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  1. realizing that I no longer have "sausage toes" there are actually spaces between them and looking long and skinny...LOL
  2. Heather E

    Long period

    Keep a close eye on it.....I thought I started my cycle in late Dec, 2020 (about a week before my revision, sleeve to bypass) and since I have PCOS and the flow was light, I didn't think anything of it until August when it still didn't stop. I had a endometrial biopsy----came back as cancer. I had a total hysterectomy in early October. Cancer had spread beyond the uterus to an ovary and peritoneum- Stage 3B, just had round 2 of 6 Chemo cycles and after that I have 5 weeks of radiation.......so if your cycle is not normal for you.....check it out!
  3. Heather E

    Michigan sleevers

    I am from just east of Flint!❤️
  4. Heather E

    NSV shout outs

    6 months post sleeve and some awesome NSVs ~ Started at a size 28/4X, just the other day I bought a pair of 18 pants on clearance ($5) and just for fun I tried them on.....and they FIT!!!!! ~I noticed that there is space between my toes...... ~ I can sit in a booth at restaurants ~ I can keep up with my preschool class, 12 boys, and 4 girls......busy, busy, busy ~ I can walk without getting winded or my back hurting. ~ I realized that this year I will be able to shop for a bathing suit at a regular store, and not have to buy one at Lane Bryant or online!! ~ My wedding rings that I hadn't worn for 4 years, I put on in August (1 month out) now they are in danger of falling off, so I will have to find a safe place ~ I promised that when I lost 100 lbs, I would get a cat! Her name is Peaches and I got her at a rescue a couple weeks ago.
  5. I had my 6 month post op check up last week and I had to schedule an appointment with the "sleep" doctor so I could order more supplies....well that appointment was today, he looked back to when I started with my CPap, he said I was having 1 apnea event every minute! That was in Jan. 2016. When he showed me the data from the memory card today, he said that I only had, on average, 1 event every 5 HOURS! YAY! He scheduled me for a home sleep study to see if I can give up my machine......I am a little nervous about it.....I have grown used to the sound of the cpap and the O2 concentrator. But, almost 120 pounds down, I am also a little excited.
  6. I was expecting to share a room, but was pleasantly surprised to have a room to myself! Plus, it was the bariatric floor, so there was tons of space and there was even a convertible couch type thing that my hubby could have slept on if he had wanted to stay the night with me.
  7. I was 6 months post-op on Jan. 3rd. Time sure does start to fly!! I am 114 pounds down....and having to always be on the lookout for cheap smaller clothes, because I am shrinking out of them so quickly. I started in a size 28 and now in a 20, and headed closer to an 18! My wedding rings are almost too big and in danger of falling off. No complaints here Oh and I went to the gym yesterday and I didn't die! LOL
  8. Heather E

    Michigan meet up

    @Bmanns01 I went through Hurley too. I thought about trying the Hurley support group, but I work in Saginaw and can't make it by the 5:30 meet time anyway. There is supposed to be one that meets in Flint at Central Nazarene, but I haven't been able to contact anyone about meet times or if there is actually a group. But, with the holidays coming up....I could really use some real live people support......online is ok, but it just isn't the same.
  9. I'm still here too I had surgery on July 3rd. High weight in April was 362, and my current weight is 256!! Kind of hit a little stall at around 265 for a couple weeks, but then things started moving again. Hoping that the holidays don't tempt me too much! Heather
  10. Heather E

    Michigan meet up

    My surgery was July 3rd, I live in Davison. I would love to get together with others, sometimes it seems a little lonely my husband and sons try to understand, but they really don't......or think that they are joking and making light of things and really end up making me feel bad or throwing temptation in my face unintentionally.
  11. My Bariatric center also starts purees (cream soups, yogurt, oatmeal) then after 2 weeks progress to soft foods. I got a "diet progression" list at each check-up. 1 week, 1 month and 2 months. No meat until week 4, unless it was canned tuna or chicken and very moist.
  12. Heather E

    Non Scale Victories

    I got mine almost immediately. Totally freaked out the nurse....he was male. He thought my incisions were bleeding at first! He asked a female nurse to come in and help me with clean up and she told me about his reaction and we both laughed about it.
  13. Heather E

