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    Discouraged and need advice

    He's wrong or you misunderstood him. Ninety-nine percent of people do not lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Most likely you hit the 3 week plateau which slowed you down. Hang in there.
  2. nevermore71

    No Greek yogurt?

    Maybe because it's a bit thicker. Would probably be okay if you thinned it down some.
  3. nevermore71

    Please help!

    You are losing weight. Might be a bit slower then you like but often people hit a stall during that period. It says you weigh 166, at that weight the loss is generally slower. Just hang in there, stick to the plan, and trust the process.
  4. nevermore71

    Malnutrition Diagnosis?

    Not diagnosing and please talk to your doctor. But generally it's better to be on the low end of normal for WBC's. It generally means your body isn't having fight off anything or make repairs. For instance smokers generally have high end normal to slightly above normal WBC's due to their body having to constantly be attempting to repair all the damage smoking causes.
  5. I like Truvia. It's erythritol and stevia mix.
  6. nevermore71

    Keto after VSG

    There is reddit keto forum that has tons of information and helpful members. The current recommendations over there is to limit fat intake and eat more protein. They no longer seem to think that protein is turned into glucose. So yes, you can absolutely do a high protein, limited fat, keto. I'm currently trying to do low carb in order to increase weight loss from abdomen as that area is being stubborn. Best of luck.
  7. nevermore71


    I sent a few requests to you guys as well. The 47 year old. Currently trying to eat low carb. Not always perfect and still occasionally have problems with food. But I try and am determined to make this work.
  8. This is my current concern and project. I noticed when I got to goal that weight had stop coming off my waist quite a while ago. And my pear/hourglass shape was gone. Way to much weight was still around my waist and my backside was a unsightly, malformed, and mostly gone mess. My theory is this is due to lower female hormones due to my age, 47. I wanted to lose a few more pounds but was afraid my body would continue it's current distribution of loss and I would look even worse. I'm now doing keto, upped the cardio, taking certain supplements, and added bioidentical estriol, and progesterone in over the counter cream form. I'm also doing more exercises to build muscle and increase my backside. It's early yet I think it's working . I've only lost a couple of more pounds but some has come off my waist. I haven't had any problems with clothing and look pretty good fully clothed. You probably just need to spend time shopping and trying on clothes to see what looks good on you now.
  9. nevermore71

    Post Op Redistribution of Fat?

    I'm watching this as well. I've noticed I can't seem to lose anymore from my belly. Not keeping me from trying though.
  10. Cauli tots? That sounds so good. Do you have to make them or can you buy them. If so what brand are they? And I believe you stop losing when the amount you're eating is basically what your body needs to sustain your current weight. You'll need to raise that caloric intake at some point. So you don't get underweight.
  11. I haven't been logging since I'm doing keto. But generally do log my intake. And I don't weigh or measure every bite but I do if I'm in doubt. A part of me is scared to lose more weight as it seems to come off the areas I want to keep and not the areas I want gone. That's why I'm trying all the new things and trying for the "impossible" targeted weight loss. But I'm hanging in there and slow and steady wins the race. Hopefully. You should be so proud of what you've accomplished. You've done so well. And are a great resource for this forum. Thanks.
  12. My honeymoon period was over at 10 months. Since then I've only been able to lose between 0 and 4 pounds a month. With most months being 2 pounds. It's very hard to see any movement on the scale these days. And in the last 6 months I've only lost 14 pounds total (no inches off waist during this period). This includes a period where I was eating less then 1000 calories a day in order to speed up the weight loss. I've now started a 2nd massive hair loss period which I believe was caused by that. I have hit my original goal but realize I need to lose a bit more as there are large pockets of fat (mainly belly, some arm) still there. I never really lost the hunger, although I'll occasionally have a day where I'm not very hungry. Right now I'm doing a lower fat, higher protein, keto type diet to try to lose belly fat. Also added more cardio, ACV, green tea supplements, and bio-identical hormones to see if they help.
  13. Fat is essential to health. You shouldn't aim for no fat. Probably aim for about 25% - 30% calories from healthy fats. At 200 lbs. and 1500 max daily caloric intake you shouldn't be gaining. If you aren't underestimating your calories it's probably just water weight. Salt intake, heavy exercise, switching from a low carb to higher carb diet and increased glucagon storage, can all cause water weight gain. Log your food. Stop drinking with meals as it speeds stomach emptying and makes you hungrier faster. And remember liquid calories are very fattening so stay away from juice, soda, beer, etc. I wouldn't aim for less then 1000 calories a day as I did that a couple months back and now my hair loss has started back up again. As long as you're weighing yourself and tracking your food intake so you can stay on top of things, you should be fine. Best of luck.
  14. Ok I'm 47 years old and perimenopausal. I reached my goal weight. Yay! But the last 50 lbs. off I didn't lose a single inch of my waist. I would still like to lose about 10 or 15 more pounds, mostly from my waistline. But you can't target weight loss. I'm thinking the odd way I'm losing weight is due to my being perimenopausal. And think that maybe a low dose birth control might help. Or hormone replacement therapy. I would also like help with regulating my cycle as it's very short right now. Anybody have any insight or knowlge about this? Perimenopausal women on BC that are losing from their waistline? BC suggestions? Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!
  15. My hunger never went away. But my stomach capacity is way down. I'm also able to eat a low calorie option like 80 calorie Greek yogurt and be satisfied for a little while at least. You just have to learn to eat super low calorie to your limited capacity and you should be fine.
  16. nevermore71

