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  1. stcyt

    second time sleeved

    Wow Laura-ven.... thanks so much. Its so nice to see that there are other. This is super helpful. It makes me think I should see a doc here for exrays before I dip south of the border again :-)
  2. so.... I need to do something about the extra sking on my arms. It is all pooled around the top of my elbo and it looks like a rhinoceros' knee. Now... I do have batwings... but here's the thing. I think I can live with that. They are not horrible and I've had them my whole life so I guess I'm used to them. It seems like a trade off.... batwings or a big scar from armpit to elbow. six one half dozen the other in my book. Anyway... I feel like I just need a little tuck under the arm to pull up the rhino skin. Is there a name for this procedure? Is this a common procedure? I would probably have it done in Mexico so I need to be specific about what I want before going down. Any direction would be appreciated. thanks stacey
  3. stcyt

    laser skin tightening

    Vela shape is what I was doing. I did hear that it was approved for inner thighs and the tecs that worked with me said that is where they have seen the best results. I think I have to revise my thumbs down evaluation. The procedure has done absolutly nothing for my loose skin.... but..... I did loose an inch in my arms at a time when I'm not really loosing any more and I havent lost any inches anywhere else. So... I guess for actual reduction I have seen some movement.... its just the excess skin thing. I hope yours works.... It sounds like your not out much if it doesnt' good luck
  4. stcyt

    53 day stall

    I have been a painfully slow looser. I decided that I would be content with 2 lbs per month... at least it was coming off.... right? Last month I didn't loose ANYTHING!!! I started doing 40 minutes of cardio before eating (fasting cardio as perscribed by the "fit for life" guy). Yea.... 2lbs this week... and I'm actually eating more because the cardio makes me kind of hungry. I'm a believer
  5. stcyt

    how much taco bell

    Moderation was always my problem pre surgery. My fantasy was that once I lost the weight, I would eat what ever I wanted, only in moderation (forced moderation... but moderation). I'm really close to goal and have had a few forays into the real world of food (taco bell being one of them). I have had such guilt and remorse after these times.... I am really going to start working on a healthier relationship with food... one that involves small indulgences without guilt. I mean, seriously, its not like we can eat enough in one sitting to do any real damage. I know we have the potential to regain if we decide to "eat around" the surgery with mushies and milk shakes... but NORMAL MODERATE eating has always been an illusive dream.
  6. stcyt

    Where are the two years?

    I'm going on 10 mos and I too am curious about the 2 year mark. What about. My doc told me that skin can take 1-2 years to snap back. Are you guys finding your getting a little tighter (skin wise I mean). I don't have hanging skin.... but I can tell it doesnt fit me like it used too. Things kind of wobbel a little more... despite weight training. I'm 45.... wondering if its going to get better and if so, in what time frame.
  7. stcyt

    Sleeve-related fears

    I don't worry that I will get too thin.... but I really worry that I will regain the weight (or at least part of it) back. I used to be a binger and as time goes on... that kind of lifestyle becomes more possible. I have had a few slider binges and it scares me. Thankfully I get a little dumping when I eat too much sugar so that will keep me away from the cookies and ice cream. I'm careful, I work out, and I have worked hard at not just loosing weight.... but creating a healthy lifestyle. I guess our fears will haunt us for some time to come.
  8. stcyt

    NSV shout outs

    am I really a "tiny" person? I was chatting with my hairdresser yesterday and told her about my surgery. Her response was "oh, I knew someone else that did that and she was just like you... this little tiny person trapped in a big body" Am I a little tiny person? Its so hard to get used to. It takes our brains a while to catch up to our bodies. I get frustrated because all the size smalls seem to run too big.... then I realize... they arnt big... I'm little
  9. stcyt

    Where am I now?

    thanks for the replies guys.... I have appreciate the support. Yea Bilka.... I would never ever have been able to stay on a "diet" for 9 months, and without VSG it would have taken a lot longer than that. I would have thrown in the towel long ago with conventional dieting. Actually, I have thrown in the towel a number of times with the sleeve.... but I still loose my steady 2-3 lbs per month. Stacey
  10. stcyt

    laser skin tightening

    UGH.... I've been reading reviews on line... they arn't very good. A lot of people seem to be saying they saw no results. Yikes!!! I hope i didn't waste my money.
  11. stcyt

