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    How many tacos one year out?

    I feel the same Newyorklady….I’ve never had restriction like people describe on here. Sometimes it worries me. Like I’m eating too much. I’m always hungry. At a year and half post op, I can tolerate literally any food, and if I’m not careful larger quantities. It’s been challenging!
  2. RTL1234

    Dreaded hair loss - question

    I am a year and half post sleeve and my hair loss is getting better. It got very bad for a while and I lost a ton. Enough to make me really sad and upset about it. What did I do to fix it? I got extensions. They were expensive, and require maintenance. I don’t have them for length only volume but you know what? It has boosted my self esteem ten fold. It was worth every penny. Even with my hair loss, I do not regret surgery and I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s a temporary thing and there are things you can do to improve how you feel about it. Sure, you can’t rub weird creams on your hair or pray the hair in place but you can manage it. I promise. :)
  3. RTL1234

    Regret and Depression

    I think that these feelings can be very normal! I came out and was like wtf did I do?! It stayed that way for a few weeks. As time went on it got better. Then at about 5 months out, I started with horrible acid reflux. Like shooting out my nose, choking, throwing up in the night half asleep. Then it came back again. The regret. Got that better controlled with meds, it went away. Then started with gallbladder attacks. The regrets returned. Getting that squared away now. Though when I think about it, I would not be where I’m at without the surgery. I am SO MUCH healthier. Down 104lbs from my heaviest. I am off all my meds and insulin. I am just all around in a better place. I think the regrets come and go, and it’s normal. Sometimes I even get jealous when someone is eating a sundae or ice cream (oh I’ve tried it and I about died so no way)…and those little fleeting thoughts creep in. But overall, Even with bits of regrets, I would do it all over again in a second.
  4. RTL1234

    December 2020 Surgery Updates

    Same David! I have a serious problem with sweets. Honestly, I’m the worst at work. It’s quick, easy and we have some delicious stuff delivered. Where at home, I don’t buy it so I don’t eat it. Better willpower for working times for sure I have to work on. I did break through my stall and I’m at 173, officially 100 pounds down since my highest. It’s crazy! I feel like such a different person! Hope everyone is doing well!
  5. RTL1234

    December 2020 Surgery Updates

    Hey friends! It has been a whirlwind of almost 7 months! Started at 274 highest, pre-op diet to surgery was 248, now 176. I’ve been stuck at 176-178 for like a month. It’s frustrating but at the same time, I’ve been struggling. Not in terms of quantity, but quality. Summer time and the ability to tolerate everything has brought some bad habits back into my life. A brownie or sweet treat a couple times a week. Of course I can’t eat half a pan like I used to, but still, I shouldn’t be having something sweet (cookie brownie cupcake) a few times a week. Ive also been emotionally struggling. Sometimes wanting to eat constantly. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I don’t let myself but I swear I feel so hungry. My goal was 150, the surgeon set it anywhere between 150-170, so I’m close but it’s like maybe mid 170’s is just where I’m going to stay? Or maybe those little treats are keeping me from going lower? I think I may try to find a counselor, maybe that would help?! 😫
  6. I also tried the Bariatric advantage and just cannot stomach chewing vitamins. I am the same with any chewable medicine (or liquid). Gross! My clinic doesn’t want you to do capsules until 3 months or later (9 weeks) so I switched to patches. They are awesome. I put them on at night. I haven’t had any issues with them. I do still choke down the b12 dissolving vitamin. Biotin and multivitamin patch, is what I wear.
  7. This looks amazing 😍😍😍
  8. RTL1234


    That was going to be my suggestion too, was try a sample pack. I don’t tolerate my vitamins, chewable...🤮🤮. I switched to vitamin patches. I wear a multivitamin one and a biotin one at night. B12 I take separately because I can tolerate them no issues. Good luck!!!
  9. RTL1234

    December 2020

    It’s gotten so quiet! Things here are good. I’m eating about 600-800 calories a day. Still struggling to get my water in, but hitting protein goals easily. Which is nice! I’m ready for a salad, my program doesn’t do lettuce/greens until 3 months (week 9 now) so I’m thinking about trying one and seeing what happens! I'm down to 213, which has been nice. I’ve went down two Jean sizes but I don’t want to buy more clothes yet lol. I don’t hardly go anywhere anyway! So leggings it is. I’ve started adding more strength training which i am hoping is helpful to getting me stronger and having more stamina. Cant wait to hear how others are doing!!
  10. RTL1234

    December 2020

    You are doing awesome!!! 💪🏼
  11. RTL1234

    Sugar Free/fake sweeteners drinks

    Some artificial sweeteners are hard for me to tolerate. I loved crystal light before surgery, but not it tastes so different. I just drink water and fairlife milk. I will sometimes do the Hawaiian Punch sugar free powder pouch thingy. I can tolerate those if I add more water than what the box says. When I’ve had low blood sugar I’ve drank a Capri sun that’s as my kids...bad idea. It made me crave the bad stuff so bad, and made my tummy upset.
  12. RTL1234

