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  1. Lanie992

    Thanksgiving win

    Nice job! I actually like the taste and consistency of almond flour. I know a lot of people don't like it though... I miss dressing -- I used to cook it year round, so I will definitely try out your recipe. I had a little regular dressing, two scoops of mashed potatoes & 2 scoops of corn casserole on Thanksgiving (plus turkey and asparagus) but I am 6 months out. I haven't gained anything yet although I know it takes a couple days to see the damage.. but I think I will be okay because that's really all I ate all day besides a protein drink. I am very strict with low carb/low sugar, so I figured one day won't hurt me too much!
  2. My nutritionist and doctor don't even agree on the diet plan and it's the nutritionist he referred me to. My doctor got irritated at me for eating Laughing Cow cheese during the soft food stage - even though it was on the list of foods to eat PDF that my nutritionist sent me. I told him that and he just shrugged and told me not to take her advice. 😂 😂 😂 😂 .... MmmmmmmMMM k. I just follow his advice though. I trust his recommendations.. but it can be very confusing if you start googling recipes for each stage of your journey..
  3. Lanie992

    Waist Trainer

    I wanted to buy some Skims (Kim Kardashian line -- not a fan of hers but still wanted to try her line) -- I saw a review which said they're really comfortable.. I Just don't know if they're heavy duty enough to work. I definitely do NOT want one that has the super uncomfortable boning I've read about -- where it is hard to breathe. But Skims are supposedly a more breathable lightweight fabric, so will it actually work? I am very curious. If she has a good Black Friday sale -- I might bite.
  4. Hope you are doing okay.. Day 5 is when I started feeling better... (day 3 & 4 were the worst for me).. Keep us updated.
  5. Lanie992

    Low carb bread?

    I agree... Aldis Zero Net Carb bread is good. I had to get used to it, but I like it now. It is $3.99/loaf at my Aldis though. I wish it was $2.50 here!
  6. My dog -- who was like my child -- died two days before my surgery and I was in a dark place. I decided to go ahead with the surgery - it gave me something to focus on. I don't want to advise you to do it -- if you aren't in a good head space as this is a major surgery and a big commitment. Even though I was beyond depressed -- I really didn't think twice about having the surgery... if you're not confident you can handle it, then I say perhaps it is best to postpone it. Can you talk to your psychiatrist and get advice?
  7. Day 5 for me, but days 1-2 weren't bad because I was in the hospital getting pain medicine every 2 hours, if needed. Things are were still uncomfortable for the first two weeks though.. not painful, just not comfortable.
  8. Lanie992

    Stopped Losing Weight

    Oh that is probably what the weight gain is. I always gain a few lbs during my cycle.. That happened before I had surgery too. You get bloated. Make sure to always weigh yourself as soon as you wake up and after you use the bathroom -- that way you can have a more clear idea of your weight. Everyone's weight fluctuates during the day after eating & drinking -- it can be a 2-3 lbs difference. But if you weigh yourself when you wakeup; therefore - have less food/liquids in your system, then you'll get a more accurate, consistent idea of your weight.
  9. Lanie992


    I was constipated too. I finally used Miralax - it works fast and doesn't give me cramps like traditional laxatives. You can mix it into your protein shake or Gatorade Zero.. You can not taste it. I still take it from time to time.
  10. Oh no! I was wondering if you were at work. I *hate* when I am sick at work... it makes things 100x worse. I am glad it finally got better and you didn't have to leave. I wonder why we can no longer throw up anymore? I guess I am off to google that!
  11. Ugh. I hate that feeling. I never can throw up anymore either... I just get the nasty mucus. I used to throw up pretty regularly before surgery since I am cursed w/migraines which come with nausea & my migraine med (imitrex) makes me even more sick.. now I can NOT puke, even if I feel like I need to. The only thing that makes me feel better - is to lay down and sleep/rest... usually subsides in about 2 hours. (Before surgery - when I ate too much.. I'd just be uncomfortable for 15 minutes and be fine). Hope you feel better soon.. Just take it easy for the rest of the day.
  12. I absolutely understand wishing you knew sooner! I looked at your location to see if we had the same surgeon -- to see if this is a common occurrence with him 😂, but we are in different parts of the country. Maybe it is due to CoVid that such disorganization is going on? It is frustrating. Sending good thoughts your way and hoping it gets resolved soon and you'll be on your way to your new life!
  13. Oh no! I am so sorry! Mine was NOT cancelled, but the Tuesday before my surgery which was scheduled for Thursday -- they told me I needed another EKG & stress test done and my surgery could possibly be postponed.. The next day (Wednesday)-- the day before my surgery... I had both done. Luckily I passed both and literally found out I got cleared for surgery for the next day... late in the afternoon on Wednesday. I had gotten my previous EKG & stress test more than 2 months prior -- not sure why it took them 2 days before the surgery to decide that mine needed to be done again?.... I am sorry that happened to you. Try to remember that it being done as a precaution & to ensure you're in good health before having major surgery.
  14. Lanie992

    Clothes during Weight Loss

    I can't wear my size 8 jeans anymore!! They're too big. I had been getting away with wearing them at times but they're falling off of me now. I am in a size 4 but my size 6's still work too... FWIW, I wear American Eagle jeans only. Their sizes seems to be consistent across all different jean types. Size 4s are tight but loosen up & fit good.. I haven't lost any more weight, but I have lost an inch and a half in my waist.. an inch in my hips and an inch in my bust.
  15. Lanie992

    Incisional Scars and Creams?

