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  1. Today I weighed myself and for the first time since surgery, my breath was taken away from what I saw on that scale. Less than 2 months ago (March 3rd) I weighed 270 pounds. Today, I weighed 220 pounds. Im almost to the weight that I weighed the day I married my husband. That's 50 pounds gone forever! I am so grateful for this journey no matter what I had to go through! I don't do pics...but here is my before and after face shots.
  2. sarahbeth3569

    50 pounds lost- 2 mo postop w/pics

    Sorry it took so long to reply !! Maybe you aren't getting enough calories in?? I'm not sure because it sounds as if you are doing everything right. Definitely up your water and do some good cardio like running, really fast walking, or even swimming depending on what your body can do. But she is right the plateaus will happen and your weightless will start back up. I've only lost about 13 pounds since I posted that 50 pound loss pic. I went on vacation shortly after and hit a huge plateau. I'm losing again now but much slower than before. Don't give up!
  3. sarahbeth3569

    50 pounds lost- 2 mo postop w/pics

    I was eating very little for the first whole month. About 1/4 cup of Borden Low fat Cottage cheese was the only food I could because I had terrible acid reflux. And I mean terrible! I would choke down shakes to get my protein in but I vomited alot. I eat more variety now just not losing as much as fast as I was. Even though I was pretty sick I had crazy energy so I walked everywhere. Instead of driving to our friends house down the road I walk. I have a farm so I get a good workout on my daily routine. I haven't started any real strenuous excercise yet but I plan to do Zumba. I hope you continue doing well!
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    50 pounds lost- 2 mo postop w/pics

    Thankyou so much for your kind words!
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    50 pounds lost- 2 mo postop w/pics

    I've struggled with reflux really bad so I don't have a wide variety of food. And luckily I found out what happens to my sleeve when I eat too fast and I believed I "dumped"...it was so terrible that I haven't done it since. So I took that as a positive learning , curve. I'm on vacation in Florida and my reflux medicine has been working amazingly so I've eaten a better variety. Fish, shrimp, chicken, scallops, with sour cream and salsa, nonfat Beans with sour cream and advacado, potato casserole from Cracker Barrel with one egg white...etc. but always Protein first and I eat slowly. message me anytime if you'd like or have any questions!
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    50 pounds lost- 2 mo postop w/pics

    Thanks so much! Sorry my post was confusing! I have weighed myself quite often but it took my breath away when I realized it was the big 50. That was the first time since surgery that I've been overpowered with emotion from the weight loss. I've always gained and lost and gained and lost but realizing I lost half of 100 pounds made me feel like a million bucks. Which is hard to do when I've always been heavy. I'm out of depression...and it feels so good.
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    50 pounds lost- 2 mo postop w/pics

    . Thankyou so much!!! I really do feel 50 times better!! I have a garden, I play with my three year old without getting winded, I'm not sweating profusely when everyone else is comfortable, and I'm almost light enough to ride my horse! (Whom I've had to pay a girl since We got the horse to ride her because I was always too heavy)! I hope you have even better results!!! Good luck in your journey
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    Man did u have to pay!

    I'm pretty sure it was the little piece that went down & did that. Hopefully your sleeve doesn't have dumping from a bit of juice. I take those warnings as a little slap on the hand and thank God for them...or I might have jumped on that Little Ceasers Hot n Ready Bacon Crust Pizza they played OVER & OVER during my extended recovery! like others said just take it slow. Lord knows I've licked more things in the last 2 months than I've ever licked in my whole life. (Dill pickle chips are my licking weakness) just take that pain as a Learning experience as it sounds like you have. You'll do great! Chin up
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    Prayers for a very successful surgery and new beginning!!!!
  10. SLEEVE TO BYPASS REVISION. I apologize in advance if this is not where I post this at. I have been sleeved for 21 days now....and now I may have to have the bypass within 2 weeks. I never had actual GERD before but have had GERD ever since the surgery. I don't have any vomiting at night like others have mentioned...but it restricts me from now getting any food but cottage cheese in and only about 20 ounces of water. I'm not talking like the tiny acid I used to get with eating a whole pizza and then laying down ...I'm talking like punch you in the stomach pain & sizzling noises all day long in my throat. I boil acid all day long. It's not excruciating...Its just not good on a sleeve and I'm scared It will eat through my staples or hurt my small pouch even more. I was 270 day of surgery and weighed this morning at 238. I'm losing weight like a champ but it's because my intake is super low. I saw my surgeon on Friday and he raised my Nexium but said that if in 2 weeks I was still having the Gerd that he was going to do a sleeve to bypass revision. Has anyone had a sleeve to bypass revision? If so I would love to hear about your experience. Good or bad. I've googled many posts but can't get straight forward answers. How was the pain? Did you have complications? And how is your quality of life now? Tia
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    Sleeved March 3 now Bypass!

    Here's an update. I had my follow-up today. This week I've eaten a lot of new things. I've totally turned a corner with the reflux. I can eat about 2 shrimp, mashed potatoes, crab salad, and scrambled eggs with grits and soft-cooked turkey bacon. I still sleep sitting up and can't bend forward for too long but I've made the decision that I wanted more time to heal and see before going into another surgery. And I'm very happy with that decision. I've lost 43 lbs now and hopefully in a couple o months the reflux will be even better.
  12. Hey yal! I'm Sarah and after about a year of considerations, hoops, and hurdles...it's finally scheduled!! I'm having the VSG in San Antonio BAMC and I am so ready to change my life. I'm on the liqui diet and I'm not even hungry!! It's Mardi Gras here in LA and I haven't eaten a thing! That tells u how ready I am! Anyone else March 3rd or around or at BAMC!?
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    Sleeved March 3 now Bypass!