    December 2020

    That’s awesome!! I’ve been working out with my husband 3 days a week doing strength circuits. It really has helped because I’ve felt just wimpy. As for the biotin, that’s why I got the patch. I cannot stomach chewing vitamins. 🤮
  13. RTL1234

    December 2020

    Oh nooooo! I was hoping to be the exclusion to the hair loss rule myself. My youngest is a year and my hair is already ridiculous. The “baby” hair. 😭 I’m so nervous it’s going to get so much worse. Are you using biotin? I am using a biotin plus (basically hair skin nails) vitamin patch.
  14. Like blackcats, I’m a deflector. I usually just turn it around on them and then they just start talking away. Someone said “oh you’re withering away to nothing” (Mind you I’m only 53lbs down and still at 220, so not withering away). I just say “oh well I’m trying!” And giggle and turned it right around and said “I heard you...”. And off she went talking about herself. My close people know about surgery, and I think one has told a few people to be honest because I feel like they know but they haven’t said anything. I’m not ashamed to have had the surgery, it’s just none of people’s business! I want to share, when I WANT to share.
  15. I like the Isopure unflavored protein. I can’t put it in water like some people have said in the reviews. It’s just gross. I throw it in food and pudding and it works out just fine!
  16. RTL1234

    9 days out issues

    Any update?! Hoping you’re okay!
  17. RTL1234


    Fellow PCOS’er here too... I’m only 6 weeks post op but I’ve had two periods so far. I had not had one in 18 months, then one week into my pre op diet I started. It wasn’t too bad. Then 36 days later I started again. This time, holy hell...it was like a damn broke loose. TMI. I called the doctor it freaked me out. I bled less/clots after having multiple kids! They said it was totally normal and it’s just the crazy hormones. I am hoping for more symptom relief as time goes on!
  18. My information was not tailored to the individual either. They don’t actually give calorie ranges, just macro ranges. For myself I asked and she said for my soft food stage I’m currently in (their soft food is basically all foods you tolerate besides crunchy) was 700-900. I don’t eat that much just because there isn’t room. My facility incorporates carbs, low carb options as well. So I have had a tortilla (snack size low carb which is 3g) and is nice to feel like I’m eating “bread” product. I don’t want to fear carbs, but I do avoid the ones I feel would lead me down a rabbit hole. (Like cereal, it’s just the devil for me)
  19. Very normal! I think first, we all lose at different paces. Someone who has more weight to lose, tend to lose quicker. Or more substantially in the beginning. Then factor in age, gender, surgery type...they all play a role. I think that’s really good for post op! My surgeon says 8-10lbs a month for the first 6 months is pretty good. There will always be people who lose more and those that lose less than those averages. Keep up the good work!!?
  20. I’m in healthcare also, and while I’m in pediatrics sometimes we still get big kiddos. I took 4 weeks off. After 4 weeks I was cleared for lifting/doing whatever I needed. if you have the time, take it!!
  21. I’m in healthcare also, and while I’m in pediatrics sometimes we still get big kiddos. I took 4 weeks off. After 4 weeks I was cleared for lifting/doing whatever I needed. if you have the time, take it!!
  22. RTL1234

    December 2020

    Hey all! I had a follow up today and I’ve lost 50lbs from my highest! 42 from pre-op. Very excited to hit this mark! I asked today about the pace and they said 8-10lbs a month for the first 6 months. She said that may vary obviously here and there but overall is a good average to go by. I got new macros today and new calories for the next phase of the diet. 700-900 per day. Seems like a lot lol.
  23. RTL1234

    Chew and spit

    I know that this is a super difficult part of the journey! The hardest for me, I felt. You can get through it! It’s good discipline for after surgery when you have to follow liquids and purées afterward. With that said, I didn’t eat bad food but I had a hard boiled egg a couple of times. Some people did the chew and spit. It never crossed my mind prior to surgery but it did after. But I was so terrified that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself and accidentally swallow the food and cause a leak or a major problem. So that was an easy deterrent. YOU ARE DOING AWESOME! You are almost there!
  24. I’d say the Bariatric coordinator fixes generic information and probably just doesn’t know all the details. While my insurance didn’t require 6 months of visits, I did switch in the midst of my journey. I wasn’t thrilled with the surgeon at my first place (which was recommended by a friend originally) so I switched to another place. They also were outpatient where the first place was inpatient for one-two nights. I really didn’t want to be away from my kids. (I haven’t ever left them overnight lol) The transition went fine and I was so glad I switched!!! Anthem was able to switch my authorization in just a couple days. Hoping you get a date soon!!
  25. Congratulations!! It won’t be long now! - Listen to your doctors advice - After, walk, walk, and more walking to help get that gas out. - Take the anti-nausea meds if you need it! And pain meds for that matter...don’t suffer needlessly. - Enjoy the ride!

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