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  1. Can you please tell me what’s going on with your legs? I’m 3 years out and the pain becomes excruciating some days. It started in March 2021 & the doctors haven’t been able to figure it out yet. I just now had an MRI, waiting on those results…. 🙏❤️
  2. Oh my this has caused me to gain a lot of weight back and I not even 3 years. The SIP has been terrible & emotional eating, lots of sliders and junk food I never really ate before. I still get full but I eat again as soon as I’m not full or hurting anymore. I don’t even know what if feels like to actually feel hunger pangs. I’m definitely hurting myself. It’s a deep emotional thing :( I need to do the reset program of eating and get my butt disciplined again.
  3. OMGosh pls just get it taken out soon. Clearly it’s necessary and best to do it sooner than later. I had mine taken out at the ER as the absolute worse pain ever, bent over writhing type pain, must have been hilarious as I drove myself, ran into the ER threw myself on my knees begging for relief! It was far prior to my VSG and laparoscopic and recovery was so easy for they removed a diseased organ opposed to stitching one up (your stomach). They only alterations to your diet will be how you tolerate dairy and fats and at least for me my body still likes to mess with me because some days I can drink heavy cream in my coffee with no intestinal distress, other days I get mild cramps to a dash to the loo. Definitely a balancing game many days but far better to deal with than the almost daily pain I was having and the final explosion of absolute abdominal misery! And since you’ve had the sleeve you already know how to recover only this will be far, far easier! Just do it. No need to wait it out any longer, your body doesn’t need the added stress of an infected or burst gall bladder. You’ll be fine. Best of luck.
  4. Yay, can’t wait to ugly cry....ahhhhgain 😏
  5. Ok so I keep reading about taste preferences changing after surgery- something you once loved to eat or drink and now cannot stand even the thought of it post op. Science can't explain it. Tell us your experience with this strange phenomenon....
  6. GeTnBackuP

    Yes, That Is Normal

    Me too ...actually I use my cellphone mostly to read posts but when searching for something the app isnt the most friendly as my very specific key words are never found (topic name or username) not sure why but it reminds me to log into the full site!
  7. Has anyone tried these? I overheard someone at Walmart asking about them and wondering if they’re any good. https://realgoodfoods.com/productpage/
  8. Hello. I’ve had some success on keto and Atkins type diets in the past and I am curious how they work post op and more than a little nervous to start it up again now since they are basically higher fat and my past probs there...plus I’m only two months + post op. Lil backstory- I had my gallbladder taken out 11/2016 and a year later my body still hasn’t made up its mind on how to process fats (mainly dairy, meat based fats are tolerable) Some days I can totally tolerate minimal dairy (like in my morning coffee or some meat wrapped cheese/pickle meals). Other days I take one sip of my AM coffee and I bolt straight to the bathroom & for the rest of the day- this is low fat, whole milk, half and half or even full on heavy cream. I literally can drink/eat FULL fat one day and get the intestinal freak outs the next! I don’t get it! I had VSG on 10/31/2017 (2.5 mos) and still struggle having dairy back into my diet since I’m pretty much experiencing the same thing. Now I make my one morning coffee with chocolate Premier Protein shake and do OK but still struggle with any other dairy...cheese, low fat sour cream, yogurt...but I WANT TO COOK WITH THIS STUFF! PLUS I NEED THE CALCIUM. Ricotta bake- HELLO! I want to be able to eat that without excusing myself from the table after one bite. Can I do a modified Keto and/or Atkins type eating program that allows me to eat lower fat (mostly dairy) type foods and still be satisfied and lose weight? Maybe less fat and more protein? Is there something like that- toss in some whole greens maybe? I’m earnestly trying and reaching out for help so please don’t give me arrogant attitude. I enjoy most of you but geez the power trips here are sometimes too much...kinda like the trots I get lately many thanks and so much love and appreciation to all of you that offer kind supportive suggestions...Tess
  9. thank you all for this valuable information!
  10. GeTnBackuP

