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Removal complications

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I had my gastric band removed at the end of August. I had been frequently vomiting and couldn't get liquids to stay down. Did barium swallow and the liquid didn't get past the band but there were no signs of slippage. I was scheduled for emergency removal and what had happened was an extremely thick layer of scar tissue had formed around the entire band and stomach and was squeezing my stomach and band closed like a boa constrictor. So band removed, and all the scar tissue was removed from my stomach. I did ok afterwards but the last week or so im having severe upper abdominal pain and lower abdominal pain. It's fairly constant and definately made worse by eating or drinking. I just think it's weird since I'm over a month and a half post op. Has anyone who had a removal had any post OP complications?

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I haven't had my band removed yet, but when I do next week, I will be getting the sleeve. I'm sorry you're having complications. Just keep checking in with your doctor. Good luck.

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