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  1. Squidgy101

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Starting soft foods next week - wed, looking forward to it! Thinking weetabix & milk for breakfast, maybe a mashed banana, soup, mashed tuna or salmon & avocado or potato for lunch/dinner. Surgery on 15th, definitely gets easier as days go by, the first week is pretty crappy so glad that’s behind me. Onwards and upwards - good luck everyone!
  2. Squidgy101

    Who lost a lot before surgery?

    What did you try for constipation? The hospital gave me lactulose which doesn’t seem to be doing much, it’s day 5 for me today. The pain for me seems to be in two places - in the middle of my chest and after I’ve had a drink and it lands in my stomach. Hoping it starts to get easier as this is pretty rough.
  3. Squidgy101

    September Ops

    A little update. Sleeved on 15. Rough first few days. Slept most of 15th when not being sick, managed some water and a few licks of yoghurt today. Mainly gas pain and bloating. Ended up with water tebtion after surgery so had to be catheterd, sent me home with one until Monday. Completely wiped out and emotional. Rollercoaster day. Hoping things start to improve as the week goes on. Bonus - an not hungry!
  4. Squidgy101

    September Ops

    Due to go in and get sleeved at 9 am, waiting in my theatre gown, sexy stockings and hospital pants. A bundle of nerves but excited about the future. We can do this💪💪
  5. Squidgy101

    September Ops

    Yeah! Let’s stay in touch. How’s your pre op diet going? Mine has had a few bumps.
  6. Squidgy101

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Day 1 of liquid pre op diet. Wish me luck,
  7. Squidgy101

    September Ops

    New date 15 September, whoop!!
  8. Squidgy101

    Bariatric Cookbooks?

    Hey, I was recommended the Bariatric Bible by Carole Bowen Ball. Has lots of info as well as recipes and ideas for each stage. Goodluck!
  9. Me too! I have young children, 2 year old twin girls - and am so scared of surgery and coping afterwards - but then I think how much healthier I know I can be and I’ll be able to do so much more with them as they grow up and know it’s the right thing to do. But yes, still flipping scared stiff x Ps - I am with you on feeling unhealthy. When is your surgery?

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