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    Had visit with my physician and dietitian today. I have now lost 54 pounds at 14 weeks and all my lab work was normal. I reported the amazing transformation in my health at this early stage. I have discontinued blood pressure medicine and cholesterol drug medicine. I sleep like a baby now and my knees and back pain has lessened. He said that I was "a model patient" and I just glowed. I am inspired to stay the course and continue on this wonderful trip. Good luck to all out there who travel this journey with me.
  2. I had a tiny slice of macadamia nut cream pie and a few mouthfuls of homeade ice cream at the Memorial Day cookout. I ate a small amount of protein and little else & felt guilty. Back on track today and feel better about myself. I looked so good in my Bermuda shorts yesterday and DO NOT plan on ruining my progress. Food addiction is a baffling and powerful disease. I now have to get the sugar out of my system. SOOOOO not worth it. I am back on program. Good luck to you on this journey as well.
  3. Goatfarmer

    Entered "Onederland"

    I had very little pain post op but people have different experiences. I had more nausea than pain. I figure at my age I will be fortunate to have the excess skin problem. I am 50 pounds down and will worry about skin later on. I am just enjoying the ride down on the scales. I was still on liquids a week out but proceeded to puréed pretty quickly. The first few weeks are the worst part and then you will begin to feel so much better. I can eat most everything now but in very small amounts. Time passes quickly these days. Glad to have you as friend.
  4. Goatfarmer

    Entered "Onederland"

    This is the day I have waited for over the past 12 weeks. I have now lost 50 pounds and have entered the magic kingdom of Onederland. I can remember the gradual ascent in my weight climb over the past 30 years and each ten pounds I would promise myself was the last. I am now 66 years old and beginning the descent toward a normal weight again. I like this trip better. My stomach is all healed now and I feel the restriction that the surgery has made possible. I have kept sugar entirely out of my diet and have strictly limited carbs. The portions I can hold at one time make it possible for me to continue the weight loss without craving food and overeating. My sleeve is my own gift to myself and I am so grateful to have the chance to lose this weight and enjoy my senior years without a huge body to carry around. Thanks for all the support thus far from the weight loss community. I bought clothes for the first time this past weekend as my second granddaughter is graduating from high school. I went from a size 22 to a women's 16. I was thrilled. I am soooooo blessed.
  5. This too shall pass!!
  6. Goatfarmer

    Coming out of my cocoon

    What a beautiful perspective. Much support coming your way.
  7. Goatfarmer

    Scale at the doctor's office.......

    Agree. Beautiful reminder
  8. Goatfarmer


    No one could have dragged me until I was ready. Several friends & family members need to address their issues too but I will not tell another person what they ought to do. I will just keep losing weight, getting healthier and more attractive. I am grateful to have found this help for myself. Each person must walk their own path.
  9. Goatfarmer

    3 months post op pic!

    A picture is surely worth a thousand words. You look terrific and your progress is soooooo encouraging. Keep up the good work.
  10. Goatfarmer

    Gastric Sleeve

    Welcome to this marvelous tool to use daily on your journey.
  11. I am 66 yrs old - almost 7 weeks out and 35 pounds down!!!! Never too old.
  12. If I could have figured out how to lose the massive amount of weight , I would have done it by now. I needed help that would not fail. Now, it is a major life decision and has to be made inside the person considering it. If you are not yet ready, try the juicing route. Your decision, no one else's. Godspeed on your journey.
  13. Goatfarmer

    Stall at 5 weeks post op

    The dreaded "stall" has arrived. The scale has not budged in a week and I am compliant with diet and exercising a lot. Knowing that it is normal helps but of course I want to see scale budge down. Tring to be patient and let my body do what it does. Hope everyone doing well.
  14. Goatfarmer

    February Sleevers - how are you doing?

