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  1. I had the gastric sleeve 3 years ago and then I started having acid reflux. Told my surgeon about it he did two tests an endoscopy and barium test. Turned out I had a hiatal hernia. So in order to fix it I have to have surgery and while They fix it gonna have gastric bypass so it won’t returned
  2. carlacv

    Recovery Time?

    My doctor puts you out for 4-6 weeks
  3. I got sleeved 2016 now have a hiatal hernia and acid reflux. Saw my doctor and after several tests will have gastric bypass in April 2020
  4. Sleeved 2017 no problems and recovery was fast and easy. Now experience Issues with hiatal hernia. Surgeon has me do upper UGI and endoscopy recommends RYNY ti remove hernia and help with Gerd. Anyone done this how is the recovery?
  5. Sorry to hear that bikerchick519 I’m awaiting surgery my insurance covers the revision
  6. I was sleeved 2016 went in for a check up found out that I have hernia consulted my surgeon and now awaiting for a date for my revision. For me I think it’s the best option will keep u posted if you would like
  7. Thank you so much very informative I truly appreciate it! I’m just awaiting final approval from my insurance but I should have it by the end of the week then just await for surgery.
  8. My surgeon want to put me out for 6 weeks but that sounds really long
  9. Thank you wondering if the pain is more than the sleeve although I don’t remember much pain from the sleeve
  10. Had sleeve 9/2016 was doing great till 6-8 months ago started regaining weight (30+) yes I have been eating more but nothing drastic and still exercise 1 hour a day. So frustrating! Saw my surgeon says I qualify for RNY I’m considering it but he told me that I won’t loose that much more. Can you tell me what the average would be and how successful people have or have not been with a revision. Having a UGI later this month to rule out reflux (not sure if I have that) thank you!
  11. Thank you for your input I just was asking about the success rate from individuals who have had the revision from sleeve to RNY. I know what my food intake can be greater and i have been changing it of course. This procedure is one I am considering and i do not take it lightly. I’m just trying to research this as much as I can thank you
  12. Thank you that’s what I was wondering but even 20lbs might actually be worth it.
  13. I have kaiser permanente they did my sleeve almost 2 years ago, I heard that some patients have gotten their tummy tuck and arms approved by them or they refer them out but pay for it. I have kaiser and live in southern California and are that in Northern California they refer out. Just wondering how hard it is to get it approved and if it’s worth doing it through them. Thank you!
  14. carlacv


    Sleeved 9/27/16 Starting weight 259 Current weight 188 I have plateau several times but I feel great. Strength training 4/week only 30 min cardio 4/week either hike or walk. It's frustrating at times but keep at it!
  15. Had gastric sleeve on 9/27/17 have been losing gradually so far 70lbs. Lately I've been getting very cold at work and nothing helps. My body temperature appears to be cold most of the time and it continues at home. Only thing that helps is sleep then I get warm or hot late at night. Not sure if my body is getting sick or if this is normal. Sometimes it feels like a fever is coming on. Just wondering if anyone else feels this way. Thank you!
  16. I'm 5 months out doing good but I'm starting to stall. I notice I could eat a lot more and I know it's normal. I was wondering what your normal food intake (ounces) weighs? Do we stay between a certain amount? I was told to try not to go over 3 ounces. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  17. carlacv

    Always cold after surgery?

    Thanks to everyone here for replying I thought I was the only one so now for the first time in my lifetime I have to wear socks to bed! That's a big deal for a flip flop girl in Southern California!
  18. carlacv

    September 2016 Post VSG Updates

    Thank you for replying! I was overwhelmed with guilt because there's some days I could eat more than 3-4 oz and I was stalling. I didn't take in considetation that I've been exercising for about an hour or so doing cardio and weights (4/week) at the gym and hiking or long walks (5 miles or so) on the weekends. So my appetite would increase but I'm still trying to stay at about 4 0z and eat every 3-4 hours. Hopefully I am start to lose some more! I need about 50 more pounds
  19. carlacv

    why no soda??

    My surgeon told me never again. I cried so much since I was a heavy coca-cola addict since age 5! Had several a day. I got sleeved 9/27 and I haven't looked back! Don't drink it! I won't even contemplate a sip I'm afraid I'll go back to it. So I had to divorce it!
  20. carlacv

    Always cold after surgery?

    YES!! I was sleeved 9/27 and in the last month I noticed that my hands are freezing as well as my feet at times. It mostly happens at night but it takes awhile to heat up. When I do I can go from warm to cold really fast
  21. carlacv

    How long did you take off from work?

    I had surgery Tuesday 9/27/16 I took 6 weeks off. I felt great after the second, third week but my doctor wouldn't release till week 6. That was his standard
  22. carlacv

    September 2016 Post VSG Updates

    I was sleeved 9/27 so far down 55 lbs feeling great but now I'm getting hungry. I need to stay on track. I feel that I could eat a lot more than 3 ounces and sometimes I do. I reach my protein most days and exercise like crazy. Just wondering on the average how many ounces you eat per meal. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  23. Not sure if it's related to my sleeve or not, but I got sleeved 5 months ago and ever since then my fingers get cold fast. It takes a awhile for my feet and fingers to warm up but they can get cold fast. Wondering if this has happened to others. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  24. carlacv


    I have a single shot of expresso in a venti cup over ice then I add my caramel protein shake DELICIOUS! I'm 5 months out Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App