Surgery in Mexico- activities after.

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My surgery is scheduled for Dec 19 at Bariatric Pal MX in Tijuana. I have never been to Mexico so I'm excited for the travel as well as the surgery. I'm going alone so I opted to stay the extra night for the extra day of healing before traveling. I'm wondering if it is likely I will feel up to sight seeing or not? My hotel is a 10 minute DRIVE from the ocean and I won't have a vehicle. That leaves me to think seeing the ocean is out. I'm bummed about that because I live in Iowa, farmland central.

Those who went to Bariatric Pal, did you feel up to seeing anything outside the hospital/hotel and how did you get there?

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Hi UndercoverDiet,

Most patients go on sightseeing tour's with our Valets the day that they are discharged from the hospital.
You can make arrangements with the Valet to go to the beach with a small group of patients.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Have a great day!

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