    Gallbladder removed during surgery

    Had my gall bladder taken out last year and I was surprised that it and my sleeve surgery (this year) were so similar- 2 days in the hospital, minimal pain and laparoscopic entry points in exactly the same spots so just tell all to stay away so you can have your gall bladder removed and recover some in peace!!
  11. You’re awesome for reading up on this, thank you. I looked and there is so much out there I got overwhelmed...and never found this. I’ll ask the doc about supplements also he basically said to give this time- his boilerplate response for everything. As far as it being strictly dairy/lactose intolerance I do get some reaction to meat fats- I can’t each much pork bacon although turkey bacon is fine. I can have sliced fajitas tho....so is it the straight fat I can’t have but I’m ok if it’s marinated? My poor gut lol...I’m thinking I just need to start at the beginning again with broths and shakes for a bit to clean me out some and slowly introduce foods to really gauge the reactions, I don’t see any other way how to tell what I can eat and what I can’t. ug
  12. I’ll look for the yogurt for sure, tons of protein! As for the cheese, my local specialty store has so much I’m sure there’s beer drinkers- great name! Thank you for the suggestions
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    I drank some Skinny Girl Margarita and a zero calorie carbonated grapefruit drink as a mixer. I dont know how but I guzzled those things and before I knew it, I drank two 750 ml bottles to myself! (I was the only one drinking them at a party!) What this did was it got me drunk fast but I believe it flushed through me just as quickly so the high never got really bad - does that make sense? Pre surgery I would have been falling all over the place! It also made me crave some bad food carbs so I ended up nibbling the wrong things ALL night long. For me, the moral of the story is I overdrank and overate before WLS and I clearly did the same POST WLS and I can no longer drink alcohol. Big part of why, after two short months, my weight loss has slowed. I wont be doing that again. Plus I got like four different guys phone numbers and woke up with a huge hickey - eh, maybe I will do it again kidding!
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    Thanks Kel, your support and kind words have been important to me, I do appreciate you! Thanks too for picking this challenge task up, you’ve done great and hope you start another soon!! Happy 2018 to You [emoji323]
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    Today is 1/3/2018 CW 190.6 I made my challenge goal, mostly because I’ve been sick this past week. Started counseling with an eating disorder therapists & I’m pretty excited/hopeful to work with her. Congratulations to all of you that made it and to those who didn’t- this isn’t always easy but we can’t give up.
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    Today is January 3rd CW: 192.2 GW: 190 (for this challenge) Long term goal: 130 I’m almost at my goal for this challenge but I am so disappointed in myself because it could be more, and considering I’m only two months out, for me, I believe it should be more... I started this challenge not exactly knowing what weight to have as a goal and I’m realizing that thru Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years- all excuses of course- I realize I truly have no willpower and that I’m overeating and more depressed than I care to face. I believe I should be losing steadily (barring potential stalls) but I keep eating, sometimes worse than before surgery (I’m eating chips and soda, something I rarely did). I don’t want to deal with my skeletons but I know I have to so today I start seeing an eating disorder psychologist to figure out why I continue to hurt myself (I am literally stuffing my pouch to painful results) If anyone ever tells you that WLS is the easy way out tell them to f**k off and die! This is me being accountable, hopefully I won’t continue to isolate and will come forward with good and hopeful progress!
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    Today’s date: 12/27 193.2 Hate to be a grinch but I have not been happy with the holidays, I’ve totally failed myself with the challenges food has presented lately. I’m so glad it’s all over...time to get back on the wagon or this will all be for nothing.
  18. Check out the app Seafood Watch, tells you all about what’s got bad levels and where you can find sustainable seafood in your area If the app doesn’t dive that deep into mercury, their website does have a list- seafoodwatch.org just search mercury and a list pops up.
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    Today’s date: 12/20 CW: 193.2 Im not losing because I’m not behaving- no “bad” cheats just too much too often. Hi, my name is Tess and I’m a food addict
  20. GeTnBackuP

    "Regret" stage

    Thank you for posting this- it is me and exactly what I’ve been struggling with since my surgery on Oct 31. I’ve sought out a therapist that deals with eating disorders because clearly I have many!! Frankly, I don’t post here because it’s so drama filled and judgmental, the goal and importance of supporting one another is lost with posters personal desire to “be right”. We struggle, we hurt over this and we should be there to pick each other up with kindness not drama and bashing because we effed up. That said, I am happy to read the advice you’ve been given. Please PM me if you ever want to chat, we can be struggle buddies until we figure all this out. Best to you....
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    Today is 12/13 193.6
  22. So when I was on my pre-op diet and had a couple cheat days, I became so stressed out that I was re-gaining (apparently I didn't really cheat THAT much, I guess I just felt really guilty!) Anyway, I went to my NUT appt and weighed in and discovered I'd actually lost 5 pounds. It was my scales fault - I'm thinking it is off between 3 and 6 pounds and I need a new one. Please offer a few options...some may be interested in weight only, others weight/BMI, whatever bells & whistles out these days.....many thanks for sharing your knowledge!
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    Thank you so much for taking this on and be so ON IT!!! Happy day to you!!!! [emoji317]

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