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  1. asantiago

    Depression and Gastric Bypass

    Hello I started taking antidepressants a few month ago and been 2 years post op and I been find. I think you will also be fine. Take it day by day. Things will get better. We are all here to help one anothe.
  2. Hello I was just informed that I may require anoraks Surgury. This will be my 6th Surgury in 2 years. I falling apart. I been on Tpn for few months already to meet my nutritional needs. Today o got a Call from Gastro stating he will speak to surgeon. Has anyone experience roux stasis syndrome? Anyone have information. They saying the limb that goes to my small intestine is sluggish or not working. Please if anyone have any information I would appreciate it. I am so scared.
  3. asantiago

    Feeling like something is wrong

    Hello Try not to get discourage. Did you have the sleeve or bypass?
  4. asantiago

    Im feeling like a failure...already

    Hello What you eating sounds good. Water is very important as well. I do know that it's good to mix up and not eat the same thing every day cause your metabolism needs to be confuse in order to burn fat from what I was told from a machine that is a Personal trainer and is into health. When did you have your Surgury? I will ask my friend since she had the sleeve and I had the bypass. I will help you as much as I can, don't worry. We all here to support one another. 😀
  5. asantiago

    Surgery date [emoji51]

    You welcome. Only advice is to get yourself prepared by having everything you need for each stage after your Surgury so you have peace of mind that you are going to follow everything according. Go grocery shopping for what you need for a few weeks. It's easier that way. 😀
  6. asantiago

    Surgery date [emoji51]

    Congratulations 🎉!! You are almost there. It shouldn't take to long. After I finished all my doctors visits and all my evaluations it took about 1 month for me because I wasn't able to do it earlier since I had some things that I had to take care of before being ready for Surgury. Best of luck.
  7. asantiago

    Lesson Learned

    Hello I know that feeling. I vomit when I over eat and it's worse feeling. What I do now is eat what I think is enough and stop and not let myself get full completely. I eat every 2 hours small meals throughtout the day instead of 3 main meals since I get full quickly.
  8. asantiago

    Im feeling like a failure...already

    Hello I think that everyone loses weight differently. I have a friend who had the Surgury and she didn't lose to much at beginning but within a year she started dropping weight and did very well. Some people lose fast in beginning and some steady. Don't worry you will be ok. What exactly r you eating in a day?
  9. asantiago

    Depression and Gastric Bypass

    Hello I will be 2 years post op this December. I started taking antidepressants like 2 month ago and do not have any issues. I been find and actually mentally happy. Best of luck.
  10. asantiago

    Im feeling like a failure...already

    Hello Amburmist Please don't be discourage. Please be aware that we are all different and some people lose faster then others. Comparing yourself to others is tourtuing yourself. Give it one day at a time. May sure that you stick with what the nutritionist and doctors recommend. Also avoid foods that are not healthy as possible. Drink lots of fluids and be positive. You will get there. Sometimes your body is slow in beginning and then all of a sudden you start losing the weight. Stay focus and being very positive is important. Don't overthink to much. Your nutritionist can always help you with planning your meals and they can tell you how many calories to consume a day so you can properly be on track. Also writing down everything you eat and give you a visual look to what you are consuming daily. 😊
  11. asantiago

    Breakfast ideas

    Hello i think you should try oatmeal. It is very soothing for your stomach. It works for me and may work for you. I also make my own protein shakes with peanut butter , half banana , strawberry or any fruit you like with Gogi berry and I add a scoop of organize greens powder. I hope this can help you.
  12. asantiago

    Sex after RNY?

    Hello Nursesmiley, I waited 6 weeks because I was kind of nervous and wanted to heal first. Idk if they is a time period to wait but I took a little longer to have energy and strength. This may be TMI but I will be honest to you, the sex is so much different. When I was heavier I didn't feel as much pleasure as I do now!!! It's amazing when you lose weight how your body changes. My husband states that I got tighter then before which makes it more pleasurable for both. Sorry for TMI but before I had problems reaching a orgasm and now it's so much easier and the feeling I feel is so strong. Again sorry for TMI but I am being honest. I feel that a women body changes. I have more desire now to have sex than before. It's kind of hard to put into words but it sure feels different. I didn't have any incision pain at all. I did feel a little uncomfortable at first with certain positions but as time goes by, you feel better. Also my self confidence is much better than before. The Surgury I had was gastric bypass. Sorry for expressing myself but I think it's important that we support one another. Best of luck 😀.
  13. Hello I have kept my Surgury a secret. Only person who knows is my husband, son and 2 great friends. I want to avoid having to hear negative opinions about people. I have not even told people and they already have commented so bad and imagine if they knew, it would be worse. A lot fun jealous people out there and sad to say sometimes it's your love ones or close friends. I try to avoid as much negativity as possible. There is nothing wrong with that.
  14. asantiago

    Is Dumping Syndrome Common

    Hello I had gastric bypass back in December 2015. I have experience dumping syndrome many times when I eat certain things but now I have been eating certain things that would cause dumping but I have not experience it. It depends on what and how much I eat of certain foods and snacks. Best of luck.
  15. asantiago

    How much time in the hospital?

