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  1. That looks so good. I love chai
  2. I use Michael Silverstein's Keto butter pound cake recipe. The recipe for the keto rum cake is from a keto baking book. I got them both on Amazon. I could tolerate some of the butter pound cake (like a tbsp at a time, but not the rum cake at all).
  3. I am still not able to eat veggies, but I can tolerate some fruit. I think it may be a sleeve/bypass thing. My doctor did tell to avoid a lot of fiber.
  4. It is weird for me. I can almost eat anything, just in super small amounts. I had turkey, yam and potatoes (about 1 tbsp of each) and even a bit of pecan pie without the crust. However, I made a keto rum cake to take with me, and I took a small taste of that the day before. I was trying out the recipe. I got the foamies for the first time, from just a small taste. At this point I think my stomach just has a mind of its own and I just have to listen. Most days I just eat eggs, tuna fish, protein shakes, protein water. I had a meatball for dinner yesterday.
  5. I lost a lot of weight quickly but this week I am gaining. I am not eating a lot but the scale is moving up. I remember seeing a lot of people around week three hit a stall, but not a gain necessarily. I am wondering if this is because I am eating Soups and I have sodium retention. How was your third week? Were you able to get it moving again, if so any tips?
  6. I am on week six and can have a few crackers now. I did just have my first really bad episode with food though. We made this soup with polish sausage and I chewed, chewed, chewed. Well, that night and the next day were brutal. I am doing well today. I can only have very small amounts of things but I am getting to the point where a lot is tolerated. Chicken, beef, eggs, no problem.
  7. I noticed that even though I started pureed today and all is well, I am super tired every time I walk around. Is this normal? When did you see it start to go away?
  8. I understand what you are going through. My original surgery date was Aug 1st. I was on the table and they cancelled it because they were afraid of a med complication. They changed it to Sept. 8th and then right before changed it again to the 12th. I had to change meds and let the other ones out of my system. They were worried about C-diff. Even after my surgery, I was scared based on the things they told me. It was hard at the time, but I am glad it finally happened. Your situation is so unique. Kind of cool. I know it probably doesn't feel that way. I cried for a while after I got home. The pain meds didn't help. Everything is good now. I figure better safe than sorry. (((hugs)))
  9. I am five weeks, in a stall and lost 30 as well We got this.
  10. You are a pretty low weight so your journey may be a bit slower. In some ways the slower journey is better because you may not have as much skin.
  11. Glad it is going well. Doing okay. I seem to have hit a stall this week, but I also started doing workouts this week. Hoping I will bump over this hump. I have monkfruit sweetner, may have to give it a try. My biggest issue is water right now. No issues with the protein. Jennifer
  12. I use a Vitamin B12 patch and collagen patch each day and I am going to try the sleep patches next. I just need to get on a schedule. I'm glad you are finding something that works for you.
  13. I am a little over 3 weeks out of the sleeve and I am worried that my serving sizes are two big. Should I be able to eat two over easy eggs this early without an issue? I am losing weight. I just don't want to make myself sick. I am in the soft food stage.
  14. You took the words out of my mouth. Having a week 5 stall.
  15. I'm happy to hear you are getting some answers. I did hear that hernias can come back. They actually found I had an umbilical hernia, not hiatal on the operating room table. I had a hole in my stomach (they actually pulled my stomach out of it, and I only have four scars. Weird stuff happens. I use a sleep apnea machine too. It can help but it is hard to get used to. Here is to more answers for you.
  16. nymisc

    Serving Sizes

    Sounds like you are doing great. I had my meeting on Friday too. I am down 30, they want me to do South Beach again but they said I can do low carb as well. I started exercising today actually but I am having those fall asleep tired moments still too. I am averaging about 7-900 calories. Protein and vitamins are good but water is something I am still struggling with.
  17. I had my four-week visit today and I am down 30 lbs. I am just so astonished. It took me a year to lose the first 30. This is not easy but so glad I did it. I went to IHOP with my littlest guy tonight and husband and had about tbsp of an egg white omelet. I am doing super well with the foods. My only slight issue is I am still tired all the time. I am vitamining up like crazy (new word?). I have not started exercising yet but I got permission to start to do body groove tomorrow. Here is hoping the next 30 comes easily. Hoping for all of your success.
  18. nymisc

    Serving Sizes

    I still haven't vomited but I will have gerd like symptoms if i am not careful. I don't think I can eat 2 eggs regularly. I can pretty much eat anything now as long as it is soft, and I chew a lot. I am a little over four weeks.
  19. Some of the ladies with thyroid issues and PCOS have really struggled. Don't give up, it won't help. Give yourself time. At six months if you haven't lost more, I would be worried but maybe stop looking at the scale for a while. There are so many factors that can go in with weight. Hugs friend, I know this must feel defeating.
  20. Now that I understand your time frame that is a bit odd. I am on week four of the sleeve, but I average about 600 calories a day, some days I get up to 800, but it is rare. I am losing slower now but I have lost every week, except second, I gained a few, then took it off and more. Make sure to track all of your food if you aren't already and show the doctors you are working with. I have heard of some others that have struggled as well.
  21. I think you are fine. I hear from a lot of people that they are around 25-30 lbs lost by week six. You don't want to lose so fast that it is unhealthy, and you have extra skin. I was told that I wouldn't hit 1-1200 calories until month six. But even 1200 calories shouldn't be an issue if you are eating the right foods. I think sometimes people have this expectation that it is all going to fall off quickly. My doctor said you should lose 50-60 lbs the first six months. Breathe and just keep tracking your food and plugging away. I am four weeks out and I have never puked either. I even was able to eat a small amount of birthday cake. Give it time.
  22. It is funny you say that because I am really struggling going to sleep. I am considering getting a sleep patch to try to get me back on schedule. I have been staying up until 4 am. I have never done that before.
  23. This is my 12-year-olds favorite drink too
  24. Did you start your blog. I am working on healthy meals for a family of five that are low carb. I would definitely follow

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