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  1. Jessica1024

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    Lost 19 pounds since surgery. Slow going.
  2. Jessica1024

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    What’s everyone’s weight loss been ?? Is it what you expected. Yes or No ?
  3. Jessica1024

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    Acopas ….. how are you feeling ? Today I was allowed 5 sips. Not drinks 5 sips. Tomorrow 5 sips for the day as well. It felt like pressure going down when I swallowed them I got a little nauseous. It passed after a few min. Not sure how going home tomorrow is gonna go. Going from5 sips all day to trying to get in 64 Oz of water !
  4. Jessica1024

    What do YOU order at Starbucks?

    Lol me too !!!! I had this very same question
  5. Jessica1024

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    It’s June !!!!!!!! This is our Month !!!!!!
  6. Jessica1024

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    I am in Ohio and insurance pay. I was given my surgery date once all my insurance and surgeon requirements were met. I was given a surgery date prior to final insurance approval. Just gets me scheduled on the books I guess
  7. Jessica1024

    How long are you missing work?

    I only work 2 days a week… and we self schedule. So I just figured mine up last night ..If I miss 2 days of work (PTO days). I will have a total of 17 days off before I have to return. That’s doable 😊
  8. Jessica1024

    Hydration and vitamin bar ? 🤔

    See ! Interesting. I’m curious as too rational. Why or why not
  9. Jessica1024

    Hydration and vitamin bar ? 🤔

    I was just thinking “in addition” . I was looking at the hydration bags and not so much the vitamin injections right away. And Never in place of regular vitamin intake.
  10. Jessica1024

    Hydration and vitamin bar ? 🤔

    When was your surgery ?
  11. Jessica1024

    Pre Op requirements

    Update : I called the pulmonologist that I had the set June appointment with, explained the situation, I now have an appointment March 31 ! Receptionist said it was no problem. The bariactric nurse simple asked for an appointment and must not have looked at my file to see that all other requirements will be met by March 8th. (Ya know, the little details). This now gives me a 3 month allowance for insurance clearance before my deductible rolls over. So glad I didn’t just sit back and accept the appointment situation. Saved myself time and thousands of dollars. Thanks for all the support !!!!!
  12. Just curious as what questions are asked of you during the psych evaluation. My consultation nurse told me the therapist will ask certain questions to evoke certain responses.

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