    Fat Burners

    Any time I have ever taken one of those fat burner things I have been sorry. The sleeve really does work. I know we want to speed things up... I know I sure do... but I concur with the others.... let the sleeve do its work. take care stacey
  12. I guesse I'm more happy about having an accurate diagnosis than I am about having a defunct thyroid. That is annoying that you have to take your synthroid without eating or drinking.... what do you do.....take it first thing and just don't eat right at first?
  13. OMG good life... you have lost 91lbs!!!! I bet you feel great!!!! I havnt talked to my doc yet. She left me a message saying my bloodwork indicated hypothyroidism and I should retest in 1 month then make an appt to talk about treatment. So I"m not real sure what the deal is right now stacey
  14. its so weird... but yea... I feel better knowing. I've been really scared because it takes sooo much work to loose such a little bit of weight. I've been terrified that I wouldnt be able to maintain my rigid food and exercise habits and would gain all my weight back. Even though its not great news... it gives me hope
  15. Good for you.... Amazing amount of weight to loose. I know what you mean about the sex appeal comming back. Mine is just starting to resurface (it feels great) by the way.... your english is great!!!! stacey
  16. Atkins makes a shake that is "latte" flavored. I just had to have something warm and coffee like in the mornings so I heated those in the microwave. At about 1 week I started drinking starbucks soy latte's. The soy milk was rich and soothing. If its the pick me up your missing... maybe try some green tea? Whatever you do clear it with your doc 1st. Good luck.... I know life is hard without coffee
  17. stcyt

    Hair Loss Poll:)

    I'm a lightweight and a slow looser too. I am almost 5 months out and haven't lost any hair, so maybe your right .... but.... my hair is really dry and feels like straw... no matter how much conditioner I use. My hairdresser told me yesterday to start fish oil supplements and start putting flax seed oil on everything. I hope it helps.
  18. Awe globetrotter... I hate to hear about your struggle. I know exactly where you are... it sucks so bad when that mindset creeps in. I can't weigh because I'm devestated all the time. I start feeling defeated fairly frequently... but.... when its all said and done... I continue to loose weight.... slowly.... but it goes. I promise, if you just keep plugging along it will happen. Sometimes I think its hard for us to take in the reality that we are going to be successful... most of us have had so many failures by this point. I agree about upping the calories though... my weight loss seems to slow when I don't eat enough. Hang in there. Stacey
  19. stcyt

    Bad Feeling

    I think its really normal. I toyed with the idea for a bit... thought I would get the band becaue of the reversability...then learned about the band complications and settled on VSG. That night I had horrible nightmares about my stomach being cut out of my body in the most gruesome fashion. I wouldnt trade it for the world now.... but yes... I had some trepedation.
  20. WOW JANE... you did it!!!! You must be so happy. Well done!!!!! you deserve it stacey
  21. stcyt

    meat... yuck!!!!!!

    hey feedyoureye... thanks for the input. Its nice to know that the sleeve and vegetarianism can be compatable. Stacey
  22. I'm pretty sure I'm a vegitarian now. I have been a vegitarian off and on throughout my life. I feel like I need to remain a meat eater until I reach my goal weight because the dense protein is a big contributor to my weight loss... but man sometimes I have to choke it down. Chicken breasts....yuk.... pork...yuk..... steak... haven't tried it yet but sounds bad. I'm pretty much down to fish. I try to choke down a chicken breast or something along those lines every day... but when I reach my goal thats going out the window.
  23. stcyt

    How can you tell the difference?

    I have trouble with measurements... I am not percise enough and can get remarkably different readings only days apart. Last time I made a note of which freckle the tape measure was next to... maybe that will help. I try to stay away from the scale because it makes me kinda nuts, but one thing that I do that seems to work is buy a pair of pants one size too small and never wear them. I use them for measurement purposes only. You can get a pair at goodwill for a couple of bucks.... doesn't matter if they are bright yellow with orange flowers so long as they are one size smaller than your current size. Try to find a fabric that doesnt give... no stretch pants etc. So far its the only method that I feel like I can really count on. take care stacey
  24. wow... thats a good find. I would have felt better if I had had this when I had surgery.

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