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  1. Thank you! I hope your surgery went well!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm scheduled for my revision on March 21, 2022. I had my original surgery 21 years ago! My sw prior to the first surgery was 375, in the first year I lost 100lbs getting down to 275... my lowest weight since then was 248 due to an illness. I've bounced up and down between 250 and 280 since then. I am a diabetic, have Gerd and was just diagnosed with very slow motility (my pcp says gastroparesis but my surgeon just says slow motility). When I started the process for revision (7months ago) my surgeon didn't think insurance would cover for just weight loss, but with further testing we discovered the digestion issue, his tune changed and surgery was approved! I know a lot has changed with protocols in the last 21 years! I see my surgeon next week for pre-op so I will be asking him a lot, but wanted to find out from anyone who's had the proximal to distal revision as well: What was the recovery like for the distal revision compared to the original surgery? Did you have to spend anytime in the hospital? My surgeon already mentioned he does it outpatient and I should go home same day, which seems crazy to me! I know weight loss can be slower with a revision. How much did you lose and in what timeframe? Any other pieces of advice? I plan on strictly following the food phases that the nutritionist gave me and leaning toward the longest of the time frames she gave me... ie 2-3 weeks post op liquid, 4-8 weeks soft foods etc... I am determined to lose and get to a goal weight of 155-175 which my surgeon said was possible in our initial meeting 8 months ago.
  3. I hear that revisions are slower with weight loss. Just keep in mind, you lost 15lbs in less than 30 days! That's awesome!
  4. Hi! Sorry I haven't been around much. Did you have a Distal revision or a revision to a duodenal switch (they are different). Anyway, I'm doing ok. I'm calling it the surgery that wasn't. So I did have surgery on March 21st. Dr went in and had to clean a bunch of adhesions and fix a hernia before he saw that things didn't look the way they should. It wasn't the normal, expected RNY anatomy. He couldn't complete the surgery without coming up with a new surgical plan. As it was a 1 hr surgery had already turned into 3 from the adhesions and hernia repair. As of right now, I go back to see my surgeon tomorrow to see what our/my options are and figure out the best surgical plan for me. How did your surgery go?
  5. It's been a rough couple of days since being released from the hospital. Woke yesterday in a lot more pain and running a fever of 102.5 and chills. Called the surgeon and he said just to take some Tylenol. My partners were not ok with that so they took me to the er just to make sure there was no infection. No infection, ileus causing bowel obstruction/constipation that I'm just supposed to take stool softeners (which I already was) and a fleet enema. Like the constipation/slow motility is the reason we were going for the distal revision so since the revision wasn't done, this isn't going to change. I also expected the pain and they treated me like I was there looking for drugs because I'm a chronic pain patient. I'm not sure why I expected anything different. Still running the high fever if I fall behind on the Tylenol. My surgeon does keep callin, and gave me his cell phone number if there were any other issues. I reminded him this morning that slow motility/constipation was one of the issues I was complaining about prior to surgery. He said we would be looking at a "more sophisticated " surgery than the distal RNY but we would talk more at my follow-up
  6. So things didn't go exactly as planned with me yesterday. When do they ever? Surgery was only supposed to be an hour ended up being over 3 hours. Doctor found a lot of adhesions that he had to clear up before he could see exactly what was going on. My previous surgeon from 20 years ago did an older version of the surgery which included a loop that my current surgeon wasn't expecting and made my new surgery more dangerous so he had to fix a hernia that was there and basically had to abort the surgery were planning on doing. Which means I'm going to need a different surgery once I heal up from this one. I am doing okay now of course I'm in some pain I had abdominal surgery yesterday regardless of the changes to our plans.
  7. Nifer72

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I'm set for Monday too.
  8. Nifer72

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Ugh, I am so sorry.
  9. First couple of days were rough for me too. Now, day 5, it's not bad. Matter of fact, the other day I walked into a place that sells Cinnabon, the scent of which usually gets my mouth watering, instead it made me slightly nauseous. I'm drinking tons of water though. The first few days this was to manage hunger, now it's just to keep hydrated. The low calories have triggered a couple of migraines though.
  10. Nifer72

    March 2022 surgery buddies

    Good luck to you too!
  11. Nifer72

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Oh no! So sorry to hear about the complications!
  12. Nifer72

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Congratulations to all you ladies peeking back in after your surgeries!
  13. Nifer72

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    You can do it! I feel lucky, I'm allowed to have 1 light meal a day instead of a shake if I want.
  14. Nifer72

    Gastric Bypass

    Good luck! That day will be here before you know it!
  15. Just wondering if anyone has had or is having revision to their gastric bypass. Such as pouch resizing, distillizationon or both?

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