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  1. MzB

    Memorial Day Challenge

    I am struggling this challenge like never before. Maybe it is because I have hit my 1-year surgerversary. Current weight: 160.2
  2. MzB

    Memorial Day Challenge

    Sorry, missed last week. 157.9 this week.
  3. I am going to have to try this. Any issues with the type of Protein powder you used? Will anyone work?
  4. MzB

    Memorial Day Challenge

    160.7 Ugh... Maybe this is just what my weight will be. I cannot seem to get down into the 150's.
  5. MzB

    local tragedy has the single women in a panic

    Wow. Even when you take all the right precautions there is still risk of something evil happening. Safety is an illusion I agree. The older I get the sadder I become at what the world is coming to.
  6. Way to go!!! Keep up the good habits. [emoji106]????[emoji122]????
  7. I am already wondering if I can mix it with strawberry for Strawberry-banana flavor. Yum!
  8. 5 hours last week. Sorry I am a day late due to travel.
  9. MzB

    Dr in Dallas or Irving

    I went to the Nicholson Clinic. They were great and I had a great experience. I am 10 months out and doing well. Dr. Nick did my surgery.
  10. MzB


    One of mine is "OK, I will put on my big girl panties and do it anyway!" It reminds me that when things get tough and I would rather run and hide from the problem, the right answer is just to deal with it. ("Big" meaning grown-up not a reference to size...)
  11. MzB

    Memorial Day Challenge

    I am in again. Love doing these. Thanks Sarah
  12. Hi all, running late to post this week because I am on vacation. Good news is I got in 6.5 hours last week[emoji4]. But have to say staying on track while at the in-laws is hard. [emoji13]
  13. Only 4 hours this week. I sort of hit an "I don't want to do it" week. The time change made getting up at 5 a.m. Hard! Hopefully back on track this week.
  14. MzB

    Hair loss

    It can fall out with lap band as well from what I hear.
  15. MzB

    Hair Loss

    I lost a lot and it is just starting to come back in. My hair was already thinning before this on top so I was getting fairly self-conscious. I opted for doing some "alternative" hair and it (while more expensive) has resulted in no one noticing the loss. In fact my hair looks fantastic now. I posted some pictures on another thread but for the life of me I don't know how to find it now.
  16. @@Fat2Phat2016 how in the world do you get in 11 hours? That is impressive!
  17. 158.2 this week! Yea
  18. Rebecca, I hope things smooth out for you. I had a tough week as well, but for other reasons. Only got 4 hours in.
  19. MzB

    Protein, protein, protein!

    Unjury chicken soup is good if you want a break from all the sweet. Oh Yeah cookies and cream is also a fav of mine.
  20. I am so sorry for your loss. [emoji22] fur babies are so much a part of our families it just doesn't seem fair that they leave us so soon. Hugs for you and your kids.