    Glad all went well and hope to a speedy recovery. Get ready to start a great successful journey with lots of great health. 😀
  16. asantiago

    How much time in the hospital?

    Hello I spent 3 days in the hospital. I have heard that most people spend 2 to 4 days. Best of luck.
  17. asantiago

    Need Encouragement! -pre op diet

    Hello ease know that after 3 to 5 days your body will adjust to your diet and mental status. It is hard during the first few days but make sure you are having as much as you can from the list your were given to make sure you are satified and consume the amount you need. It will get better. Be psotove and set your mind that this soon will pass and that you will be ok. I know it's difficult. You will be ok. We are all here to support one another. Best of luck. 😀 Never heard of the milk diet.
  18. asantiago

    Having problems eating

    Hello Yes I am 18month post op and I still having issue eating. Sometimes I can eat and sometimes I vomit. It's hard at times. Also one day I can eat something and following day I can't eat the same thing. It will get better.
  19. asantiago

    Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

    Hello I experience a lot of hair loss and had to cut my hair short but after a while, it started growing back. I also experience hair thinning but I found a great biotin shampoo and conditioner at a vitamin store and been using it as well as fast melt biotin tablet and my hair has grown a lot. Your hair will grow back as long as you keep up with all your vitamins and supplements recommended by your doctor. Best of luck 😀
  20. Hello when I have my Surgury, I was happy to know that there were people there to help me if needed. Everyone is different after Surgury. I think you have someone to help you around the house if you need it. That is nice to know you have a lot of support. 😀
  21. asantiago

    Friends not so friendly?

    Hello i would not take it personal. Try not to take it in a bad way. By that person telling you just you are skinny, it's a good thing and take it as a complement. Also realize there will be many jealous people out there more than ever. I don't think that person meant to hurt you. They just saying that because they may be unhappy with themselves. I been told so many things and worse things because the people who have told me are actually jealous but I learned to ignore it. There are a lot of things I would tell them but I like to avoid issues because some people do not know how to handle certain things. The best thing you can do is ignore them if you can and if you can't just say "Thank You". 🙂
  22. asantiago


    Hello its best if you can get any bariatric vitamins since they are made especially for people like us and has all the vitamins requirements needed but can be any. I recommend bariatric one.
  23. Hello everyone I am 18 month post op and if many of you have heard my stories will understand that I been through a lot since I had Surgury. Unfortunately I have had many complications and recently I was put on TPN which is iv nutrition for the second time. The reason I had gastric bypass was because I had severe erosion in my esophagus and had esophagitis and my surgeon told me that I could develop esophagus cancer. I was also overweight for my height. I am 4"11 and I was 189 pounds before Surgury. I would aspirate in my sleep and had the worse reflux ever. Now I have been very depress and feel so much regret since I lost so much weight. The surgeon is trying to figure out why is it that I keep losing and can't gain weight on my own. Last week I was 90 pounds and since on TPN I have gained 6 pounds. I am 96 pounds now. I was advice to see someone for Theapy but I want to be able to move on normally. Has anyone experience depression or regrets? Also I have had so many Surgury and never was able to fully workout and now I see sagging skin on my legs, arms and belly and feel more depress. I don't want to have more Surgury but I am trying to deal with all these emotions. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I am very Down and feel hopeless of life. I get teary and guilt is to much to handle. Thanks for reading my post and looking forward to hearing what you all think or advice.
  24. asantiago

    Depression any one?....

    Hello Zoii I can relate to you about feeling depress. I am 18month post op and I also feel regrets but my situation is a little different. All I can say is that you should see a therapist or talk to someone who can be there for you to support you. Talking about your feelings is very important. Talking to your nutritionist can help getting back on track and also speaking to your surgeon about excess skin may help also because insurance will cover for skin removal from what I been told and have other people's testimony. Hang in there and look into who to get back in track. Best of luck.
  25. asantiago

    WLS before or after children

    I agree with Berry78. It makes a lot of sense. You have to weigh the pros and the cons but it makes sense. 😀

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