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  1. arrivan

    Body Hair

    So at the seven month mark and I have lost a fair bit of weight and while I never considered myself super hairy before as I shrink my back hair and body hair in general seems to be condensing. So not only do I have some gnarly excess skin but I look like Sasquatch. I am hesitant to wax given the excess skin has anyone got any advice? Anyone try laser hair removal?
  2. arrivan

    Dealing with Co-Workers and Friends

    I was 100% up straight and honest. I spent almost 9 months jumping through the insurance hoops and navigating the program. I found an amazing well of support from many of the people around me that continues to this day. I also found that being honest was one less emotional burden for me to carry around.
  3. arrivan

    What complications have you lot had

    None, seven months out and feel better than ever. I think I have only gotten sick to my stomach like 3 times in seven months where I ate something and it just wasn't going to settle. I don't seem to have any problems foods but I stick to the lists provided by my nutritionist so I haven't really pushed the envelope.
  4. arrivan

    Not complaining but......

    I'm 7 months out and yeah my sex drive feels like I am a teenager again. It's been really tough as I may be changing but my wife is not. Her drive is stuck in idle.
  5. So at my highest weight I was 509. I had become a complete recluse at that point. Other than going to my job I always had an excuse to not go to any of my families gatherings, my kids school stuff, anything. I understand your hesitation especially in social situations where everyone is looking their best. Personally going out into these situations was like shining a spotlight on everything I didn't like about myself, and so I avoided it all. Post surgery I still find myself thinking like that sometimes. It's a struggle, to balance those negative voices in your head. I can tell you I regret everything I missed out on. At the same time, it probably wouldn't have been good on my mental health to try and muscle through it all. It's a journey for a reason, only you can decide what your ready for. What I learned about the process is that my true friends were patient and were happy to wait for me to be ready to take the next steps.
  6. Just one meal, from my favorite Pizza place. Now I don't miss it at all.
  7. I picked up painting because it's super cheap and after six months I am still terrible at it. Read a lot of good books. Did some writing of my own. Thrift store shopping to buy smaller clothes cheap. I also picked up running and keep myself going by scheduling lot's of 5K's at steady intervals. Meal times are great for conversations. Seriously buy smaller plates, I picked up small ones at target for like .98 each. Little black square plates. It helps with portion control. Eat slow. Enjoy what you have knowing your only going to have a few bites and spend the rest of the time enjoying the company of others. Get used to politely refusing food. It's such a custom in our social society that people will continuously offer. It's not intentional and they don't mean anything by it. It's just ingrained habit. Servers at restaurants will question you a lot, they will be concerned you didn't like it. Try to be patient.
  8. arrivan


    I don't regret it for a moment. Literally the best thing I could have done. I remember being a week out and nervous as could be constantly thinking "What am I about to do to myself". Honestly, the best advice I could give would be to stop reading the horror stories online. I went in on June 10th 2019. I waited in pre-surgery for what seemed like forever which they gave me water and Tylenol. The docs came out and told me what was going to happen and then a short while later I was wheeled in to the room. It was chaos, but the nurse who had been with me stayed by my side. I was in the room for maybe three minutes when they said we just gave you something that's going to make you sleepy. That was it. Out like a light. I woke up in recovery and I was sore but not in incredible pain. Still groggy I slept off and on until about midnight when I had the gas pains in the shoulder and neck that I had been warned about. The night nurse was great, she came and walked me every half hour and every time I walked the pain lessened. I spent most of the night walking, eating Popsicles and drinking water. (I hate jello but it was available) Swallowing hurt at first but it was similar to strep throat. Not impossible or agonizing. By noon time the next day I just wanted to go home. I felt okay and was ready to be free from the boring hospital room. For the first few weeks I slept in a recliner rather than my bed because the incisions were uncomfortable when I laid down. Not horrible pain but nagging enough to keep me awake. My wife set up protein shakes in shot glasses in the fridge so every hour or so I would get up and walk around and take a shot. I moved on to soups and finally that first scrambled egg meal was the best. I ate a lot of single egg omelets with cheese. In fact, my wife says I got so good at making omelets in the first thirty days that she'll put my omelets against any breakfast joint in town. The hardest part was coping with not eating with everyone else when I returned to work and social outings. That and staying in clothes that fit. Thrift stores became my best friend as I was dropping a pant size every couple weeks at first. A lot of people are put off as they feel others treat them differently as they lose weight and it becomes a mental barrier for them. For me, I completely understood because I was treating myself differently. I wasn't the same as I was before. My normal just isn't the same as it was before, but it's better. My quality of life has improved so much since June. I run now. Not like just a little. I run 3-4 times a week. Miles at a time. Before I could barely walk .3 of a mile. My confidence is through the roof and I actually like buying new clothes. I can go out and do things I was afraid to do before. So of course the people around me are treating me differently. I am different. Will you ever feel like the normal you felt before? Probably not, but if you're like me your normal from before felt pretty bad. The new normal will be worth every second of discomfort and struggle. P.S. If your surgeons office offers support groups. Do it. P.S.S Take lots of pictures, you'll regret not having them later as you reach the big milestones.
  9. I stalled for a couple of weeks, right before the six month mark. At my 6 month appointment my team had me add 200 calories a day (brought me up to 1000 based on my activity level) and switched up my exercise adding some variety and that made it start moving again.
  10. Hello, I just now found this place. Better late than never I guess. on July 9th 2018 I weighed 508lbs. I am a 38 year old male who is 6'1. At the end of my rope I didn't know where to turn next. It was during one frustrated exchange with the CEO at my work during lunch that he asked why I didn't consider a weight loss surgery. I quickly replied I had, but the companies insurance didn't cover it. He made a promise to me that if I gave it my best shot he would make sure it was covered. I began working with my primary on the referral while he began working with our health insurance. Our plan year rolled on January 1 and the Sleeve and Bypass were included. I started with the local weight and wellness center in November and in May I completed the 6 months of required program required by the insurance. I am scheduled for the Sleeve on Monday June 10th 2019. As of today I am 428 lbs. I have been doing the two weeks of 3 protein shakes with a small 300 calorie meal as ordered by my nutritionist and have stuck to it rigidly. So Monday's the big day. I have been given 4 weeks off paid from my work for recovery and now my nerves are kicking up. In seek of actual stories about what the days after surgery were like I asked my trusted friend google which lead me here. I have been reading everything for the past two days and I kind of wish my program had pointed me in this direction sooner.
  11. arrivan

