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  1. Right now i take a Multivitamin(2x), biotin(1x), calcium (2x), and b12 (1x). with two extras, apple cider vinegar(1x) and cranberry pill (1x). What are all the vitamins you take in a day? I am trying to make sure i am taking everything I'm suppose to .
  2. shrimp, crawfish, and cucumbers is all that i eat. i feel like these three things are the only things i can eat and it sits well on my stomach. chicken beef and etc. doesn't sit well. I love me some seafood, but i wish i could just take a break and eat a chicken breast or something what are some of your go to recipes of things you can eat to try a little something different.
  3. I feel like i'm not eating enough. When I work i take my vitamins in the morning around 750 am drink water ( i did have one popsicle today) then usually eat around 5-6p,, but today i didnt eat until 9pm. I had two baked wings. I ate one and the other i just chewed up and didn't swallow because i felt stuffed. When i do eat i still cant eat much. When I am home i do try to eat a couple of cherries or grapes or something super small but i literally just nibble then im done. I just wanted to know if that was normal for 5 months post op.
  4. i swear i feel like when i eat meat only thats when i loose the most lol
  5. i feel like i stall 1/2 weeks in every month since my surgery. i had it on feb 23. just stay consistent. hit the gym. make good choices. even if you dont go to the gym walk atleast 30 minutes every day.
  6. mzlove10

    What are your go to meals?

    i will try some of these out. i feel like eating has just become a chore nowadays. i crave lots of things sometimes but then i'm like i do not feel like puking today. that keeps me from straying too far lol
  7. mzlove10

    I HIT GOAL!!!! Validate me! :):):)

  8. I cannot wait until I can look down and see my feet. i just never been able to do that since i was young. But i can fit into chair without filling like im stuffing myself now.
  9. mzlove10

    Missing something from my diet.

    thank you so much. I am trying to celebrate but i just feel so tired.
  10. I had my surgery on 2/23/21. I have a really physical job so i am trying to take advantage of this to maximize my weight loss. I feel like I am missing something in my diet. When i go to work I take a water, vitamin water and a Gatorade zero. For dinner, i will take maybe 2/3 bites of salmon or some soups i have in the closet. so far i have had more misses than hits. I feel like im not getting out of the 340s as quickly as I thought because of what i am consuming throughout the day. Do we have like a minimum calorie intake we need to meet or A certain amount of proteins i need per day? I just want to make sure I make the most of this. I was 372 the day of my surgery. I have only lost 32 lbs since surgery.
  11. mzlove10

    Missing something from my diet.

    just liquids mainly. i just bought cartoned egg whites to try, but i tried a whole egg and puked it up. I saw somewhere that i should have eggwhites only so i was going to give that another try in the morning.
  12. mzlove10

    Missing something from my diet.

    oh goodness. i am going to have to talk to someone because that might explain the weak feeling and being tired.
  13. mzlove10

    Missing something from my diet.

    i dont see how i can though. food isnt sitting well and neither are protein shakes and i get so tired at work which slows me down. Honestly, i would be surprised if i dropped alot this week because of how i feel. i guess i thought i would feel more energy but i am feeling less.
  14. mzlove10

    Missing something from my diet.

    you are reading it correct. Well right now protein shakes dont really sit well on my stomach. Nothing really does but im making myself eat a little chopped chicken or salmon. i just am not sure how much i'm suppose to be having because if i listen to my body i wont be having anything anytime soon, but i feel myself getting weak and tired at work.

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