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  1. sleevedshereen

    Before and After Pics

    I had surgery July 2017 and I’m almost 5 years out. Highest weight 228lbs Current Weight fluctuates between 148-150lbs. 80lb weight loss maintained. Here’s my before and after
  2. sleevedshereen


    Down 80lbs. Coming on 3 years in July.
  3. sleevedshereen

    Before and After Pics

    Surgery Day: 07/14/17 I’ll be 3 months post op. I have not been the poster child of gastric sleeve. But I am conscientious about not gaining the weight back. Current weight: 146lbs Total weight loss: 82lbs. Finally feel comfortable wearing bathing suits the last year.
  4. sleevedshereen

    One year post op PICS

    One year post op 228 to 154. 75lbs down.
  5. sleevedshereen

    Before and After Pics

    One year and 4 months out starting weight 228 current weight 154
  6. Hey everyone, 9 months post up, had gallstones so bad and one got stuck in my bile duct...had 2 procedures and had my gallbladder removed. Was in the hospital for 7 days. Finally home and can eat but holy crap I feel like a zombie and need to eat everything. I eat and get hungry instantly. Wtf is going on?? Anyone experience this constant hunger after having gallbladder removed as a WLS patient? Does this go away? Did you gain weight after? How are you dealing with it? Please let me know!!
  7. sleevedshereen

    Gallbladder removed last week QUESTIONS!

    Yes it did! It was just rebound hunger. Ate so much the week after my gallbladder surgery lol
  8. My boyfriend and immediate family did not support my decision. I went to every appointment alone. The day of surgery, they showed up and supported me. Afterwards, they helped me a tad during recovery, but guess what? One year later...I'm down 75lbs and they are super happy for me. I am super proud of myself as well. At the end of the day, if you are unhappy with YOU...YOU have every right to do something about it. I think my boyfriend was scared I was going to change, or be too attractive and not want him anymore. If the relationship is solid before the surgery, then you should be fine. However, if you have underlying issues that have not been addressed with each other. This could unveil all that. For me, i'm a year post op and having relationship issues now. I think he is starting to feel insecure and makes little comments hinting at it here and there. I'm growing into a strong, confident person and he isn't used to it. If you want the surgery, do it. She will be forced to deal with her feelings regarding it, but I promise, it will be worth it for YOU. I don't regret it for one single moment. The way I feel right now, the progress I have made...I could not have done it on my own. The surgery changed my life. I eat healthy and work out but the surgery was the tool I didn't have to help me.
  9. sleevedshereen

    One year post op PICS

    @Kahkeetsee The beginning is THE roughest, once you are healed and able to eat and lose the weight, it will all have been worth it! I have been doing a lot of weight lifting and using vitamin E oil and jojoba oil to help tighten. I still have some loose skin on my abdomen, legs and arms...pictures can be deceiving. I've been doing weight lifting though to combat it a little. Just stick to it! Eat healthy and exercise, take lotsss of progress pics of yourself and the scale so you can look back and be proud of yourself. You will change and grow as a person and become stronger mentally, physically and emotionally. You will be surprised at yourself. This is for YOU. YOUR experience. TAKE IT ALL IN. DO NOT LET ANYONE TAKE IT FROM YOU OR MAKE YOU FEEL BADLY. YOU DESERVE TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF AND LOVE YOURSELF. I remind myself of that everyday and it wasn't until a month ago that I feel like I've evolved into this strong bad ass. I'm un-apologetically growing into the woman I have always wanted to be. I don't regret it for a second.
  10. sleevedshereen

    One year post op PICS

    @J San Thank you for speaking up on my behalf. A little uncomfortable to read that my progress pics would mean I could join the porn industry...just proud of my progress and have been going to the gym a lot more lately and just wanted to show my 1 year progress. Thanks for being a gentleman though!
  11. sleevedshereen

    Worried about my wife

    I was the same way. Used to be so strong. Lost all muscle but I’ve been working out and building muscle and gaining my strength back. My boyfriend was surprised that I was getting strong again when we were wrestling. As for the aging, the extra weight filled out the face. I know a lot of people that aged a lotttt when they lost weight. I think just be honest about your concerns and offer a solution AS A TEAM and it would make her feel really good
  12. Hey guys! It was a rough month...had gallstones and had to get my gallbladder removed. 2 surgeries and one week stay in the hospital. April sucked! Anyways! My surgery is coming up on 10 months post op next week. I’m down 70lbs. Highest weight: 228lbs. Today:158lbs. Fluctuating between 158-161lbs. Almost at my goal weight just 15 more lbs. I want to get to goal by my 1 year mark. Here’s some progress pics over the last month I took....
  13. sleevedshereen

    Progress pics 10 months post op

    Thank you! Had to buy new clothes because nothing fit anymore! I appreciate the kind words!
  14. sleevedshereen