    Hi everyone!!

    Welcome. Very supportive people around here.
  17. If you've been stalled that long you are eating at maintenance. Eat less then 1000 calories a day. Track and log every morsel you eat. You'll start losing again. You basically stop losing when you don't continue to try once things slow down. You can do this. Your sleeve will still help you. You just have to put in some effort now.
  18. Get in any water you can tolerate.
  19. nevermore71


    I second Fairlife milk, it is really good. Can drink straight or add to sugar free pudding, coffee, condensed soups, sugar free hot chocolate, etc. Also bone broth. You might want to try Greek yogurt, it is very helpful. Cottage cheese with one ounce Blueberry Applesauce is also worth a try. Cottage cheese can be mixed with spaghetti sauce too. My tastes have changed quite a bit. Keep trying stuff, you may like it now.
  20. nevermore71

    Smoking Post-Op

    I recommend Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking book. It helps you understand that cigarettes don't help relieve stress they cause it. Truly it's not helping your anxiety it's increasing it. It has conditioned your mind to believe that because it relieves the stressed feeling the nicotine withdrawal causes it helps with other stress but it doesn't. It's way more harmful then the weight ever was.
  21. nevermore71

    Stomach can’t handle protein.. SO hungry

    Many people find warm broth the easiest to get down at this point. Bone broth is usually the highest in protein. Sip It slowly and keep it warm.
  22. Start logging your intake and counting calories. Make rules you can live with and stick to them.
  23. nevermore71

    All for nothing?

    I believe they don't count your BMI during your supervised medical weight loss. It was a huge worry for me before surgery that I would lose to much on my supervised medical weight loss and no longer qualify for the surgery. They explained that it went by my weight before the diet and my falling below wouldn't disqualify me.
  24. I'm a year out. I've been getting hungry since the first week after surgery. Really hungry. I do get full but it doesn't last long. If I go to long without eating I can even still feel hungry and feel full (the restriction) at the same time. The lessened hunger that the sleeve is known for doesn't seem to be the case for everyone. You can still lose the weight though. I'm 5 pounds above my original goal. I have adjusted it down and would like to lose 15 more pounds (original goal 140 new goal 130). I'm thinking it will just be harder and take more work on my part to maintain the weight loss once I reach goal. But I'll still have my tool even if it isn't all I thought it would be.
  25. nevermore71

    Stall since August 2018

    Are you still logging everything? I find I lose more if I log. Try logging what your currently maintaining at. So you know what your current maintenance calories are and then subtract 500 calories from that. Eat at that reduced calorie rate and you should start losing again. I eat low calorie foods throughout the day. Making sure I always get at least 60 grams of protein in. Things like greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and lean chicken are good low calorie options that also high in protein. I'm a slow loser and never lost my appetite so it's not always easy. But I keep plugging away at it and slowly but surely I'm getting there.