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What is your favorite diet and why

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I am 5 months post-op and down 80 pounds so far. I am jogging on the weekends and hitting the gym for 4-5hrs a week. I am still slowly dropping 1-3 pounds a week. I feel as If I can do more and better if I focus more than I am on my diet.

I am not following any certain type diet (low carb, Keto, weight watchers...) but I do try and stay away from carbs as much as possible. I want to eat healthy and as clean as possible but still be able to not be tied to an app and a calculator. I am really bad at tracking my food via apps, to be honest I probably haven’t done this in two months.

What are your favorite diet plans? Why do you like them? I have 60 pounds left to reach my goal and I would like to get there well before my 1 year point I am looking for something that can get me to my goal and that I can maintain after I reach my goal. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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16 minutes ago, Tyson4834 said:

I am looking for something that can get me to my goal and that I can maintain after I reach my goal.

What you wrote right there is the key. What can you maintain long term? We all can follow any diet short term, and succeed. But very restrictive diets very rarely work long term.

Diets others are following, don't have any bearing on what will work for you. For example some people can do low carb long term. Maybe because they already have a preference for Protein over carbs? I know for me, it's not something I could stick with . I would feel deprived. I don't want to live my life feeling deprived. For me, I focus on making sure a vast majority of the food I consume is healthy and nutritious. I also allow myself for an occasional splurge, but only a couple of bites, not a meal or a day. That is something I can do long term.

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I’m kind of in the same boat as you. I’ve tried Keto and i do love that you get to eat bacon all day long but it’s not for me. My body doesn’t need all that extra fat and it also loves healthy variety so good carbs like Beans and squash and lots of fruits are fine with me.

i guess you could say i do the meditternean diet to an extent but i don’t like to view it as a diet. I eat what i want but i cook everything anf watch my portions, carbs and added sugars. I eat plenty of lean Protein, fruits, seafood, veggies, almonds, beans, and lower fat dairy like fair life milk and lots of cheeses. I use things like grass fed butter, olive or coconut oil, but in moderation. I even do some meatless days. I love it because it’s not restrictive so i never feel deprived. My body physically feels the best when i do this, i have more energy, no extreme cravings, and it’s something i can stick too. Plus i feel lighter all the way around. I do add supplements like fish oil pills, and mct oil pills but that’s about it other than a multi. Best of luck to you.

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