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  1. If I lose weight before surgery so that I am just above the 40 bmi, get approved, and then go on the month long liquid diet and drop below the 40 bmi right before surgery will they not pay for my surgery? Just trying to plan out the next 6 months. Thanks! Kat
  2. I wanted to get a goal outfit and realized I don't even know where normal sized women my age shop?! My 30 something friends are plus sized and my 20 something friends buy dresses so short I considered getting one as a shirt. I like girly, slightly bohemian style, similar to anthropologie. But nothing really jumped out at me on their website. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Let's encourage each other! Say what your plan is and when you started and when it ends. I'm on a modified optifast plan (includes 1 small, home cooked meal a day) and am on day 8/30! The final day is clear, sugar free liquids only. I can't wait for this phase to be over! Who else?
  4. Katrinakit

    Flip turns (in the pool)

    Ok so when i was a teenager I could swim laps for hours. Then I stopped swimming for 20 years. Now I can still basically swim but I have developed an irrational fear of flip turns. Today I decided to conquer that fear so I did a LOT of them. And I have 2 main problems. 1) I keep getting water in my goggles and 2) my ears don't equalize properly (even when I blow out the whole time) Any swimmers with pointers?
  5. Hi everyone! I had gastric bypass 6 weeks ago and am losing verry slowly for my size. My surgeon just lectured me that my weight loss was well below expectations and since my intake and exercise are meeting expectations that it must be that I am not eating frequently enough leading to a slow metabolism. I just find it hard to believe that I could have so much more energy, am jogging every night after long days at work, am needing less sleep if my metabolism has slowed. Any thoughts? What is going on??
  6. Katrinakit


    I'm remembering my dreams a lot better. I think I might be sleeping better
  7. Ok thanks. I hate it when doctors say things like that because I want to be a model patient but my body just doesn't want to cooperate. I set up an appointment with the nut to make sure there is nothing else I need to change
  8. Thanks! I was happy too until he said that! Maybe I won't listen to him because I feel great
  9. I haven't started weight or resistance training but have been doing a lot of cardio
  10. I lost 21 pounds but he says I should have lost 30 by now. I thought I was doing fine until he said that
  11. If metabolism is the sum total of all the activities your body does to expend energy and mine has slowed down then I should feel sluggish. Instead, I am almost manic (needing less sleep, exercising every free moment, picking up extra hours at work etc) I am way more active and energetic than ever and am surviving off of 900 cals per day at 276 pounds and not losing weight. I just don't understand how it is possible.
  12. I'm doing the chewable bariatric fusion ones And sublingual biotin
  13. Before this week I was feeling like I was exhausted pretty quickly. Even now, I feel like I could have lasted in Zumba much longer prior to surgery. But I was fairly active beforehand so this is weird for me.
  14. I am reaching my targets but it is hard for me to eat much more and still get my fluid in at this point so maybe, as my pouch inflammation subsides, I will be able to eat more and lose.
  15. I was just walking 30 mins per day but added in the Zumba 3 days ago in hopes that it would help me start losing (because it really gets my heart rate up)
  16. I'm doing Zumba for 15 mins a day (that's all I can take) and then walking the other 15 minutes. 64-80 oz per day. 75-85 grams of protein.
  17. I'm in the middle of my first stall right now. I lost weight until day 10 post op and then nothing for going on 12 days ( I am actually 0.4 pounds up at the moment) As someone whose body always fights losing weight, I can completely relate to the stress and frustration. I am worried that I will be blamed for my lack of weight loss because that's what has happened in the past on Doctor supervised diets. I'm hoping my stall breaks before my next appointment next week because if it doesn't then I will have not lost ANY weight since previous appointment. Medical professionals do not always act like they understand that stalls happen so I am just worried they are going to blame me. But what am I supposed to do except get in my protein and fluid and do my daily walking? I have only lost 11-12 pounds since surgery and my starting BMI was higher than most and I did RNY which is supposed to lead to faster weight loss. I am averaging 600 calories a day of intake. I totally relate but I just keep telling myself that I have to lose weight at some point!
  18. Katrinakit

    Soft food phase

    Can I trade bodies with you? Because my body doesn't seem to want to lose weight right now lol
  19. Katrinakit

    Soft food phase

    We can eat peanut butter?
  20. Katrinakit

    Prickly Feeling?

    My incisions just itch. Like crazy!
  21. Katrinakit

    Stall again!

    I think I am headed down that road. I'm 2 weeks post op and only lost the first week
  22. I am on day 6 post op and am soooo sick of protein drinks. That is all I can have right now and they are nasty!. My appointment where they advance my diet is not until 11 days post op. I'm gonna go crazy!!! And I'm feeling guilty because I ate a couple bites of plain, nonfat Greek yogurt. Such a sad way to cheat but I was desperate and figured it was a fairly safe option and might help me meet my protein goal. Anyone else having a similar problem?
  23. I'm just curious what people think about this topic. I always thought that you need to really know a person before you can fall in love and now I am irrationally in love with someone I met 2 weeks ago and am trying to keep my head on straight. Thanks!
  24. I start the strained soups on Thursday [emoji22]