    Bio Oil top ingredient is mineral oil --- which is made from petroleum... IE, baby oil... which I don't let touch my skin.
  16. Lanie992

    Anyone 30-31 BMI pre op?

    Thank you so much for the encouraging words! I am starting to concentrate more on what I eat & trying the yo-yo calorie thing to see if that will trigger more weight loss, but I am still at 145 lbs as of today. At least I am not gaining! And yes, if you have a Five Below near you - they have cheap arm weights! I was still tired a lot of the time at 4 weeks, so sometimes I would be laying in bed doing arm exercises.. 😂 You gotta do what you gotta do!! Good luck!
  17. Lanie992

    Anyone 30-31 BMI pre op?

    I started doing weights for my arms about 4 weeks after surgery, then slowly started walking around my neighborhood a few times a week.. only about a mile each time. Then about 2 months ago - I joined a 24 hr gym (Planet Fitness - it actually is only 24 hrs from Monday - Thursday, then on weekends - it is open 7am-7pm). I went super late at night or super early in the morning when there was barely anyone there - so I felt more comfortable. It is only $10/month plus a yearly fee ( I think like $45?? can't remember but it is so worth it). I started on the stationary bike for 30 minutes and kept increasing my time. I usually do the stationary bike for part of my cardio, then walk on the treadmill. I probably could burn the same amount of calories in less time - if I simply ran on the treadmill, but I do NOT like running. Never have, never will. So I do slower and steady cardio. I usually do around 50 minutes on the bike, then 40 minutes on the treadmill. It fluctuates - sometimes I will do an hour on the bike, then 30 minutes on the treadmill, etc. Just depends on my mood. If you decide to join a gym - I suggest starting out on a stationary bike. At first, I would use music to keep me motivated, but now I watch videos and it distracts me so I can work out for longer periods of time without getting bored. ETA- I just wanted to thank you for the compliment. I have been at a stand still in my weight loss & get down on myself a lot. Your post made me feel better. I appreciate the support. ❤️
  18. Nicely done! That is amazing! I agree - I wish I would have done it sooner as well.. But better late than never, right? Congratulations.
  19. Lanie992

    Anyone 30-31 BMI pre op?

    My BMI was 31.9 when I had my surgery and almost 5 months later - I am only at 145lbs. 5'5" / 145lbs is barely in the "normal" category. It translates into 24,1 BMI and anything over 25 BMI is considered overweight. I am losing VERY slowly now, even though I do 1½ hours of cardio 6 times a week. If you're worried about getting too thin, then you can add some carbs into your diet to help you gain a little weight.
  20. Like STLoser - I was weak for at least 3 weeks too, but it will go away in time. I've never been more tired in my life and just getting up to go to the bathroom was laboring.
  21. Lanie992

    Confused with Doubt

    I am glad the responses helped. I think a lot of us had the same thoughts and worries. Food was a comfort and thinking of taking that away saddened and scared me, but your mindset really does change. I never thought mine would, but it did. Also during the surgery much of the "hunger hormone" called ghrelin is cut away, which helps with the cravings. I will say for the first few weeks after the surgery - I had phantom like cravings.. like my mind hadn't "caught" up to what was going on with my stomach. Even though I wasn't even close to hungry - I had these cravings, but that went away after a few weeks. It was bizarre, but I've read it is normal with some people. I had never been overweight until the last 8 years either. I was always tiny... sometimes TOO tiny, then it seemed like out of nowhere - I started gaining about 5-10 lbs each year and before I knew it - I was 192 lbs. It scared me. It definitely was food addiction - I just didn't realize it. I hope you decide to go through with the surgery, because it has been such an incredible thing for my life and health, but again - only you can determine whether you want it.
  22. Lanie992

    Liquid Diet

    Sugar free popsicles were a life saver for me. I got so sick of jello. Some Targets (not all) have the "Tropical" sugar-free popsicles which are BOMB. There isn't a lot of variety on the liquid diet, but you will lose a ton of weight while on it.. Good luck!
  23. Lanie992

    Confused with Doubt

    I was a full blown carb and sugar junkie. I did not miss a day without eating A LOT of both. After surgery - I do NOT need them at all. You have such limited room in your tummy that it easily get filled up with meat, protein shakes and other low carb/low sugar treats... that you don't miss them. Your #1 reason seems like an excuse, tbh. Most of us were food addicts too, but we decided we wanted to make a change for our health and that was more important than the addiction. I have swapped my food addiction for exercising... You can find other hobbies that are just as enjoyable but without all the negative effects of overeating. It just depends on if you truly want to or not. Trust me - a lot of us went through a "food funeral" before our surgery -- coming to terms with having to find other stimulations to satisfy us besides food. You can do it too... IF you WANT to.
  24. Lanie992

    Getting Ready for Surgery

    I was freezing, so I wore the slip resistant socks over my knee high socks. 🤣 One of nurses cracked up at how bundled up I was. I get cold easily though and it was really cold in my hospital room.
  25. Lanie992

    Getting Ready for Surgery

    I brought a robe (it gets cold in the hospital rooms), knee high socks, an extra long phone cord charger and my laptop computer! I was hooked up. I would bring chapstick and face wipes if I did it again though. Other than that - you should be set. Good luck!!