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  1. Hi Everyone, I finally got my surgery date for June 8!!! It’s really strange to me how excited I am about this! I would love to share this journey with others scheduled in June! I think it would be so helpful if we can help each other through this experience!
  2. Elahnen

    New paL

    Yep! My surgeon wanted me to try plant based protein powder which I never tried so I ordered a couple different flavors of Vega protein. I also ordered sample packs of ghost protein powder (chips ahoy and fruity cereal milk flavored) mixed with 8oz almond milk…. Sooo good! I ordered Bariatric fusion chewable multi vitamins and calcium which seem to work best for me. I tested a couple pills like celebrate one and they made me nauseas. You will figure out what works best for you! I found it easier to test things out before bc it can be overwhelming after and I didn’t want to try to deal with that on top of all the physical changes. Any questions at all just ask 💜
  3. Elahnen

    Going in tomorrow!!!

    Sounds like your in the right mindset lol! I remember feeling the same way! About an hour after waking up I was like what did you do… then it’s like ok this is done, let’s do this! Just keep thinking of all the great things your looking forward to being able to do bc you will be doing them soon! Wishing you the best and much success!
  4. Elahnen

    Start Pre-Op Diet Early?

    I started mine a week early and it helped so much. I think it helped mentally bc I was making the choice and not being “told”. It also allowed me to get used to the plan and changes prior to actually having to commit so it wasn’t so overwhelming. It also helped the transition from the Oreos to the after surgery so much easier bc I wasn’t going through carb or sugar withdrawal immediately after surgery. The only risk is that starting early could make you mentally think you can stop and steal dunce your actually don’t have to commit and once the actual prep starts there’s no turning back if your already over it after the early week. Totally doable and worth it in my opinion and it worked awesome for me. Commit and stick to it… it’s just temporary!
  5. Elahnen

    June Surgeries

    Mine was June 8. I’m down 55lbs and from XL to medium. I have a gain though….in the confidence department :) Blood pressure is better then good and no more meds! Congrats to you all and anyone struggling you will get there!
  6. @kriss77 they are called stuffed mushrooms. They are so good if you like mushrooms :)
  7. Elahnen

    Before vs. 30 Days After

    Awesome job!!
  8. Elahnen

    That Guy

    Good luck on this amazing journey! Your kids will one day appreciate that you make the choice to save your own life! It’s all worth it!
  9. Elahnen


    You might not be able to talk your family into approving so price to them by showing them the amazing results of good health and confidence! Sounds like you get the clots ore surgery and it’s possible you will get them after so I guess the risks are the same. I do t have a blood clot disorder, but my surgeon and the hospital went above and beyond to make sure I didn’t get one. Shots in my belly 3x a day of heparin, leg pumps on while not walking, and encouraged to walk as often as possible. Hopefully knowing you are do high risk they would be extra cautious. When I was at the point you are health wise I was like I have lost enough already and this surgery was an opportunity to give me my life back and it did just that! Your families concerns and fears are justified, but ultimately in the end they can watch you fight for your life right now or doctors try to save it later.
  10. Elahnen

    June Surgeries

    @santa Barbarian I was so worried about nausea as well!! Glad you are doing good! Sounds like your doing all the right stuff! I’m almost 3 weeks out and still have some soreness near my belly button. Walking helps a ton! Don’t only walk, but enjoy it! Every pound you drop and goal you reach makes it all worth it! Wishing you continued success!
  11. Elahnen


    Good luck to you on your process! I hear buff gen has a good program as well!
  12. Elahnen


    I’m about 40mins away from Buffalo. Just had my surgery at sisters hospital out there on Tuesday.
  13. Elahnen

    Vegan protein powder

    I use and love Vega Protein powder from GNC.com but you can find it many places. I get the vanilla and chocolate flavors. They taste good with unsweetened almond milk.
  14. Elahnen

    June Surgeries

    Lucky me....as if the 2 week pre op diet wasn’t already going to be hard enough I will be out of town in Ohio for the first 5 days if it! I don’t know if you guys know what a demolition derby is, but not only is it a lots of cars smashing it’s, bbq’s on the trailers and lots of drinking lol... this is going to be interesting for me lol
  15. Elahnen

    June Surgeries

    Shrink&Grow good luck to you!! The times already flying by!
  16. I keep hearing about food funerals and I know before I start my 2 week liquid diet I will indulge in at least one of my favorite foods, but I’m thinking about trying a self care binge instead of food! I think I’m going to get my hair colored, toes done, get a little sun, and maybe a massage. Whatever makes me feel good. I have always had food in my life, but not enough focus on me! I think it would be good to start the journey in a positive way rather then think of it as an ending when it comes to the food aspect. Replace food with self care!?!?! Has anyone else done this or had this kind of mind set before getting ready for surgery?
  17. Elahnen

    Self Care Binge Pre OP

    @GreenTealael doesn’t it!! I’m just thinking it doesn’t have to be such a loss and as miserable as it could be!
  18. Elahnen

    Tips and tricks?

    Hi, a suggestion from the dietician I seen is to reduce dairy. I thought I was doing well drinking ore-made protein shakes, but they gave a lot of dairy in them. I guess dairy can cause inflammation. She told me to try Vega protein (plant based) and almond milk. I love it! Try plant based protein! Hope this helps :)
  19. I’m not sure if your familiar with the YouTube channel My Level 10 Life, but the lady who has the channel had hers done there and had nothing , but found things to say! She also talks about the payment process etc. good luck!

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