    Hi there! I've just been eating the cottage cheese to keep the Protein in...and I found that I can drink the G2 fruit punch packets. I pour half the packet into a bottle of Water and drink it that way. I've been trying things but everything makes me nauseous. I did eat some instant mashed potatoes and they went down fine. But I don't need to fill my "hell pouch" with carbs. Lol it has gotten extremely better. If I bend over forward I get pretty ill...if I brush my teeth I vomit which I'm sure is common. Protein shakes are still a no-go. They boil pretty bad. I was supposed to have an appointment today but I canceled it til the 10th to give me some more time to heal and make a decision.
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    Venting About Poor Forum Etiquette

    I only read a few pages and skipped to the end, but this was just one thread I couldn't keep quiet on. I understand that it drives people crazy when the same question is asked over and over again, but I just have to wonder if some remember back to when they were a "newbie" and Bariatric Pal was their main source of information. I do realize posters sometimes don't use the search to see if the question has been asked before. You also have people like me, wanting to ask a question but frantically searching all the forums for a question like some crazed timid little new kid and then just about stroking out with anxiety before hitting that POST button in fear of what others may think of your question. I spend about 30 minutes searching if it's been asked before and worrying that a reader may give that "behind the computer eye roll". Nobody should feel that way on an INTERNET forum. I can't just pick up the phone and ask my surgeon's office how scrambled eggs went down the first time they ate it?!?! That is what this site is for! And about the grammar, it's shameful that people don't take into consideration that years ago some didn't get proper education. For instance, my mother is now a very well-off upstanding woman who has worked her ass off for everything they have along with my dad. What have they made a living off all of their life??? Farming. She grew up very poor and farmed the rice fields all day every day. They didn't have time for school nor were they told or made to go. They were made to WORK if they wanted to eat. She later in life married my dad, learned to read well, and got a GED. She had twin girls who ended up being a Nurse Practitioner and an RN after a full ride to college. What can she not do? SPELL!!! She's not lazy, she just struggles with grammar, punctuation, and spelling. She had bypass and won't post on here for fear of sounding stupid and people silently mocking her about it. I had an amazing education, but it was my non-grammar using parent who busted her ass to save money so that I could enjoy having the luxury of learning properly.
  15. sarahbeth3569

    sleeve or rny, some thoughts/questions

    If you already have the GERD I would strongly suggest going with the Bypass. There is a chance after the hernia is fixed that it would resolve itself...and I took that chance. While other's experiences might be better than mine, and a lot of peoples GERD does resolve 5-6+ months post-op, those first couple of months are hard (hell...fire burning hell) . I'm in the process of converting to bypass at less than a month post-op. And while I'm ready to be over this GERD, I'm dreading another recovery and re-opening incisions. I think it would be much easier if I was a lot further post -op and my body was more healed so if your surgeon is willing to convert you post-op then maybe sleeve is still an option. ? Good luck with whatever decision you make.
  16. sarahbeth3569

    Reversal for gastric sleeve?

    I have post-op GERD. Like If I bend over to pick something up or lean forward I vomit acid and bile. And I sleep sitting straight up. I know your pain. Get some good TUMS. I know how hard it is for everyone to roll their eyes and tell me I need to drink my fluids and eat my protein when I physically CANT! I too, would go back to being heavier if I could. I tried tons of options for fluids. Thankfully my husband was supportive and we went to the store and bought every single sugar free low calorie drink from green tea to sobe to vitamin zero water. The only thing I can keep down is the G2 (low cal Gatorade) not in the bottle but in the packet. I sprinkle half the packet into a bottle of water an let it set in fridge for a while. It has literally saved me. Seizures from dehydration are very common. If you have good insurance go get you some IV fluids! I've had to a couple of time in the last few weeks and I feel a million times better...plus I wouldn't have to drink much that day and I'd feel like I was in paradise. If that was a seizure from being dehydrated you could have a stroke! Are you urinating normally?
  17. sarahbeth3569

    Compression shirt 3 days out

    I wore one everyday since College. I wasn't able to tolerate one until about 2 weeks out. It pushed on my incisions and the sore muscles underneath. I wear one now at 3 weeks and I always get them at walmart, Ross, Belks, Marshall's, Any discount or outlet clothing store.
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    Second surgery!?!?

    No I haven't. Ill definitely research it & bring that one up to my surgeon and see. Thanks!
  19. Hey yal. I was sleeved 21 days ago. I'm having too much acid that my surgeon wants to revise me to bypass. I was looking for a lady I saw on here that was a sleeve to bypass revision ...or anyone that had one and could help me with some info. thanks
  20. sarahbeth3569

    2 days post-op

    It does get better. Chew some ice chips. That's what got my through the first couple of days. you just had surgery. I had instant regret but the pain does get better and it's much easier when the nausea goes away. If they gave u Zofran or any anti nausea take it. And take your pain meds. Get some rest and definitely walk when you can. Hope you feel better soon.
  21. sarahbeth3569

    Tell me what makes YOU special.

    Lol my twin is super thin & fit...an RN...and working on her way to Nurse Praticioner. I have always been bigger than her. I'm the The "fat" twin (eye roll) but she's never judged me....especially when she's run out of money or is hungry for a good southern meal cooked lol
  22. sarahbeth3569

    Second surgery!?!?

    If you don't mind could I ask why they admitted you for 3 weeks?
  23. sarahbeth3569

    Second surgery!?!?

    Thanks! I do too! Praying hard!!
  24. sarahbeth3569

    Sleeved March 3 now Bypass!

    Thank you for the well wishes. It is wicked and I definitely dont want to go through another surgery. Im already off of my Metformin thanks to my sleeve and my bp is regulated perfectly. Its a love hate relationship I just wish that I would have gone straight to bypass in the first place. I had no idea how violent gerd could be.