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My surgery is only a month or two out, but I'm just starting to get serious about nutrition and meal planning. I should have started a long time ago, but I'm finally feeling really motivated to do a good job at this.

For better or worse, my insurance doesn't require a liquid diet, so I'm very much on my own. I'd like to start planning meals and eating the way I'll have to eat after surgery. I know it'll be difficult, but I also know I really have to do this.

If you have any resources for bariatric meal planning could you please share them with me? I'm looking for things like:

  • Meal planning software or spreadsheets?
  • Shopping guides?
  • Tips about foods to eat and foods to avoid?
  • recipes

All the best!

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Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook for Dummies is a great book chock full of information and recipes that is very useful both pre and post op. There aren’t a lot of pictures if you are in to that but tons of other useful info. You can purchase it on Amazon.

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