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  1. Hi all! I am having my surgery 10/2. I want to learn from actual DS patients. Any and all advice is welcomed. ❤️
  2. Has anyone had their surgery at NYP Columbia in NYC 168st? I am undergoing the preop process now and wanted to know other folks experience esp with the surgery. My insurance covers Dr. Bagloo. The "main" surgeon I've heard of was Dr. Bessler but he won't be my surgeon. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I could not find any ratings or real life patient experience online so far. Thanks!!
  3. Hello everyone! I wrote the info below on another post and figured it'd be helpful to some GHI users. I browse through forums and haven't found any updated info on this. Hope this helps someone!! Below has been my process so far: Jan- WLS seminar Jan-PCP blood work (diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. Jan-called insurance to confirm WLS details. I need 3 mth surprised, 40+ BMI or less than 40 BMI with 2 comorbidities. Feb-initial meeting with WLS center. Same day did additional blood work to check out my Vitamin levels. Feb-endoscopy Feb-sleep test(found out I had mild sleep apnea, needed 2nd sleep test, and need CPAP for the months before surgery then not after) March-Psych evaluation and clearance letter. He gave me the little right then and there. Depends on your doc they might ask for longer time visiting psych. March-PCP clearance letter March-1st weight loss maintenance meeting with center. March-2nd sleep test April-2nd weight management meeting April-meet with endoscopy doctor for antibiotics. Endoscopy found I had a bacteria. April-meet with sleep doctor for cpap machine. Need to use cpap for 1 mth before pulmonary clearance letter. After letter, still need to use machine until surgery. Coming up: May- last weight loss management meeting and NUT meeting on same day. Center will send paperwork into insurance. After insurance approval. I will meet with doctor and schedule surgery. I am looking to have surgery mid July because it works with my work schedule. I'm planning to take 2 weeks off and possibly work from an office near by either the second week and not take 2 week vacation. Or the third week and take two week vacation. So overall it will take me 6 mths! Oh and from what I know I will have to do a preop diet. It will consist of 1 low carb meal a day then liquids-Protein shakes I believe. This is my journey so far but everyone is different depending on doc. I am with Dr. Bagloo at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. My friends doc didn't require sleep test for her not sure why! Good luck!
  4. Hi all It's been a while but I feel so guilty and horrible about not using my tool early on to its full potential. I lost my way sometime around the holidays (surgery July 2015) and now feel like I lost the opportunity to really lose the weight. I've lost 50lbs since July and feel like it's not enough. My HW 291, SW 273, CW 224. I clearly have not made my goal and am having a hard time to refocus. What has worked for you all? Thanks for any support and encouraging words you can offer.
  5. Thank you everyone! I needed this. I have been off track and just needed to go back to basics. I will consider getting therapy too.
  6. Hi all! I am 2 months post op and have this red dot on my incision. It looks like a pimple almost. I don't feel pain or anything. Look at pic. Any ideas? I called my doc. Waiting to hear back.
  7. I am running out of "clothes I saved for when I am skinnny" lol So was wondering if anyone in NYC knew of second hand stores that carry a good selection. TIA
  8. Thank you so much!! Will check it out.
  9. I am also 6 weeks out and can eat about half cup of food. But what I do I measure my food and track everything I eat to stay within the limits my NUT set. I got a big scare at week 3 when I ate 1100 calories!!! You CAN reset yourself and not eat the 4oz of food. Just choose Protein rich low carb and low fat foods. Low fat has been hard for me, but working to get better. I have lost every week avg 4lbs... The least has been 1 lb at week 3. I am down 30lb since surgery. 48 since beginning of this journey in Jan. Let's do this and work our sleeve.
  10. So...I had like 1100 calories today and am 3 1/2 week out. I'm like scared!!! I met my Protein goals but I think am eating too much fat and carbs (not carbs from bread, rice, etc. but from the actual food) How many calories were you eating by now? Will be calling my NUT tomorrow. Should I be scared? Am I messing up? Meal today: Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 slice cheese, 1 ham Snack: kiwi Lunch: 1 chicken sausage link from trader Joe with 1/2 c cooked squash. Snack: 2 Melba toast with 1oz bean, 2 oz guac, 2 thin slice turkey Dinner: 2 meatballs with tomato sauce and 1 mozz cheese 2% Snack: Greek yogurt As I write this I feel like HOLY ****!!!! I messed up didn't I??? Tell me your thoughts. GO
  11. Has anyone experienced feeling gassy and bloated 4 weeks post op? I had been feeling fine when all of a sudden BOOM I started feeling this way. When I get up from my seat it feels strain on my tummy, when drinking it's a little uncomfy not too much, and gassy. Oh and my tummy is bloated around the incision areas compared to yesterday morning. I starting noticing this uncomfortable feeling after my first low impact workout Wednesday night. FYI I called my doc and waiting on call. Thoughts?
  12. I am 6 weeks out and I could eat 1100 Cals if I tried. I am satisfied with 700-800 mostly. I took some adjustment buy you need to change your expectations from feeling full to feeling satisfied. Also, it seems like you have a similar plan..... Solids after 3 weeks? I had that too and am just fine. Good luck and let us know how you are doing. Follow up So I spoke to my NUT today she said: I should be eating maximum of around 600-700.. Protein 40%, carbs 35%, fat 25%. 2oz of meat protein. I was probably eating highly calorie food so be mindful of portion size--2-4 oz generally is the goal per meal every 3 hours. I had the sleeve on July 17, I'm 33, 5'6, HW-291, SW-273, CW-247. Hope this is helpful for someone.
  13. Yes all foods are in line with my NUT recommendations. I'm also hitting my Protein without shakes and Water levels. Yes I measure my food and log all ingredients on MFP when cooking. I have 2-4 oz of food (after cooking). It's a mystery to me!! I will def be calling her today! Thank you all for your comments and advice. I freaked out yesterday but realized that's why it's good to track your food and be mindful. This experience making me realize that I am growing and changing. It's ONE day but definitely won't become an everyday. I want to maximize my sleeve. I need to take this a step at a time! Thanks again!
  14. All foods are on the soft food list. This was the only time I ate that high. I usually range 600-800 max. I follow the 3 hour rule and the 2-4oz guideline. Fed talking to NUT. Thanks ladies!
  15. Nyelaah

