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    Same here. I'm also in a stall at 2 weeks and at 1 month but I've noticed inches lost. A few weeks stall and a few weeks of inches. Reach out any time. Glad I could provide some useful info.
  2. http://amzn.to/200k8zO This workes pretty well for me. Found it on obesity coverage. Article below. I actually purchased a few products from this list. http://www.obesitycoverage.com/bariatric-products-we-love/
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    Mud Run 2w3d Post-op? Crazy?

    Walk it. I was pretty tired my first few weeks but still walked 2-3 miles in the morning. Everyone is different though. Don't worry about the money. Health is more important. See how you feel closer to the time and consult the doc before you decide to do it. Mud runs are fun and there is no shame in a mud walk. Probably get less dirty but still will be fun. Just my opinion. I'd go with you.
  4. Yeah it's normal. I didn't start to lose weight until week 2. Just try and focus on the nutrition and fluid intake. You'll start to lose a few. Also take some body measurements. Likely your body is already changing but you haven't noticed yet. Give it some time. I'm one month out today btw and experienced the same as you my first week.
  5. I to had some breakouts. Went to the dermatologist and was given some cream. It worked pretty well. I do get a little more pimples than normal and my skin is a bit dryer than normal even getting 1.5 or more liters (6 glasses) in per day which is more than I had previously had before surgery. Working on increasing the fluid intake. Weird but exercise has helped a bit. Not sure if the sweat has something to do with it. I'll stick with the toxins leaving my body. The dryness and bumps are improving each week that passes so talk to the doc and give it some time. Juat my own personal opinion.
  6. I'm one month out and I too had concerns of the amount I can eat to make the protein requirements. I understand it's for a short time but is still a concern. My Doc recommmended 60g protein as well. I think that's way too low. Caloric intake ,all I can get in at this point is 500-700 cals depending on if I have cheese or not. Vitamins aren't a problem for me at least. Great suggestions on how to get the vegs in during lunch! Right now it's very little for me. I was an over eater so getting full on small portion sizes is good for me. Gladly looking forward to month 2 and beyond and loosing the fat.
  7. I had the sleeve and today is my 1 month anniversary. So far so good. No pain, I can drink water pretty good. The only thing I didn't know is that spicy food is pretty much a no go for me. Chicken skin is a no go for me too. Not sure why. Wish I would have known this before but wouldnt have done a different procedure if I had.
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    Not at Goal Weight

    80lbs is Amazing btw. The article kind of implies to go back to basics which i'm sure you've heard. Try not to be so discouraged. You've accomplished something truly amazing. 170 is pretty good. If i get there by next year, i'd be golden. I suspect that you've likely put on some muscle as well. Take a look at the 1st article.
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    I found this while reading articles about working out and another one about stalls in general. They both have some good information so I thought I'd share. https://www.mexicobariatriccenter.com/not-losing-weight-after-gastric-sleeve-surgery/ http://www.dsfacts.com/weight-loss-stall-or-plateau.html
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    Not at Goal Weight

    I found this while reading articles about working out and another one about stalls in general. They both have some good information so I thought I'd share. https://www.mexicobariatriccenter.com/not-losing-weight-after-gastric-sleeve-surgery/ http://www.dsfacts.com/weight-loss-stall-or-plateau.html
  11. I found this while reading articles about working out. Wondering if any of you that reported a stall have moved passed it. If not, this article had some good information so I thought I'd share. https://www.mexicobariatriccenter.com/not-losing-weight-after-gastric-sleeve-surgery/
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    Congratulations!!!! I take my antacid everyday. My DOC said it reduces the possibility of reflux but I think he was just blowing smoke because I don't notice a difference the few times i've missed it. But on the PLUS side I haven't experienced any vomiting or acid reflux. I know exactly what you mean about the liquid diet. I couldn't wait and cheated and paid the price in stomach pains. Don't be like me. Stick with it one more week then make the move slowly. Glad the energy is up too. As soon as you get to the puree you'll get more energy to start making concoctions in the kitchen. I'm on the soft diet and started to incorporate regular foods. Was happy to eat some fish and chicken although it wasn't much. I still have soup and sugar free pudding in the fridge. Not even going to touch it unless the mood hits. LOL
  13. So I was reading an article today and it mentioned that you'd be more irritable. I took that to mean that my attitude would be all b*tchy.... I've found that, that isn't the case at all. Small things bug me like dry skin on my lips, or the way my feel feel with no lotion, or even my pillow not being in the right position. Things that probably wouldn't have irritated me as much before the surgery.... ok maybe dry lips wouldn't have. LOL Glad your home and doing better. Don't cheat, don't push the limits, talk talk talk to your NUT or surgeon if anything seems odd or uncomfortable. Reach out anytime on here as well. Everyone is willing to help. Glad you did it! Glad your OK!
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    Nervous on Next Diet Phase

