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  1. Vicki McNair

    Officially in Wonderland!

    Thanks Losingit2018!
  2. Vicki McNair

    The Sleeve and MS

    I just had surgery on Dec. 23, 2019. Does anyone else have Multiple Sclerosis? I am in my 2nd week, and I haven't had any problems. I felt hungry from day 3 post-op until I was allowed to drink protein drinks in week-2. I don't do any exercising yet, and won't except while sitting due to very poor balance.
  3. Vicki McNair

    Officially in Wonderland!

    I am new so please explain what "Onederland" is? 6 months post-op?
  4. I just had the sleeve done on Dec. 23, 2019, so I am in week-2. I'm going to track my calories later like "Fluffychix".
  5. Vicki McNair

    2 Weeks Post-Op - Depressed, Discouraged

    Claire, are you born-again? I.e. Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior? You could rely on Him to help you!
  6. Vicki McNair

    I'm really worried. Is this normal?

    I would definitely have it checked out!
  7. Vicki McNair

    No purée stage?

    I will have to be very careful with stuff like peanut butter & cheese. My body doesn't like too much salt, and they do have too much fat!
  8. Vicki McNair

    No purée stage?

    CHI Franciscan Weight Loss Center has no Pre-op liquid diet. Week 1-clear liquids, Week 2-add protein drinks and vitamins, Week 3-pureed food, Week 4-soft food (chewed-up really well, of course), Week 5-I guess, we'll see! I ate Campbell's chicken noodle soup noodles on my 8th day post-op, and it was fine for me.
  9. Vicki McNair

    December 2019 Sleeves

    I had my surgery on 12/23.
  10. Vicki McNair

    Recurring Hunger (2 Weeks Post-Op)?

    I was hungry starting 3 days after surgery, but now I'm in week 2 and adding 2 protein drinks. It seems to be curbing my appetite.

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