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  1. Lisa K.

    nauseated at work and need advice

    My co-workers made me a bag of goodies for the hospital and one of the best things in it is a product called Quease Ease. It's a little smelly thing you peel the lid off of and inhale to relieve nausea. It's the same premise as the alcohol pads (which also works great and nurses have done this for years!). They are a great smell--very minty! You can order them off of Amazon.
  2. Lisa K.

    Grazing Causes Hunger (for me)

    I admire your dedication in the face of business travel and meals. That looks like some pretty tempting stuff and I think it would add to my stress while changing a lifetime of bad habits. My husband and I are going on vacation with his boss and his wife (they're paying) and I'm trying to get a strategy now for how to eat then. They are very supportive and fully aware of my situation so that will help a lot. I need to retrain my brain to focus on the beauty of the city we're visiting (Charleston) and to try to make very good food choices. These are changes I knew were coming and I've really tried to be ready. Wish me luck!!
  3. Lisa K.

    Triple Digits, Baby!

    Yay!!! Your post is very inspiring to those of us just getting started. Congrats!!
  4. It's interesting that this question came up today because I was just surfing and saw information about this topic on the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery website. The information on that site says that RNY is more susceptible to marginal ulcers and that is why it is more common for surgeons to instruct patients to avoid NSAIDs in bypass patients. My surgeon told me I might be able to go back on my meloxicam at some point after I heal from my sleeve but he would rather I wait until absolutely necessary. For now, I'm feeling great without it.
  5. Lisa K.

    New member - 1 week post-op

    Welcome! I'm fairly new myself. I have learned so much from this forum. It is an invaluable asset for us newbies!
  6. Lisa K.


    Did your surgeon put you on one of the PPIs (omeprazole, esomeprazole, rabeprazole, etc.) or maybe on Zantac (ranitidine)? Many sleevers are put on one of those post-op to help prevent heartburn. I'm on esomeprazole and it helps. Still have to take a Tums occasionally but not often.
  7. Lisa K.

    Dry skin

    I went straight out and got Bio-oil yesterday after reading this post. I love the way it feels!!
  8. Lisa K.

    Vitamin help please!

    I'm so glad I got the patches. I wear a multi-vitamin patch and a biotin patch every night while I sleep. Take them off 8 hours later and done. My surgeon recommended them and I got them cheaper off of this site than in the surgeon's office (PatchMD is the brand).
  9. Lisa K.

    Best way to introduce eggs into the diet

    I had one soft scrambled this morning. Whipped it with some Fairlife milk until fluffy and barely scrambled it. Was a little rough about an hour later but not awful.
  10. Lisa K.

    Grieving for clothes?!

    That is actually an amazing thought!!!
  11. Lisa K.

    H. Ployri

    It wasn't the worst part of the whole deal. I took the pain med. and it helped. The overarching problem I had was dehydration. You hear about this more than anything on this forum but there's a reason for that!!
  12. Lisa K.

    Shortness of breatg

    That could be related to many different things but being short of breath is not anything to mess around with. You need to be evaluated by a physician or NP. Maybe you're anemic.
  13. Lisa K.

    Consult Day!!

    You could ask how long you will stay in the hospital after your surgery. Or find out if the surgeon has a nutritionist in the office to help you with pre- and post-op food plans. Also, ask about the pre-op diet so you won't be shocked when you find out that you will most likely be expected to adhere to one. Not every surgeon requires it but many do and it's good to be mentally prepared for that part. Good luck!
  14. Lisa K.

    H. Ployri

    Yes, I had VSG on 7-05-18. I'm doing well but still have to work at it to get my fluids and protein requirements daily. It's a process.
  15. Lisa K.


    My surgeon has me taking a PPI for the first few months. I was already on Nexium so that's what he kept me on but he always puts his patient on omeprazole for at least two months post-op. I haven't had reflux so far and I had it very badly pre-op.
  16. Lisa K.

    Surgery 7/17 confused

    Best of luck to you! I hope your surgery and getting some fluids will have you back up and feeling better very soon!
  17. Lisa K.

    H. Ployri

    I have heard that the treatment for H. pylori sucks. So that's one thing down, now you're ready to rock this surgery!
  18. Lisa K.


    The adult dose is two of the droppers filled to the 0.6 ml line. It was my best friend for the first few days.
  19. Lisa K.


    You can get Mylicon drops (simethicone liquid) at any drugstore. They even come in generic or house brand and are usually called "infant gas relief drops." The hospital gave me my bottle and I still use it. It's been a lifesaver for the gas!
  20. Lisa K.

    H. Ployri

    H. pylori is the last thing you need after surgery. If there is even a hint of it now, kill it and be glad that you have done one more thing to help ensure a positive outcome post-op. Many of us had hoops to jump through to get our surgeries done but, in the end, they were designed to help prevent complications afterwards. I had to have a sleep study and start using a CPAP, had a stress test and heart cath, and had an EGD with biopsies. My surgeon likes to be proactive in preventing whatever complications he can. I'm very grateful for that stance!!
  21. Lisa K.


    Thank you, Pup!! That's a very encouraging post! Congrats on your amazing journey!!
  22. Lisa K.

    Surgical Glue.....

    Wow! I am 17 days out and was starting to wonder if it shouldn't have come off by now. I'll just leave it alone but it is definitely getting itchy.
  23. Lisa K.


    Have you tried the protein chicken broth powder from Unjury? It's got 21 g of protein per serving and I really like it.
  24. Lisa K.


    I've noticed that when I'm not getting adequate fluids, I'm more fatigued. Today was particularly bad and I think it's been because it's been so hot. I went through a couple of hours of very intense rehydration and I'm feeling a little better now.
  25. Lisa K.

    eating too little?

    I'm 17 days out and on pureed. I track protein and fluids. I don't always hit my targets of 60-80 g. protein and 64 oz. of fluid so that's my sole goal right now. My NUT says it's really important to track those first and once you start hitting those marks, then expand your tracking.