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  1. Joann454

    50 lbs down

    Finally! This was my first goal. 8lbs away from onederland. That’s my second goal. Surgery on May 22 and I moving at a snails pace but I’m still thrilled. Just wanted to share cuz I’m all kinds of happy today!
  2. Joann454

    50 lbs down

    Thanks Sue!
  3. Joann454

    50 lbs down

    Thank you so much. I was really becoming discouraged! If anything this motivates me all the more.
  4. Wow! You look amazing! Major congrats!
  5. I didn’t get the report but he told me I was a risk taker (I carefully plan!) and that I was cheerful but manipulative! He said I don’t follow rules and go my own way. It was all so odd. Then he wrapped it up by saying none of it was bad. Mmkay. I let it bother me for about a day then I cheerfully conned a guy into letting me bungee jump for free while refusing to wear the harness. [emoji23]
  6. Glad you were feeling well. How are you doing now? (Missed this post originally)
  7. Joann454


    I had this image of a sweet little sewing bee woman....well that’s gone! This made me laugh so hard! Hope you’re feeling better today.
  8. Joann454


    Ah, ok. That would be rough as I’m not a fan of either.
  9. Joann454

    On my way to hospital!

    Wow. That is so unacceptable! Glad you’re feeling better now.
  10. Joann454

    On my way to hospital!

    Happy to see this update! Congrats to all of you!
  11. Joann454


    When you say jelly is that like smuckers grape jelly or something else?
  12. Joann454

    Quitting smoking

    My Dr tested me for nicotine. Does your team not test you?
  13. That’s exactly what happened to me. I got buzzed fast and it wore off fast. It was weird. I did drink before six months. It was a one time thing as I rarely drink.
  14. I’ve not noticed any jealousy. But I also do t feel I’ve lost enough weight yet to have experienced it. Most everyone in my life is incredibly supportive. Either that or I’m blind to it. Either way I haven’t noticed.
  15. Once. The day I came home. I fight vomiting but it actually made me feel better. I was nauseous after surgery but they gave me medication and I felt better fast.
  16. Joann454


    Ugh I can’t even imagine how you must feel. I’m so sorry. Don’t give up though. You’ve struggled and gone through too much. Have your day of pity (you deserve it!) and then do your very best to get this done. It sucks now but some day it’ll be a memory and behind you and you’ll be on your way to better health. But, ugh, that must’ve been crushing.
  17. Joann454

    Pre op weight loss

    I did a two week preop. Two shakes a day, protein and a salad, and two approved snacks. I lost 15 lbs. I was kind of shocked.
  18. Joann454

    Surgery TOMORROW!!!!!

    Good luck to you both!
  19. Joann454


    Yay! I’m ten lbs away and can’t wait! Congrats!
  20. Joann454

    I'm a mess.

    I'm about five months post op and I have been horrible this last month. Old habits slipping back in. Not weighing or measuring. I've felt horrible physically and emotionally. What is wrong with me? I fought so hard to get this surgery and was convinced I'd do great. So, I've started pushing water and weighing everything. Ev. Er. Ree. Thing! Logging and tracking. No estimating. I'm really disappointed in myself.
  21. Joann454

    I'm a mess.

    YOU are doing great. That’s a lot of obstacles very early in your journey to be faced with. Coming up with healthy alternatives is work but you’re doing it. I’m actually feeling and doing much better since I posted. I stopped making poor choices and started logging again. It feels good!
  22. Every time you post I feel better about my slow loss. It can get discouraging (although I sabotaged myself last month) and then I remember what a success you are!
  23. Joann454

    Feeling too good?

    I was the same as you! My pain was minimal, no gas either. I tolerated everything great (new foods). We are so very fortunate!
  24. I feel normal at five months. I can’t eat much still but I can eat anything (blessing and a curse). Besides the amount of food I can eat I wouldn’t even know I had surgery. Very pleased and down 47 lbs
  25. Joann454


    My symptoms were pain in my stomach radiating to my back. Sometimes I would vomit. The pain lasted for hours. It was awful. Had my gallbladder out two years before surgery and haven’t had any issues since. Best decision ever.