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  1. 10 months out and i still freeze when people give me compliments, I smile and say thank you. I feel like a imposter, loosing 100 pounds has freed me to be healthier and to hang out with my kids, so many good things have happened, yet I still feel like a fake for taking the “easy “ way out it was one of the hardest things I ever did was and trying new things wearing skinny jeans, walking working out not feeling self conscious about wearing a swim suit, I am a bit self conscious about saggy skin, but my husband says I’m still beautiful. No I need to try to accept that myself . Unfortunately he has gained some weight since I lost weight, and he is a bit more negative the he used to be, even his mom said dude chill out and that was eye opening to hear my mother in-law say. We signed up for a gym membership for the summer. I will try to go there more often. Thanks for listening any advice that helped you emotionally or otherwise TIA
  2. A few things I wasn't expecting 5 months out from surgery. 6. I would have to get smaller shoes. I was a size ten 1/2 in shoes and now 8.5. 5. Also always being cold, I wear thermals almost every day to work , but I live in a cold environment. I always wear a scarf. 4. Loosing hair was a bit traumatic for me, but it has stabilized 3. the amount of time I think of food has been transferred into new coping skills, like crafts with yarn and having fun science experiments with my kids. 2. the need for silence to be alone with my thoughts. 1. how anxious I get when buying new clothes. what are some surprise that you had?
  3. I’m slipping into bad habit, not separating water and food, not eating enough, alway hungry, I still drink a protein shake a day, but sometimes, it’s hard not eat out of boredom, I don’t want to stretch my stomach but it requires so much effort to keep everything straight vitamins, water , doorbetaald too much sugar, sigh, I’m healthier and happier now maybe I need to just to repriortize my goals, please tell meid not alone, what keep you guys on the straight and narrow? TIA
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    Anybody not working out??

    10. Months out and only workout 2 times a week, just busy with life.
  5. Five months out and I am up most mornings between 3-5 and I have children and I work full time. By the end of the day when I get home, I barely have enough energy to be civil to the kids. I us meltonin twice a week to sleep. I find myself snappish at husband and kids. husband stays home and all he wants to do is talk I understand being home all day wanting adults to talk to. I give everything to everyone and at the end of the day my husband pays the price, i'm tired i want to be left alone. I want to be with my thoughts. Im eating and drinking enough but it is a constant what is next, liquds or food or exercise.... Im constantly thinking Did I take my vitamins I dont want to be a jerk and I never had insomnia before surgery. advice please
  6. Hello, I'm 5 months out and I cheat, I went to sonic, and ordered chili cheese tots and mozzarella sticks, took the breadin off, took a bit and sucked out the flavor and spit it out. I did that with the tots as well. I will take a bit of something Im not suppose to eat atleast every other day and then spit it out just for the flavor. I still eat my protien shake and get 60 grams of protiens a day. I am adjusting to the new way of eating, but sometimes I want to eat the old way so bad that if I dont take a bit I thiink Ill go crazy. anyone else
  7. Hi, there Im 5 months post surgery, Im down 90 pounds or so. and this weekend my husband lovingly told me he thinks I'm trying to make him fat. I am obsessed with watching others enjoy food. I just want to smell the food. and watch them eat it. I take my kids to mcdonalds to smell the french fries. Any one else obsess about watching others are eating, or do loads of cooking for your can see the joy in peoples faces when they eat. I know this a is a destructive habit. Any wisdom, thanks
  8. I would talk to your nutritionist.
  9. Hello, I had surgery August 27, and I didn’t tell anyone . I didn’t want to hear any negativity. So now 9 weeks later, I’m back to work. I take my vitamins and prescriptions. I don’t exercise as much as I should. I eat between 55 -60 grams of protein. And that is hard to do. I drink 60 ounces water. I wait 30-45 minutes between eating and drinking. I have at least one shakes a day, and the rest is proteins bars , or chicken or other healthy proteins. I started at 300 pounds and am down 64 pounds. I get compliments and I feel like a fraud, or like I could be doing more. Anyone else fee like this any advice.
  10. Took me about 4 weeks take naps, take it easy and rest . I started taking a iron supplement and it helped me. Your body is recovering from a major surgery. Have patience . You will get through it
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    Post op eating

    I was told try to eat tall east 50 and for me that’s a struggle just keep trying and time it 30 minutes water 30 minute wait 39 min
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    Charcuterie board

    I eat cheddar and deli sliced ham and turkey potion control helps

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