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  1. First things first, I am not some lazy stoner with no life, no. I am a very productive medical marijuana user who mainly smokes at night before bed and yes, I have priorities and a life lol. (sorry I just always get negative feedback, mainly from some family members I told and probably should have never told lol still love em though.) My questions are, how is your funtion with marijuana after being sleeved/bypassed? Were you able to use it for pain relief/sleep aid directly after surgery? Are you less tolerable? Do you get the "munchies" still? Did you smoke it or take an alternative route? Just curious, sorry if I offend anyone. I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea but, I promise I am not a terrible person lol ♡♡♡♡♡
  2. Omg you look amazing congrats ♡♡♡♡♡
  3. I use to have a vape pen. Mine was an herb vaporizer so you'd put weed in instead of oil. They do sell wax that you can vape out of vape pens too idk about oils though I've never tried it.
  4. I completely support your decision to quit when your health is at stake. Hopefully one day your brain can learn to deal with the urges and you can smoke again lol good luck in the future !
  5. Haha that's really great to hear, I'm so happy it worked for you. Marijuana truly is a miracle herb. Thank you for your input !
  6. VivVsg

    California friends

    Meeeee I live right across the street from the beach ❤❤❤
  7. VivVsg

    Relationship Worries - Please Help

    I know where you are coming from and honestly, he is probably more worried about losing you once you gain more confidence in yourself. Insecurity and being overweight a lot of the time go hand in hand, we all have our insecurites. Just try to keep him rest assured that you love him and only him and he doesn't need to worry because hes got your heart ♡♡♡ My hubby was nervous about me getting it also, but I reminded him that if I wanted someone else, I wouldn't need to lose weight to gain balls and leave, I'd have done it already lol. Just show your baby some lovin, everything will be okay Good luck and congratulations !
  8. I've heard of this, how some people don't get stoned their first time and I always found it interesting. I got super stoned my first time and I just can't imagine how you wouldn't get stoned unless you didn't inhale. Its mind boggling.
  9. I actually still smoke. I didn't really plan to stop until like a week before surgery. Why do they make you stop smoking ? nice to meet you too
  10. I hope it makes you feel better.
  11. You can send them to me lol jk haha
  12. Ugh I know, I always try to get people to understand that it isnt as bad as some of our older generation make it seem, but only because of what they were taught. I alson wont smoke too often if it causes me to over indulge. and im sorry for your loss hun :'(
  13. yeah thats what i was afraid of also, the NAUSEA. thank goodness it worked out for you. and i also dont get the muchies that bad rn (pre op) so thats not a HUGE concern of mine thankfully. Good luck
  14. Yes! A vape is a darn good idea...they're gentle.aww i love your response. thank you ! i wish i had friend who smokes! i have not one but my husband. but i need girlfriends dammit! youre lucky
  15. I also have one child. I totally get it ! I love moms who smoke, it really does take a lot the stress away at the end of the day. Happy mom, happy children ♡
  16. I think muchies wise, planning out beforehand such as getting a little bowl of veges/fruit would probably solve that senario for us all. Just eat slowly lol. I wish you the best of luck ♡♡♡
  17. Good idea! I need to find a dispensery near me that has it. I've never tried it.
  18. No, not yet. I plan to tho, I have an appt. Feb 3rd
  19. I'm a light user of medibles. Maybe 2-3 times per month. I'd rather have a few milligrams over a mixed drink any day. My questions are, how is your funtion with marijuana after being sleeved/bypassed? The same as before. I just chill at home, do housework, etc. after I take some. My goal is to relax, so "functioning" isn't really what I care about, lol. Were you able to use it for pain relief/sleep aid directly after surgery? Since I don't smoke it, I had to wait to use it. I used a tincture about 14 days post-op; I waited until my puree food stage just because. Are you less tolerable? Do you get the "munchies" still? Because I use edibles, it's very hard to find sugar-free stuff. I've scoured the Interwebs looking for where along the GI tract THC is absorbed; some say the stomach, some the intestines, others both. In my opinion, with very limited research, the edibles don't have as intense or as long-lasting effect on me than before the sleeve gastrectomy. I never got the munchies from edibles. Did you smoke it or take an alternative route? I find the pleasure from orally ingesting it is superior to smoking it. I also enjoy edibles so I will take it into consideration to take it during the soft foods stage. The smokimg will most likely have to wait because I am nervous about coughing with a brand new sleeve but lets see if others reply who smoked right after. Thank you !!
  20. Nice to know I'm not the only one. Hopefully someone answers with a bunch of info lol. Just googling doesn't cut it for me. I need people with actual experience ! High five btw ♡♡♡
  21. I should join some other form of support then if that is the case. Thank you
  22. VivVsg

    Three month post op visit!

    Beautiful, your waistline I noticed always was on the smaller side. I have a similar body type. Very inspiring, thank you for sharing. You're gonna be smokin' HOT and most importantly a lot healthier. Keep up the great work !!
  23. My booty is the only thing that makes me feel attractive. I'm married to a booty lover lol. So, I just wanna know, did you loose ya booty lol ? ( btw yes, I know everyone's different, just curious (: ) Pictures would be extra cool too haha THANKS LADIES ,and maybe gents ??
  24. Wow, the ones that still got the booty give me hope lol I'm gonna start squatting asap ????
  25. I just had an attack a few nights ago where my heart was beating very rapidly, I had bad shortness of breath which caused me dizziness, and my arms especially the right were heavy and tingling. It really scared me but I took a valium (from my mother. i am not on meds currently) with a huge bottle of Water, laid down and felt better within 30-45 minutes. This was the worst attack I have ever had. I thought I was possibly having a heart attack ! I haven't disscussed this issue with my surgeon yet so, I wanted to ask if anyone had relief of this condition after weightloss? Or does this have anything to do with weight whatsoever? I just hate it and wish I could never have an attack again. Its ruining my life. If I even think about a stressful situation, I have to hurry and get my mind off of it quickly before I start getting that panic type feeling, it sucks. Surgery scheduled for March 2017

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