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  1. I eat all types of carbs . . . in moderation. I make sure to get my protein, but I will eat whole grain toast for breakfast sometimes or an occasional slice of pizza or half a hamburger bun. I was keeping it super low carb for awhile, and my NUT flat out told me to go ahead and add more into my diet. I'll admit that I'm stalled, but that's due to the fact that I am stress snacking. I can't blame the carbs. I'm getting it back on track, so I'll start losing again soon.
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    Sell them to your "vulture friends" instead and use the money to buy new, smaller clothes! Then you won't feel so sad! I feel you, though . . . I have gotten rid of some awesome pieces that just don't fit anymore!!
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    Truthfully, you have to give it time for your taste buds to get used to the Premier Protein as your creamer. When I first started using it, I didn't like it at all. Now I love it! You might find that after surgery, you don't like the sweeteners as much, too. Give it time and see if you adjust.
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    This is going to shock you...

    I have backed off weighing myself so often, too. I was stressing because I keep gaining/losing the same 5 lbs. Now I just weight myself after I have a water "whoosh" day because that gives me my new low weight. It works for me!
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    Interesting article

    I had to laugh. My oldest son (9) was worried about me having weight loss surgery because he likes my soft, squishy tummy. His words . . . not mine. Apparently, I am also soft and squishy like a sponge, too.
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    Interesting article

    I was just there in April, and I rode this exact ride. There is a seat outside the entrance and there are signs all over encouraging people to try the seat. At my larger size, I would have tried the seat to make sure I would have fit. That's why I can't really take this article seriously . . . in my opinion, she was embarrassed and just wanted something to complain about.
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    Interesting article

    I went on this exact ride last month. First, there are seats outside of the ride entrance and signs that encourage any guests to try the seats before they get into line. There's literally no one standing there, so that could easily be done without any embarrassment. Second, for safety reasons, they can't make the seats "one size fits all." Depending on the type of ride, a seat that fits a 400 lb. person may not securely accommodate a 75 lb. teenager. Somebody is going to be unable to ride. it's not discrimination. It's a safety issue. It sucks that she was embarrassed, but it sounds like they handled it as discretely as possible.
  8. You'll probably get to a point where you don't lose pounds as quickly, but the inches start flying off. I have only lost maybe 20 lbs. since the end of December, but I have gone down 2 sizes!!
  9. I can't eat bread (it makes me uncomfortably full), but I don't think you should worry. If it fit into your macros/goals for the day and your plan allows for it, I don't see any harm. My plan allows a sandwich - I just can't eat them!! LOL!
  10. I am 6 months out, and we go out to eat about once per week. When were you able to start eating out? As soon as I got cleared for regular food (around three weeks, I think), I was able to go out to eat. At first, I had to really focus on ordering soft/easy to digest protein and eating that and a bite or two of veggies. What kinds of restaurants did you find it easiest to be successful in? You can literally eat anywhere. You might find that there are some foods that don't sit as well after surgery. For me, that's bread and pizza crust. For me, I adapt by ordering my burgers without buns or getting my sandwiches served as lettuce wraps. I also do thin crust pizza or eat just the toppings. You can make any restaurant work for you if you make smart choices. Did you have a "strategy" in approaching eating out? Protein first. Now that I can eat anything, I still do protein first and I also try to get a small amount of veggies/fruit and healthy carbs with each meal. When I go out to eat, I try to undereat my sleeve a little bit. At home I measure portions, so I know I'm not overdoing it. When I go out, I may more attention to how I feel and try to stop short of that "full" feeling. While I understand the diet requirements going forward when were you able to eat a normal meal at home? Meaning a meal that would have a Protein, vegetable and maybe a starch at one sitting. Smaller servings certainly. Pretty early on - I think I got to start soft proteins at 2 weeks and then adding soft fruits/veggies at 4 weeks. You slowly build back up to tolerating crunchy stuff again. At 6 months out, I can eat anything. I guess maybe the real question is when could I expect to eat some of the same things for dinner my wife could or would eat? You can eat "normally" about a month out as long as your wife doesn't mind softer cooked meats and veggies/fruits. I ate with my family at that time, and they didn't mind the stuff we were eating. There are a lot of options in that phase - most crockpot meats, ground beef, etc. You probably won't be eating raw veggies or crunchier foods for a couple of months, but that isn't too long in the grand scheme. Your surgery really shouldn't affect your social eating long-term. You can still go and have fun - you just eat smaller portions and focus more on nutrition.
  11. If you think you may have an eating disorder, you should go to a therapist. I can see how this surgery could cause that - you definitely need to be mindful of your calories/macros to ensure you are losing weight in a healthy way. I am 6 months out, and I am between 1,000 - 1,200 calories. I have lost 95 lbs.
  12. Ice cream is soft, so you should be ok. That being said, you know you probably shouldn't do that, so you need to think through how to avoid it in the future. Can you take one serving out, put the rest back, and be ok? Or do you need to avoid it all together? Nobody is perfect. The important thing is you realize you slipped up, and you plan for how to make better choices in the future.
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    Not full [emoji33]🤬