    My Fitness Pal

    You can change your calorie, protein, etc from whatever it has it at to your goals
  16. Was just thinking of a Cuban (with extra cheese, no pickles or mustard, mayo and garlic spread lol) and wings OMG wingsssss lol I am ok though that's just the hungry fat girl in me talking lol
  17. Burgers, pizza, French fries, frozen yogurt, garlic bread, sandwich, bread and butter.... To name a few lol I am 3 week postop so still on purée.
  18. Nyelaah


    I am on purée until Saturday! I have had a 1/2 cup of Trader Joes tomatoe soup with 2-3 shrimp seasoned with garlic, oregano and pepper. I mash the shrimp until they are really really mushy then I add it to the soup. I hear it up for 1 minute and top it off with a little grated Parmesan cheese---delicious!! FYI- I don't do well with purée meats or seafood. So I mash it really well then chew the heck out of it until it's purée consistency in my mouth. So far I have had no problem at all with it.
  19. Nyelaah

    Need support

    It's so normal! I was feeling the same way throughout my 6 mths of this process up untile the day of surgery. I told my partner so many times... "Am I doing the right thing?" Turns out so far I did. I am two weeks out and lost 20 lbs so far (40 since jan). I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep going!
  20. Nyelaah

    Share your thoughts about head hunger!

    I am week 2 postop and get head hunger all the time.... I just call it cravings. For me, it's not real hunger but it's hard nonetheless. I just try to stay on my eating schedule and that's that. I start realizing that the food I am craving aren't even foods I eat all the time (ice cream, pizza, lasagne,beef patty, grilled cheese, Pasta, burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc etc) I might have these things once in a while but not every day. This make me KNOW the difference between my head telling me what it wants or my body. I sip Water then realize I was prob thirsty then wait until my next feeding to eat my next meal. I also realized that this head hunger is apart of the issue why I gained the weight in the first place. Since I am so early on in this process I just go back to the 6 mths preop and the pain after surgery. Good luck! It's a long journey ahead of us all :-)
  21. OMG I am dying! Everyone is eating all this delicious food :-( How to survive?!?! HELPPPPP
  22. I'm having a hard time right now with food. I really want carbs.... All I think about is: pizza Sandwiches Burgers Bread Fries chips I know it's behind me and I'll get passed it but shoot my brain is playing tricks on me!
  23. Nyelaah

    Hamburgers are gross

    So I'm confused... I thought cheese was ok and had a lot of protein. Please explain.

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