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  1. Absolutely Gorgeous. Congratulations!!!!
  2. I am going to start working out on my elliptical at home and I just was curious how much should I be working out a day? Is 45 min to an hour enough or should I strive for more as I work my way towards a healthier me? I realize I will most likely only be able to work out for 20 - 30 min to start but what should my goal end up being per day?
  3. jcb123

    How much exercise?

    Will do. Thank you for the info!!!
  4. jcb123

    How much exercise?

    I don't know which path I want to go down, I guess ultimately I want to "WANT" to work out and get in shape and of course, lose weight while doing it. I feel like there are so many different kinds of exercise to do and I just want to do the ones that give me the most weight loss and yet still make me feel good and makes me want to come back for more.
  5. jcb123

    How much exercise?

    OK JerseyJules I will do that. You guys will help me to get into tip top shape yet!!! Although.......what is resistance training???? lol sorry I really don't have a clue.
  6. jcb123

    How much exercise?

    Good to know I have never used the elliptical before so I will begin with no resistance until I'm comfortable and then increase it. They really should have a book called "Exercise for Dummies" I would def buy one!!!!!!
  7. I took three weeks and I personally needed every bit of it. Everyone is different though so it's hard to tell. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful Best of luck.
  8. jcb123

    How much exercise?

    Thank you BigViffer for the info. I have no idea what I'm doing to be honest so you just gave me a lot of great information for me to use. Greatly appreciated.
  9. I have been eating the same as always between 600-1000 calories a day getting my protein in etc etc and I gained 4lbs this week. Why why why????? ☹️☹️☹️
  10. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and comments. You all make me feel so much better!!! I will keep doing what I’m doing and try not to let the scale get me down.
  11. Everything I’m doing is exactly the same. I get worried when I am doing everything right and see a gain. It scares me that I’m going to be one of the “failures” with this WLS surgery.
  12. I had no pre-op diet of any sort. He said he only makes people that are over 300lbs do that because of the size of their liver (well I was only 7lbs away from that weight so I don't know why he didn't make me do it). None the less all went great
  13. jcb123

    Pics - Down 66lbs

    You look amazing!! Great job!!!
  14. I feel so hungry between 7-10pm. Does anyone else notice their hunger increase severely during this time?
  15. jcb123

    Husband is pissed

    I had a really tough time with my husband in the beginning (when I first decided this is the route I wanted to take). I remember going home from work and explaining to him about what this surgery was about, how much healthier it would make me and how I really needed to do this for ME. My husband is not overweight, he is gorgeous to be quite honest and he is my very best friend. But he was very insecure that if I lost the 60lbs I gained from the past 5 years we have been together (plus more) that I would be hit on a lot and eventually leave him. This was in January, my surgery was Oct 24th. It literally took him all of the 10 months for him to be supportive and on my side and realize that my weight has nothing to do with why I love him and I would love him just as much if I was think as I do when I am overweight. He is very supportive of me now and there cheering me on 100%. Praying your husband changes the way he thinks as well.
  16. I have to agree with everyone here........I am so excited to eat a meal then after 4 bites I'm completely over it. But the way I think about it is like this. The thing that got me to this weight was overeating and living to eat not eating to live. I now feel like I am eating like a "thin" person and I try to keep that thought with me every time I sit down for a meal so that I don't get discouraged and also so that I remember each and every meal why I did this. Best of luck!!!
  17. jcb123

    Feeling sad today

    That pain is very normal. I had the same burning pain until around week three. Hang in there. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  18. I did so they put me on anti nausea medication and it did wonders. I only needed it into week three.
  19. I just placed an order for a few items from BariatricPal including some snacks and one dinner. What does everyone think of the BariatricPal food/snacks. Are they tasty?
  20. I not only had lap band but also stomach placation (which neither me or my surgeon new I had) so it took twice as long. I was in surgery for almost 5 hours!!!!
  21. My surgeon does not want me drinking carbonated beverages because he said it is not good for the pouch but I have also heard that carbination is not strong enough to stretch the pouch however I was a big Diet Coke drinker before surgery. I drink Crystal light and water now however about a week ago I had a sip of Diet Coke and it felt horrible in my stomach so I have decided regardless, that I am done with carbonated beverages (they really are horrible for us anyway, sleeve or not). If I were you I would try to stay away from them. Best of luck to you
  22. jcb123

    Drinking after VSG..

    Good for you, that is great news.
  23. jcb123

    Drinking after VSG..

    Good for you. I use to drink all the time. Actually that is how I gained over 60lbs in the past 4 years.....DRINKING!!! I made a decision when I decided to get WLS that I had to quit drinking and if I did have a drink it had to be on occasion and not every weekend until I was drunk. I had a beer last week and it didn't sit well with me (because of the carbonation), so I had a glass of wine instead. I felt tipsy after 4 oz and I got worried so I didn't drink anymore. I decided those days are behind me. A drink every now and then is fine but I would be careful doing shots especially the sugary ones. Its just calories that are unnecessary and it can always lead back to drinking a lot. Best of luck to you.