    New around here

    Just a quick update. Down to 353 which is a really good feeling. Thank goodness for the local thrift stores and second hand shops because I have dropped from a size 58 to 42 in pants alone and have pretty much needed to replace my wardrobe multiple times over the last few months. Huge milestone for me, I ran a 5K for Halloween. I was always the anti-run type guy. In fact I used to tell my coworkers that if they ever saw me running they should run too because the end of the world was behind me. Fast forward and I completed my first 5K which honestly felt amazing. I have signed up for another one in December this time doing a santa dash and I am hoping to improve on my times. Still have no complications and no regrets. I feel 100 times better and younger. I even managed to out walk my kids trick or treating on Halloween. As the one who always had to quit early it felt good for the kids to tap out first.
  12. So I am hearing varying things from my different providers about coffee post sleeve. The nutritionist says not until 3 months, the surgeon said 1 cup, my pcp said never. What are people doing? I am eyeing coffee flavored Protein Drinks for Breakfast, but don't want to jump the gun.
  13. arrivan

    New around here

    Had my follow up with my surgeon today and it went really well. He was super happy with my progress and said my wounds are healing great. Best part is he cleared me to go back in the pool and start swimming again. Huge deal for me because my energy levels have been through the roof so I am looking forward to getting back to my swimming routine at the local YMCA. Still doing soft foods for another 3 weeks, but honestly it hasn't been rough at all. I have a bunch of stuff on the suggested meal plan that I really like. I have been eating a lot of omelettes with cheese, I had Mahi Mahi with salsa, Canned chicken with mustard, and of course re fried beans. Still getting a protein shake for breakfast every day just to cover my bases.
  14. arrivan

    New around here

    Well Monday started week 3 for me post surgery (15 days) and I have officially lost 100lbs from where I started the program. I have my post op followup on Friday and I expect to return to work next Monday. I am up and moving around great, the surgical glue is starting to come off and it gets caught on my clothing a lot which is not comfortable. I am hoping I'll be cleared to start swimming in a couple of weeks as that was my preferred form of exercise in the 6 month pre-op plan. I am having no difficulties with the approved foods and am still doing two protein shakes a day, but that had been my schedule for the last year so it feels normal. According to my plan week three is Soft Foods so yesterday I was able to have an egg and provolone omelette which I ate about 3/4ths of with no side effects other than a very heavy burp about 10 minutes later. Today I had canned chicken with mustard was only able to do about half of the 1/4 cup recommendation before feeling full. The solid type foods feel different than the shakes, like volume wise I fill up so much faster. I am surprised with how few calories I am eating how much energy I have. Like I have to keep reminding myself I just had surgery and can't do a lot of stuff yet. I feel like I am in my 20's again. Before surgery I was pretty much a hermit. I would work and come home and hated going anywhere. Seatbelts didn't fit, most chairs didn't fit, and I was terrified of embarrassing myself. I feel like I have come so far already and am looking forward to being cleared to exercise, which is something the old me would have never said.
  15. arrivan

    Today is the day!

    It will be worth it. Trust your choice.
  16. arrivan

    New around here

    Nine days post op and still going strong. My surgeons plan involved soft blended in week 2 and 3 so I have tried a couple of items off his list. Re-fried Beans, Ricotta Cheese, and a bunch of different soups. So far everything has settled well. I have not had any vomiting or food discomfort yet. I am down to 413 this morning, which feels like a lot from my surgery weight of 428.
  17. arrivan

    New around here

    Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I am finally back to being able to sit comfortably in front of a computer screen. I had my procedure done at Maine Medical Center, the staff were excellent and I couldn't be happier with my choice in providers. The big day however was still full of unexpected surprises. I was told to arrive at 10:30 for a noon surgery. I arrived at 10:20 and was in the pre-op room at about 11am. Unfortunately there were some hold ups we were not privvy to and I didn't actually go into surgery until about 3pm. I was out by 7 pm, but instead of the 5 holes I was told there would be they made 6. I was brought to my room at around 10pm. That first night was brutal. I barely slept. I hurt everywhere. They did a great job administering nausea medication and sent me home with a bunch to use as needed. I had quite a bit of gas pains. It wasn't like scream in pain painful more like really uncomfortable nagging that grew old quickly. I walked a lot pretty quickly after waking up. Honestly it was harder to swallow the pills with my throat all inflamed and only being able to sip water. I was home on Tuesday by 7pm. It felt good to be home and while I was't at my water goals yet I was close. Wednesday saw me try my beloved protein shake, the same one I have been drinking for breakfast and lunch for nearly a year now. I was worried I wouldn't like the taste, but it was like an old friend waiting for me. I have spent most of the time since then working a larger sips, more water, and gaining on getting to two full servings of protein shake to meet doctors orders. The pain is less frequent now, it seems to come and go based on how much I try and push the envelope. So far it seems like the worst of it has passed and I am eager to get back to moving around again.

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