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  1. Mama o'4

    April 2017 sleevers?

    So sorry to hear that you've hit a wall. So frustrating after all of the hard work we go through! I was sleeved on April 19th. I felt great my first week then ended up with shingles and haven't felt great since then. Thankfully I am able to drink ok but found I have a hard time with "plain" water but was getting really sick of the sweet crystal lite kind. I now add a small amount of lemon to my water and that helps. Also another sleever suggested to try and drink a bottle of water as soon as I wake up to get a "jump" on it. I keep it right next to my bed and start as soon as I wake up. To help with my protein, I got some "unflavored" protein powder that I add to food. I am a little tired of the shakes, too. Made the mistake of buying a different brand recently that really upset my stomach. Thankfully the teenage son is happy to take them! Good luck on getting past this hurdle!
  2. I was sleeved one week ago and feel great! I get to start pureed foods tomorrow and was wondering if anyone has a "favorite" pureed food that was their go-to food during this time. Before I had surgery, I was almost repulsed by the thought of pureed food...now I am SO excited for it to start! .
  3. Mama o'4

    Favorite Pureed Foods

    Oh, that does sound good! I found a recipe that uses chicken, potato and avocado so I'm sure excited to try this one, too. Thanks!
  4. Mama o'4

    I'm hungry 6 days out vsg

    Be sure you're getting enough protein. I add it to all of my creamed soups and I think it really does help. Also be sure you're getting enough fluids. Good luck!
  5. Mama o'4

    April 2017 sleevers?

    I was sleeved on the 19th. The first 2 days in the hospital were a little miserable but once I got home, I felt so much better. I haven't had to use any of my pain or nausea medications so I am counting myself truly blessed! I'm taking things one day at a time, have my one week post op appointment tomorrow plus I get to start puréed foods. I am totally looking forward to that! (NEVER thought I'd say that!) good luck to all!
  6. Mama o'4

    Help me :(

    How many calories a day are you getting? I was sleeved a week ago and my first day home from the hospital I only had about 400 calories. I'm getting better now and getting in around 600-ish plus my water. I was worried in the beginning about not being able to eat enough to get protein requirements. I have some non-flavored protein powder that I add to all of my soups, too. I think that's helping boost the calories, too. Good luck! [emoji3]
  7. A friend of mine suggested to drink a bottle of water the very first thing in the morning when you wake up. I carry my 32oz water bottle everywhere with me and use a lot of crystal light! But I figure as long as I get two of these down a day I'm doing ok [emoji16]
  8. Mama o'4

    3 Days Post Op!!!!

    Those gas pains were pretty miserable...so glad you missed out! [emoji1]
  9. Mama o'4

    3 Days Post Op!!!!

    Congrats! I was just sleeved on 4/19 and taking it one day at a time. I did have nausea and gas pains in the hospital which made me feel pretty miserable for a day. I had my first day home yesterday and sleeping in my OWN bed was awesome! Looking forward to feeling better each and every day now.
  10. What an awesome post to read this morning! I was sleeved on 4/19 and the first 2 days didn't feel very well in the hospital. Released on day 3 feeling much better. Looking forward to feeling better each day. Your post was uplifting...thanks!
  11. Mama o'4

    Approved! 4/26/17

    My doctor said they do this to shrink the liver. Also to prepare you for the Liquid diet after surgery. After the first day I was pretty sure my liver was going to be the size of a pea by my surgery date! Actually it hasn't been all that bad after the first few days.
  12. Mama o'4

    Approved! 4/26/17

    I'm the 19th...just survived week one of the liquid diet!
  13. Mama o'4

    Pre-op diet. Need a buddie

    I just finished the first week of my 2 week liquid diet. I survived...yay! It actually wasn't AS bad as I had originally anticipated. I have tried to eat things high in protein. I am allowed to have greek yogurt as long as it doesn't have any chunks and that was pretty helpful. Also a lot of Premier protein shakes! I have a "tasteless" protein powder that I have added to my "creamy" soups and that seems to give them a little boost. But I do agree with everyone about the popsicles. I found some that are sugar free tropical flavored that are pretty good. My surgery date is April 19th. Good luck to everyone!
  14. My doctor told me that they found gallstones during my pre op testing. I've never had any problems (that I am aware of anyway) with my gallbladder. They told me that they would decide during surgery if they should remove my gallbladder. Has anyone else had their gallbladder removed during their sleeve surgery? If so, were there any additional problems post op?
  15. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm definitely thinking if they have me in there already opened up, why not just take it out. I have also heard that people do have issues after weight loss so sure don't want to end up back for surgery again so will for sure be pushing to take that lil' guy out!
  16. Mama o'4

    Looking for your thoughts...

    I'm also still in the full liquid pre op phase. My surgery date is April 19th. I think the thing I have struggled with the most during the liquids is that I'm tired of everything tasting "sweet". Protein shakes, Greek yogurt, jello, sugar free puddings...I'm also actually having a hard time getting in the 1000 calories per day that they want me to have. I am able to have some cottage cheese or one scrambled egg if I "need" it. Broth definitely helps but not very many calories in it. All in all, the liquid diet was not near as bad as I had thought it was going to be.
  17. Mama o'4

    Having Thoughts and Second Thoughts

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have lost 40 pounds during the pre op stage and wondered the same things myself. If I can do it now without surgery...but then I realized that I am not always as disciplined which is how I ended up overweight in the first place...more than once! I am part way through my full liquid pre op diet. Sure wouldn't want to be on liquids forever! Your pre op diet sounds wonderful! I'm having a hard time getting in all of my calories with just liquids.