    Non Scale Victories

    I got my rings on! I was so excited! I haven't worn them in over 4 years. I am 9 week s post op, so October is doable for you! My other NSV today was when I got I the car, looked down and I could actually see the seat! Not my belly and legs covering it up! Plus, I also had to buy new underwear because ally other ones were falling off!
  14. Heather E

    Non Scale Victories

    Went shopping at JCPENNEY today and for the first time in over 15 years I was able to purchase pants off the rack!! And they fit! And I was able to buy the shirt in a 2x! After being in a 4x forever!😁
  15. Heather E

    Non Scale Victories

    6 weeks post-op, ~ I can wear my wedding band and engagement rings! Haven't been able to wear them for 3+ years! ~ I have only one pair of shoes that fit! The rest are too big for my feet now. (Unfortunately, they are not athletic shoes....need to purchase some that DO fit) ~I tried on a coat off the rack at the store yesterday and it FIT!! Zipped and everything, haven't been able to do that for a few years
  16. I am almost 6 weeks out, I had a 2 week stall at 3 and 4 weeks where I just bounced between 300 and 301 for the whole 2 weeks. Then, I went to 297 and have been bouncing between 296 and 297 for the last 2 weeks...I just feel like no matter what I do, I seem to just be stuck. I keep seeing the super successes of some people and it's hard for me to see it in myself right now....I just need to know that if I keep up with what I am doing that I can get to where I want to be....someday.
  17. I have been following my plan, just getting to add in meats this week, like some chicken (moist) and some ground meats. I am getting my protein and water (64 oz) in. I am also walking at least 30 minutes a day. I also get to add some fruit this week too. My nutritionist wants a balance of (good)carbs/fats/protein, and I log it all on Baritastic app. I am mostly emotional about it. Just wanting some positive encouragement that this phase will pass. I teach preschool and I go back to work next week, I think that being even more active with my preschoolers will also help conquer the stalls, I have actually lost about 66 pounds since my high weight of 362 in April this year, so I am able to be more active with them than I have in the past.
  18. I was sleeved on July 3rd, incisions look really good and surgeon says they are healing very well. No stitches outside all Dermabond. My question is- How long should it take for the glue to come off? A couple of the incisions are starting to peel on the edges and are super itchy! Especially if it rubs on my clothes. I just want to know how much longer I might have to deal with it
  19. Oh my goodness, I was sleeved on 7/3 and I really wanted some ice cream....so I got some Halo Top. My mistake was not putting it in a separate dish and also being distracted by tv and email. I ate too much. Now I feel really yucky. Lesson learned. Won't do that again!😕
  20. Heather E

    Process Timeframe??

    My consult was May 30, 2018 and my approval was June 20th and surgery was July 3rd. So I am currently 4 weeks post-op.
  21. I had progression creamy tomato and I added about 1 tablespoon of low fat ricotta cheese to it. Cut the acidity and added a little more protien and substance to it. My surgeon had no problem with tomato soup. 😊
  22. Heather E

    July surgery

    I had an issue with constipation....it was pretty rough....about 10 days out, I had to get Milk of Magnesia, and some other help to go. Once I did, I did feel much better. I did end up calling my bariatric center for advice, they told me drink warm water or tea, and try the MoM and to walk to get things moving....good luck
  23. Heather E

    First two weeks post op weight loss

    So glad to see this thread! I almost 2 weeks out from surgery and I think I made the mistake of weighing every day. I forgot just because I feel better and moving better doesn't mean that I am healed all the way. My body still needs to recover, I just didn't realize because I have never been through any type of surgery before. Great advice!
  24. I'm not saying I ate nothing, I'm saying I was prepared to eat my allowed foods and not being able to eat party food didn't bother me at all. I wasn't craving it or wanting it at all. My yogurt did it for me.
  25. Hi! Just found this thread today! I am 5 days post-op. Had VSG on 7/3. My highest weight was before I actually even saw the surgeon for the first consult - 362. (April, 2018) On my first consult, I was at 351. Day of surgery- 323. And today 5 days out I have been bouncing between 312 and 314. but I am super excited about where I am headed and the bounce up to 314 might be because I started purees yesterday. Tough day yesterday, I stuck to my guns and didn't eat anything, but I had a surprise Birthday Party for my hubby.....and good thing nothing there sounded good to eat! I took my greek yogurt and protein shake with me to be prepared

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