lot of self pay type patients. Anyways, I did their seminar to see what I qualified for, if anything, insurance wise. Turns out I qualified for nothing at that time (due to poor coverage, not my weight or co-morbidities). I did their non-surgical weight loss and it was fine, nothing special.

I saw my GP (part of the OU system) and he recommended I look into WLS and recommended the group at OU. I took his advice and went to the required seminar in February of 2019.

After the seminar I signed up to get more info and have my initial appointment with the WLS group at OU. About a month later I had my first appointment and went over everything that would need to be done before surgery. It was much more extensive than the other place I had visited! PT, Psych, Nut, blood work, chest x-ray, EKG, pre-op scope - made me feel quite confident in their program! I was also required to go to 2 group sessions which were great!

So I got in the program in February. I got my weight loss goal that I needed to hit for surgery and they worked on things from the insurance end. I had to meet with them monthly until surgery.

Then the problems started. First my work made it very hard (read impossible) to leave for my appointments. I couldn't take early lunches or skip lunch in lieu of an appointment. The WLS group was great about working through that and around things. Then came my trip to Europe. I went wild. I came back 20 pounds above my starting weight and they wouldn't budge on my goal. My final hurtle was that my insurance plan year ran from 11/1/18 to 11/1/19. Meaning I had to hit my goal and get everything done by and surgery scheduled BEFORE 11/1/19! It was June at this point!

I went into psycho mode - walking miles each day, eating nothing that wasn't on my list and I made it! They saw my work and that I was getting close to my goal and gave me my surgery date of 10/22 on Aug 22.

Surgery was great! I had no complications and they fixed my hiatal hernia when they were in there. I'm just over 3 weeks post-op now and everything has been going swimmingly. I've lost 33 pounds since my surgery date.

The surgeon and her group are great. They know everyone by name. I don't have much access to the surgeon but I get it when I need it. I mostly work with the PA. I can see the nut or psych whenever I want, which is nice. If anything the office is TOO busy. My one month post-op has to be 6 weeks after surgery due to her being busy and only having one day for office hours.

If anyone has any questions about this group feel free to ask me!

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Sounds a lot like the WLS clinic I go to here in Springfield MO. I really appreciate how I can call anytime with questions or concerns. I really like my Nut also! Aside from some complications I am very happy with my surgery.

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