    Don't worry - I felt the same way after surgery. It's a blessing to not feel sick and to be able to get in your fluids and protein! You'll feel your restriction when you start on more solid foods.
  14. I am undecided on whether or not I'll have plastic surgery. I have had the dreaded "twin skin" since my twin pregnancy in 2011. Losing weight is making it worse. If it's uncomfortable or feels weird, I'll probably get a tummy tuck. I could probably benefit from a breast lift, too, but the thought of implants makes me nervous. I'm going to see how I feel when I get to goal and decide then. It's not so much a vanity thing as just wanting to feel comfortable and confident.
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    Scared thinking of canceling surgery

    There's no way in heck I would get a lap band. My father-in-law had one that shifted and was causing him to repeatedly get hospitalized with pneumonia due to aspirating food. It took them forever to figure out what was causing it, and he has some damage from it. Eventually, he got it removed and had RNY. I also see a lot of things about revisions and problems with the band. I had VSG, and I am doing great. Yes, it's scary to think about have 85% of your stomach permanently removed . . . but it's scarier to think about all of the problems associated with being obese. After recovery, you just don't eat as much food, and you focus more on nutrition. You also feel better, so you're more physically active. It's pretty awesome, actually! You feel so much better. You have to make this decision for yourself (regardless of what your family thinks). When they see the weight coming off and your health improving, they'll understand why you made the decision to have surgery!
  16. Ooh, girl . . . the boots. I could barely squeeze into boots before surgery, and I can wear so many styles now! I can cross my legs. You don't realize how big of a deal that is until you can do it again! I can keep up with my daughter when we are running from place to place at her dance competitions. THAT is huge for me . . . I was struggling big time last year!! I fit comfortably into chairs in public places (movies, concerts, sporting events). I don't feel like I am squishing myself into them and possibly bugging the people next to me. I've still got about 60 lbs to go, but it has been great so far!!
  17. My kids are 8, 6, and 6. I told them that I was having surgery, so I could lose some weight and improve my health. They asked why I needed the surgery, and I explained that I was struggling to lose the weight on my own and it was becoming a health issue. There's no part of having surgery that I would equate with "giving up." In fact, I consider it taking a proactive step to improve your health. You're self aware enough that you realize you need the surgery. That's not a negative thing. I think you should be open and honest with them. They are going to notice when you are only doing liquids for a bit and then eating only a few bites of food. Why not just tell them and ask for their support?
  18. Try on your clothes that you think are too small - if they don't fit, make fitting into them your goal! I used to sell LuLaRoe, and I saved a few "too small" items when I went out of business. Now I am wearing them - and some are even too big now! It's the best feeling. I'm struggling with clothes, too. I have lost 95 lbs, but I think my body has changed sizes more in this last 25 than in the 70 prior. My stuff looks pretty baggy now. I am actually signing up for a personal stylist, so I can get a few new pieces that fit every month. I have a professional job, so I can't wear my baggy stuff for too long!
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    I think Baker's is a Kroger store, and we have one of those here. I'm going to track it down.
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    Where do you find those? I haven't seen any locally, but I really want to try them!
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    Yum!! I am almost 6 months out, and pizza is a struggle for me. I like it, but regular crust fills me up and makes me uncomfortable after I eat it. I like to make myself a pizza on one of those Flat Out low-carb wraps. That way I can still do all of the yummy toppings, but I don't have the heavy crust.
  22. You're much nicer than me. I would probably have made a snarky comment to the "you were so big!" comment. She sounds like a jerk!! I tell people I had surgery, and I don't care how they react. I actually put it on my FB and included the line, "There's no shame in my game."
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    I am 5 months out, and I have no regrets. I'll admit there are times that I want to eat more than I can, and it can be frustrating. Those times are few and far between, though, and this tool has helped me manage that in a way I wasn't able to before surgery. I am eating well, and I feel so much better since I have lost some weight!
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    The mystery of Oatmeal

    I haven't made oatmeal for a long time, but I used to like to make overnight oats. Now that you mentioned oatmeal, I am going to have to make some soon!!