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  1. carlacv

    4 weeks after revision

    In 12 weeks I am down 35 lbs I have been up and down 2 lbs and I am currently stuck. but I feel great I exercise every day I don't feel any food restriction which is scary so I have to be mindful of what I eat but not regrets. I had sleeve 2016, hiatal hernia and bypass 8/3/20 and going strong! sorry it took so long to reply but I work at a hospital and its crazy
  2. carlacv

    Re-sleeve to Bypas

    sorry for the overdue response I got my hiatal hernia fixed and got the bypass as well all is good here and have lost 35 lbs I am stuck right now but I exercise every day. not sure if the bypass is the only option if you have a hernia but it was for me
  3. I had sleeve in 2016 and then developed GERD which resulted in a hiatal hernia. On 8/3/20 had a revision to bypass and fix the hiatal hernia. So far I’ve been doing great and walking 5 miles a day. I have lost 25 lbs so far
  4. carlacv

    Recent RNY - How ya doing?

    Hiatal hernia and RYN on 8/3 Stayed in hospital 4 nights due to damage to hernia. All good now no pain and walking 5 miles a day. Down 19 lbs. BUT today I have diarrhea TMI sorry and my stomach what’s left of it hurts hoping tomorrow is better
  5. carlacv


    I have an hmo and it covered my sleeve then had to do a hiatal hernia repair with RNY and only paid $200 copay
  6. I typically have 2 shots of espresso with my premier shake over ice for the past 3 years had a revision and wondering if anyone has had a bad side effect with trying a shot of espresso with their premier shake. Just wondering just had my revision 8/3 doing really good but already missing it the Protein Shake is to thick without it thank you
  7. Thank u everyone for your replies I truly appreciate it! As a sleever I really had no issues but now that I have the RNY as a result of a hernia repair I crave this drink. I will try it soon. I usually walk to my coffee shop get my espresso with ice put my protein shake and come back it’s a 4 mile walk round trip so I get my exercise in as well! THANK U!!!
  8. I typically have 2 shots of espresso with my premier shake over ice for the past 3 years had a revision and wondering if anyone has had a bad side effect with trying a shot of espresso with their premier shake. Just wondering just had my revision 8/3 doing really good but already missing it the protein shake is to thick without it thank you
  9. carlacv

    Re-sleeve to Bypas

    anytime! Please contact me privately if needed to as well. good luck on Tuesday. I have other friends who had the sleeve then had either a hernia or other issues and then had the gastric bypass (the big one). If you are in need of another surgeon let me know I am in San Diego, Ca
  10. carlacv

    Re-sleeve to Bypas

    I had the sleeve 9/2016 and 3 years later I developed a hernia. went to my surgeon and did some testing. was told that I needed the redo but I would need to get the gastric bypass. Surgery was delayed twice due to covid and I was just released from the hospital today. I feel great, sore but great. I had surgery on Monday 8/3 and my surgeon is very conservative so he kept me till today. He showed me pictures of before and after. I have my follow up on Monday. Let me me know if I could help out
  11. carlacv

    ❤My Revision Story❤

    I got one because I had a hernia that gave me GERD I went to my surgeon and he agreed after testing it. I am presently in the hospital recuperating and was told by him that my hernia was a lot mire damaged then originally thought and he was glad we got it fixed and got the revision
  12. Thank u everyone still in the hospital due to my hernia surgeon said it was intense so taking recovery slow. Hoping to leave Friday now but I’m feeling good!
  13. Doing good so far. I’m hardly using any pain medicine and was walking my first night. The thing that surprised me was that my surgeon told me that my hernia was damaged and in much need of repair. We knew I had it but not that bad and in order to help I had the revision done. So far so good staying in the hospital 3 nights no water or ice till tomorrow but feeling good and energized. Today already walked a mile and can’t wait to drink my protein shakes! I was tol by the nutricionista that i should be able to loose weight again so here I am to the rad of recovery
  14. carlacv

    Appeal approved VSG to RNY on 8/11!

    Congrats I have my RYN on Monday getting my hiatal hernia fixed after my sleeve! Good luck!
  15. carlacv

    August 2020

    @marie_m I feel the same way but also grateful to finally get this done!
  16. carlacv

    August 2020

    YoouniqueNY I only have a liquid diet for the day before. I was sleeved 3 years ago and they will fix my hernia and do a gastric bypass on 8/3. I drink a protein shake everyday so as soon as I can I will continue that it’s delicious and filling
  17. Thank u tracyringo! I walk and run ALOt right now and will restart slow of course after surgery. When I had the sleeve I was walking the same day I j ow it’s different with bypass but I’m hoping my recovery and oreo fresa would be similar
  18. carlacv

    August 2020

    8/3 for me I’m having gastric bypass! It’s to fix my hernia after gastric sleeve 3 years ago. My surgeon put me out for 6 weeks to recover
  19. Having my revision on 8/3 from sleeve to bypass due to hernia. Can I loose weight my doctor says it as fast as the first one but wondering how much on the average. Also, are there any major differences in the recovery? I was pain free in the first one and walking the first day
  20. carlacv

    Re-sleeve to Bypas

    I had sleeve 2016 and in August will be having bypass due to a hernia. I was wondering if u still loose weight my doctor said I won’t loose much or at least as fast as the first time
  21. Having a revision to my sleeve having the RYN on 4/10 due to hernia and GERD. Now with this corona going on I’m scared as of yet they have not postponed my surgery. Wondering if I should postpone it
  22. carlacv

    April 1, 2020

    Hi! I’m in San Diego ca
  23. carlacv

    April 1, 2020

    Having revision 4/10 doing RYN due to hernia and GERD my surgeon is vining me 6 weeks off but ow I’m worried about the Corona virus
  24. I had the gastric sleeve 3 years ago and then I started having acid reflux. Told my surgeon about it he did two tests an endoscopy and barium test. Turned out I had a hiatal hernia. So in order to fix it I have to have surgery and while They fix it gonna have gastric bypass so it won’t returned
  25. carlacv

    Recovery Time?

    My doctor puts you out for 4-6 weeks

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