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  1. Hi! So I'm 3 weeks post op (DS but Sleeve as far as this is concerned), going into the 4th week. I'm basically still on full liquids, since I can't comfortably drink more than 4-5 oz at a time, and can't really consume more than a few spoonfuls of thicker-liquids/purees. At what point should I expect to be able to consume purees or thicker liquids in any reasonable quantity? I'm supposed to be able to move to solid foods at six weeks post-op, but at this rate, I don't see that happening.
  2. _Shane_

    Drinking too fast?

    Clear liquids will mostly go straight through the sleeve and into the duodenum. The pyloric valve immediately lets most thin liquids through pretty quickly. I'm 3 weeks post-op and can drink probably 6-8 oz of clear liquids most of the time pretty quickly, then repeat ~10 minutes later. Thicker protein shakes or soups though - only 2-3 oz at most then must wait about 30 minutes. With the bypass liquids should just flow through the anastomosis.
  3. _Shane_

    Hungry after surgery

    Instant Pot?! I recently bought one too! Prior to surgery and pre-op diets, I made lots of recipes I found on youtube, like from the "pressure luck" channel. I plan to use it to pressure/steam fish/vegetables and make healthy meals once I can eat solid foods again.
  4. Soft or Pureed foods would just slide through a gastric bypass pouch, right? You won't feel real restriction till you move to solid foods, especially proteins. I'm going on 4 weeks out and my scale hasn't really moved much beyond a few pounds in the past week/week and a half. I'm not at all concerned, I've dieted many times in the past and know what a weight loss stall is. Our bodies are still sorting themselves out after the massive trauma we put them through. If this is really bothering you, my recommendation would be to stay off the scale for a month and just keep following your post-op diet plan.
  5. _Shane_

    Bowels after surgery

    I don't understand how one could have firm BMs consuming only liquids...
  6. _Shane_

    Bowels after surgery

    We have diarrhea because we are on liquids diets.
  7. _Shane_

    Actual time off work

    I have a desk job and I took off two weeks. I'm now just over a week and a half in, and I'm ready to go back to work, simply because I'm bored. I still do have some soreness so I think, for me, two weeks is the right amount of time.
  8. _Shane_

    Hungry after surgery

    I'm 9 days out and I hear you about the water. I barely drank water for the first week, it hurt going down. Powerade Zero is my new favorite beverage. I got tired of super-sweet crystal light. I don't really feel that hungry so much as I miss eating I think. I do find myself watching lots of cooking videos and looking at restaurant yelp pictures. I have a feeling you're experience the same "head hunger" type thing.
  9. _Shane_


    I was a heavy "vaper" for the last 6 years and a smoker before that. About 1 1/2 months before I planned to quit, I used patches and nicorette gum, then about a month before surgery - stopped everything. It was difficult for a week, less so the second week, and I was home free thereafter. Chantix might be a good idea for you - I've read lots of positive experiences from people quitting with Chantix.
  10. I agree with Matt Z - men pay more for big clothes. I eventually got to the point I had to shop at the "Big & Tall" stores, as I could no longer find clothes that fit anywhere else, including super walmarts. Jeans cost $100 and shirts typically $40-$60. Way more than other places I would normally shop.
  11. _Shane_

    2nd Week post op

    Wait, you're starving? Actually eating solid food is the last thing I'd be interested in. I have to force myself to even drink water or broth..
  12. _Shane_

    Water Intake

    I won't be able to think about protein until I meet with my surgeon next Thursday. I'm 3 days post-op and will be clear liquids for almost two weeks by then (after surgery). I wish I could drink more. The timer and 2 oz. that idea that Macadamia mentions sounds good, but there is no way I can drink two ounces at a time. I'm limited to very small sips right now. Every day is getting better though.
  13. I wouldn't be able to eat any of that two days post op. Food or pureed anything, no thanks. I can barely take tiny sips of water.
  14. _Shane_

    2nd Week post op

    2nd day post-op and I can barely sip any liquids : (
  15. _Shane_

    August surgery ppl

    Congratulations! Exciting day. I'm recovering in the hospital room now. One thing I can say, I was *not* prepared for the pain id be in. The gas pain, the incisions, everything. It feels like I fell off a cliff, or got run over by a Mack truck. Just brutal.
  16. _Shane_

    August surgery ppl

    Im at the hospital too! Surgeon delayed three hours though, wont go in till 2 pm or so.
  17. _Shane_

    August surgery ppl

    I can, and I can't, believe it's tomorrow (well in 4 minutes it'll be today!) Journey started in January, and the 7+ months have went by pretty quick, though I am pretty patient and wasn't in a huge hurry. The last month has went by pretty slow, especially because of the liquid diet. It's definitely getting real. We'll see if I sleep tonight!
  18. _Shane_

    UHC requirements

    I have UHC and I had to do the 6-month supervised diet. You should be talking to Optum Healthcare, and get assigned a Bariatric Services Nurse. Have you called them yet? That's the first step (and required) with UHC. I believe the number is: 866-534-7209
  19. _Shane_

    August surgery ppl

    After many last-minute hurdles to jump through the last few weeks (as late as Friday there was still uncertainty - I discovered on Thursday I had to have a CPAP machine at the hospital - so I had one day (Friday) to acquire one. Also PCP only cleared me for surgery last Wednesday (had to get cardiac clearance after a last minute echocardiogram) - surgery is a go for tomorrow - fingers crossed! I'll try to post updates...
  20. Were you planning to make any changes to your diet once you hit this 'magical' goal-weight? If it were me I think I'd just stay the course and lose as much as I could and see where I end up. You'll probably want to lose below whatever you think your "ideal" weight should be, to leave room for some inevitable regain.
  21. _Shane_

    Missing Food

    Angiemomma, I do that. I always looked at a lot of food online, yelp, and watched cooking videos on youtube and shows on TV, but I'm doing it even more lately. It's comforting to me for some reason, even though I'm finishing up the second and final week of my liquid only pre-op diet.
  22. _Shane_

    Sleeve or Bypass?

    If I had to choose between the two myself, I'd go with the bypass. Far less chance of reflux, better remission of morbidities like diabetes, and possibly better long-term weight loss.
  23. _Shane_

    accountability partner

    Probably an unpopular opinion, but in my humble opinion, if you are eating such that you need a diary or an app like myfitnesspal to calculate your daily calories/fat/carbs, you are eating too much. During the pre-op diet phase, I kept it simple - dinner would be lean protein and vegetables. Breakfast and Lunch usually protein shakes. That's it. Every day. No need to count calories or use an app. Does it suck? Sort of, but it's only 6 months and keep your eye on the prize. I'm down 50 pounds since January. 41 pounds down prior to the liquid pre-op diet. Actually, compared to the 2-week liquid pre-op diet I'm on now (surgery the 13th!) I'd give anything to have that lean chicken or fish and brussel sprouts right now.
  24. _Shane_

    Clear liquid diet day before surgery

    Isn't gatorade high in sugars?
  25. Unfortunately any dessert other than sugar-free jello and popsicles is going to be carb heavy. Also, in low-fat versions of higher-fat foods, you are generally trading fat for carbs, sadly. Just look at salad dressings, like low fat/fat free ranch or italian.