    Progress pics 10 months post op

    Thank you! I hope so!
  15. Hi guys! 6 months post op. Highest weight was 228 a week before surgery, current weight is 175. Before surgery I felt hopeless, I thought, "There is no way I can lose 80+ lbs." I was so unhappy in the body I was living. Couldn't look at myself in the mirror, ashamed of how I let myself go, disgusted by my food addiction. I hated myself. I was at rock bottom and completely depressed at my highest weight. I'm about 52-53 lbs down and think to myself "only 25-30 more lbs to go" that is so much more achievable than 80+lbs was. I feel, hopeful that I can lose the 25+ lbs by July "my surgiversary". I'm just getting happier and happier every day and gaining my confidence back. Here's a progress pic from right before surgery to me currently.
  16. sleevedshereen

    Progress pic! 6 months post op

    Good luck! The first month is the roughest but after that it gets easier! I'm 10 months post op down 70lbs. You will do great. You can message me if you have any questions.
  17. sleevedshereen

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    10 months post op...70lbs down. From 228 to 157...fluctuate from that to 160. Hoping to lose 15-20 more lbs by my one year mark in July. Here’s my before and after so far. All these pictures were taken in the last month.
  18. sleevedshereen

    Gallbladder removed last week QUESTIONS!

    Today is day 2 out of the hospital. Everything I eat, I’m dying of hunger like 20 min later looking for the next thing to eat. I feel like a zombie lol I’m hoping this is temporary! Scared of weight gain!!
  19. sleevedshereen

    July Sleevers

    Hi there @Redo2017 My starting weight was 228, today I am 165. I haven't been the best with my diet and I do not exercise. Down 63 lbs though.
  20. sleevedshereen

    Short and Lower 200's

    I'm 5'3. Weight before Surgery was 228lbs. Day of Surgery I was 221. Today I am eight months post op and weigh 167lbs. I have lost 61lbs in 8 months. Keep in mind, my diet has not been the best and I do not exercise yet.
  21. sleevedshereen

    Where are these trolls coming from?

    @orionburn Thanks so much. I really appreciate that. My soda addiction is just as hard as giving up smoking, etc. I've been working on it and it's also ok to indulge in a taco every now and then. What a darn shame that someone on a support group site would out someone who privately opened up to them about their struggles in an attempt to embarrass or hurt them. I'm genuinely shocked by that. But back to what you said! It is a constant daily struggle. Just because half our stomachs were cut out doesn't mean our issues are cured. Thank you for sharing that with me and understanding the hardships we face sometimes with our addictions.
  22. sleevedshereen

    Where are these trolls coming from?

    Yeah, you know you really aren't a good person, You're a true bully. I had commented on someone's post I believe about struggling and I had a moment of weakness as do MANY weight loss surgery patients and yes, ate taco bell and struggle with my soda addiction. You personally reached out to me via direct message and I shared with you this very vulnerable thing and how badly I felt about myself and you using it as a weapon against me right now is quite disgusting and shows your true character. That is very sad.
  23. sleevedshereen

    Where are these trolls coming from?

    Yeah I agree with a couple women. Scrolling through this thread I was taken back a bit by your tone and "positivity" you are spreading so I had to comment. You asking "have you been to the gym today?" Or telling people to be productive...that tone isn't a positive one in the way you ask. It's abrasive and is meant in a hurtful way. Let's be honest here. Also, it seems that you agressively respond to anyone who has a differing opinion than yours or calls you out on your tone or responses. You putting people down is not cool. The people that commented who found you to also be aggressive also had several people who liked their posts which means they agree too. I'm just a little confused and taken back by the arrogance and aggression in your comments to people. As I'm wrapping this comment up, I'm thinking about how you are going to spread positivity in your comment back. I'll answer your positive questions anyways... -No, I did not go to the gym today. -I did do something productive today. I productively ate a taco that was effing delicious and I'm gonna walk my ass around a little later. stay golden.
  24. Hi guys, I'm from LA and sinceeee the Dodgers are in the world series, I wanted to support my team but still dress up for Halloween... I decided to rock some boy shorts. I WOULD HAVE NEVER worn these before surgery. I was so insecure and in hiding. I developed social anxiety and never wanted to go anywhere or do anything. But I've lost 42 lbs and feeling confident. Yes, I have stretch marks, cellulite and fat, but why does that mean I should hide myself or not get to wear what "skinny" women wear? So I put on booty shorts and didn't care who looked, who judged, I WAS HAPPY. 185 lbs and I am loving myself. oh and GOOOOO DODGERSSSSSS! FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR HALLOWEEN PICS TOO!
  25. Your happiness comes before anyone else! If he can't get on the support train, then let him leave. Who would want you to be overweight and increase your risks of health and the quality of your life? Is he insecure that you will leave him anyways? I would rather be alone then in a relationship with someone threatening to leave if you better yourself. No way!

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