    I was sleeved on the 8th and had a similar diet. For 2 weeks was on liquids. I couldn't wait to get to the puree stage. Wanted eggs and some better soup. The diet also helps you get more calories in. Talk to your NUT but they would probably want you to begin getting your protein intake up now that you're ready. I know i was very week after all the walking and the low calorie intake from the liquid phase. So glad i'm able to get a better variety of food in. Jello just wasn't doing it for me. Not that I was hungry, just wanted to taste something. Let us know what your NUT said. I was told to avoid the internet recommendations so I pretty much stuck to the NUT's diet sheet which was very limited in my case. You know your body the best so please let your NUT know how your feeling as well. We follow the plan because the plan works. Hopefully knowing that you also have a ton of people on here doing the same or very similar things will ease your anxiety. GOOD LUCK & KIT.
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    Personally I order for bariatricpal store. I received my first order some weeks back and I don't like the chewable ones. I could swallow pills fine after surgery (VSG) but ordered (before surgery) a 60 day supply of the bariatric advantage multi, b12, calcium etc... all chewable or quick melt. Hate the taste. Others don't have a problem with it. Just my opinion. I'm abroad so I couldn't get samples sent to me overseas. Would suggest to order some samples and pick what you like. I didn't think it was a big deal but your going to have to take them daily and after surgery, taste matters. The type of surgery does too as i know some people can't swallow or digest pills after.
  16. I too have constipation. I thought constipation hurt and you felt miserable but I don't experience any of that. I just can't go without a pill. Dr. said i need to drink more water but i'm getting anywhere from 5-6 cups per day. Which I know isn't enough but thats more that I was doing pre surgery. Anyone having problems with dry skin? I'm sure its probably because i need more water but seems my skin is extremely dry. Like taking a hot shower in the winter time dry.
  17. I'm not sure if my wife is upset or mad, but we did talk about it. I think it does affect her, though she doesn't admit to me. She's started to make small changes like, switching her soda to crystal light, eating less carbs and eating smaller meals. She thinks it will make me feel bad for not being able to eat if she eats in front of me because i have noticed her eating in the kitchen more. She's so sweet. I'm not sure you've checked out the ketogenic diet by lyle mcdonald. It's sort of what we are doing after WLS but with more fat in the diet. Your wife may find that this works for her weight loss. It's the same principles of the LCHF diets and I know it works if you keep with it. I couldn't keep with it unfortunately and turned cheat meals into cheat days and then cheat weeks. You know the story. After WLS, we are more or less in a constant state of ketosis so you wife may benefit from it. NOTE: I'm not a doctor or nutritionist. If i was i probably wouldn't have needed to be sleeved. Just friendly advice from one friend to another.
  18. I have a Jaxx fitpack and its great. I live in Qatar and it's about 105 outside now. I work in a cooled building but typically keep it on my desk throughout the day and the things i don't eat are still cold when I get home. When I go on outings and leave the bag in the HOT car, I use two icepacks and so far, this has performed well for me. https://www.fit-fresh.com/products/jaxx-fitpak-with-portion-control-container-set?variant=8731492867 They have a ton on the website. I also use a insulated thermos thats keeps things at almost the same temp throughout the day. Never have a problem with wanting cold water as long as you keep the top closed when you aren't using it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BTX232Y/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have a buddy that swears by Yetti products but I've never used them. http://intl.yeti.com/hopper-flip-12-cooler
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    Any April sleevers

    I second that. Don't worry about the scale. If your body is changing its a sign that you are making progress. You've already made some progress, and while it may not seem like a lot, I can tell you that I too was in a 2x and wish I was able to fit the large shirts in my closet. Everyone is different and loses (progresses) differently. Take a few measurements today and begin to track by the tape measure if thats the way your body is progressing. The scale will have it's turn soon.
  20. DS1

    Any April sleevers

    So today I was reading about exercise and maintaining muscle and I ran across this article. Everyone's Dr. is different and follow different guidelines but several of you were talking about stalls in the first few weeks after surgery and when I read it, I immediately thought of sharing with you all. https://www.mexicobariatriccenter.com/not-losing-weight-after-gastric-sleeve-surgery/
  21. I'm 20 day's out and every day something changes. You learn what you shouldn't do, you try something you shouldn't try and regret it, you get back to being a little bit more normal, you feel a little bit better about your self. So far I can say at least for me that the first week was the toughest.
  22. DS1

    Any April sleevers

    So yesterday, I got super thirsty at around 6pm. Up until that point I probably had 1 bottle of water. Made it home from work, and had to drink drink drink. I got down 2 cups in about 10 minutes. That was a record. Knew i was going to be in pain but to my surprise ... Nothing. So a few hours later I filled up my glass and was able to drink like I had before the surgery. I didn't think that was going to be possible again.
  23. Hello, I'm new here and have tried several times to upload my before photos only to get an error. Now i've noticed my photo has been uploaded to the members gallery several times. Upon inspection of others photos, it seems i'm not the only one who has multiple uploads. Is there any way to delete a photo once its uploaded?