    I am almost a month out and have lost 25 pounds. Have had a lot of nausea and hard to get fluids and protein in. Just taking it one day at a time and grateful to be able to have this life saving surgery.
  15. Goatfarmer

    3 weeks out today really bummed

    I am almost one month out. I am sick of protein drinks and puréed foods. yuk!!! I know this too shall pass and I am so proud of my 25 pound weight loss. Just feel sorry for myself sometimes but glad I did the surgery. When I go shopping down the line I will be grinning ear to ear. Let's hang in there together!!!!
  16. I certainly know how anxious and scared you must be. I had sleeve on Feb 25th and have done very well. I am still on puréed food but will advance to soft in 10 more days. I will say a prayer for all those going to surgery tomorrow.
  17. Goatfarmer

    I want meat!

    I am 2 weeks post op and sick of this diet. I dread the protein shakes, thin liquids and puréed. I want something real to eat though not really hungry. Good to know I am not alone. Thanks.
  18. Goatfarmer

    Pre op worries

    I am one week post op gastric sleeve and am doing really well. I am 66 years old and on the opposite end of the lifecycle. My reasons for wls were improving health and mobility in order to enjoy the rest of my life. I was wondering what methods you have already tried and also if you already have medical issues.? Your fears are normal for sure. The alcohol issue is a moot one for me as I do not drink but if you have problems with alcohol would address that ASAP. Wish you well on this journey.
  19. Goatfarmer

    1 week post op

    I am one week post op today and certainly share your reflections. Glad I am a senior and do not have to worry about work.msickmof these protein shakes as well. One day at a time.
  20. I am 6 days post op, have had no complications thus far and am 66 years old. Yes, I did say 66.
  21. Goatfarmer

    Sleeved on Feb 25th

    I did it - I can't believe that I did not chicken out at last minute. I was very nervous with lots of second thoughts. The surgery went well -I had a hiatal hernia that was repaired and the sleeve. This is my second day after surgery. I have had loose diarrhea and nauseous feeling. Not much pain at all but lot of soreness. Having trouble getting in all the fluids but sitting up in chair at home and feeling a little better today. Thanks for all supportive thoughts and prayers. I look forward to better days ahead.
  22. Goatfarmer

    Freaking out! (Scared of Surgery)

    I definitely understand. I, too, have been cool and rational throughout planning but now that it IS going to happen, I feel anxious and afraid. My mind is my worst enemy when I am afraid. I am grieving too in anticipation of giving up the foods I depend on to keep me comfortable emotionally. I am asking for courage and calmness as I face this major decision which will impact me forever. Best of luck to you. I am right there with you. Together we can manage our fears.
  23. Goatfarmer


    Had final preoperative visit with surgeon yesterday. Had to sign lots of papers and interestingly enough had to take a test which he used as guide to discussion about realities of weight loss surgery. He was open and straightforward about possible risks and complications which triggered an alarm response in me. I do not want to die and would prefer to be fat and still alive. Thought I was ready but now filled with fear. I am obsessing about all of this and find it hard to focus on anything else. Would like to hear from others about HOW afraid you really were prior to surgery and how you worked through that in order to actually check in hospital and have the surgery. My date is Feb.25th - 5 days from now and my 66th birthday. Help me with feedback and reassurance. Thanks for listening.
  24. Goatfarmer

    Birthday Gift To Myself

    My surgery is set for February 25th which is my 66th birthday. I quit smoking 5 years ago on my birthday and have not had a cigarette since - not even a puff. My mother fell over dead in 2009 at age 79 and in addition to her sudden death being the profoundest loss of my life, it was a wake up call to me. I quit smoking but gained even more weight. I retired one year ago and continued to pack on pounds as retirement life is wonderful but certainly more sedentary. I am scared silly but VERY excited to conquer this last frontier - I am an all or nothing kind of girl and I am confident that I WILL be successful. I have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren and want to enjoy a long, happy life. I am doing this for health and mobility. I will think of my precious mother as I go to surgery. She gave me birth. I am giving myself a chance at rebirth. Keep me in your thoughts.
  25. Goatfarmer

    Almost Surgery Time!

    Thinking about you today. Look forward to hearing details.

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