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  1. Veronica Page

    Any Colorado sleevers?

    hey locals. I'm slipping into old habits and was so close to getting into onelander but i'm a stress eater and life happened. It would be great to talk to people who are local.
  2. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    I haven't been on in about two months cause I wasn't really losing anything. My doctor gave me a scolding and said I should of reached goal already and that was discouraging a bit. So I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. I have pcos and still trying to find the right balance for that and lose weight at the same time. I guess I'm just making sure I'm not gaining anything. Hope everyone is doing well and staying strong!
  3. Veronica Page

    CO - Colorado Springs Area

    I'm in the Springs...We need to set up a support group for ourselves! So happy to see some many ppl are close
  4. Veronica Page


    From the album: Veronica Page

  5. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    thanks @bewell. I'm getting over it. I was whining and wishing I could cool breeze it til goal but I was heavier than most who started when I did so I can't really beat myself up. Where I haven't lost weight recently I have gain muscle and look a lot leaner then I did. 2016 is my year to get to my personal goal and make my life what I want it to be. 25 more pounds and I'm having my stomach done, I never wanted to really be thin as I want to be healthy and I think that is where I stand. I feel like I have 5-8lbs of excess skin on my tummy and some on my inner thighs. I gained 2 inches in my booty due to the 200 squats I do a day and I feel pretty good. I need to have my kitchen on lock down after 7 cause thats when I start roaming it like a rodent eating things for no reason. So weird how I never wanted to eat to now I really want to eat again. Stinks and wish those desires were cut out with my stomach. On the best side my skin and hair looks amazing and I feel pretty for once!
  6. OK so I had my surgery January 12th, 2015. I'm thrilled I've lost the weight I have but I was a lil bit more on the heavier side them a lot of people I have seen on here and less then some others and they are losing quite steady. I work out 5 days a week 45 mins cardio and 30 mins strength training with my trainer. I gave up fast food and 90% of carbs. I did not say I was going to give everything up for the rest of my life so I'm eating them. Everything is ok in moderation correct, My daily caloric intake 800-1000. Just want some pointers since most of you have lost 100 lbs in 6 months or less. What are you doing that I'm not so I can feel that this is worth the really hard work I'm putting into everything. I'm one of those sick ppl who eat when I'm down and quit when I don't lose. Yes I know I have done pretty well and everything I just want that lil bit more. Thanks for all the advice in advance!
  7. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    thanks for the words of encouragement I really want to beat this fight of the bulge. I did think the honeymoon would be over so fast and that it would get so hard. I will keep trying cause I deserve it and I think that if I could just remember that I will win!
  8. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    I'm trying I signed up with my trainer today and bough some meal prep containers and completely threw out every single piece of junk food in my house. plus I gave my debit card to my husband and said if I'm not with you then I don't need it cause a drive thru is very tempting. i need to just get motivated. If I could lose this weight I gained and breath a little I would be ok. So I guess the new year it what I need to get back in track.
  9. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    I'm having some major issues. I was doing sooo great then in November my son was sick most of it and I had to take off work and not go to the gym and I got super depressed and still in a way am. I'm incredibly upset I'm not anywhere near goal and of course ppl still are calling me really fat which is not helping at all. I have basically given up. I don't care anymore.
  10. Veronica Page

    What’s Your Restaurant Secret?

    I tell them as i'm ordering I'll immediately need a to go box and since my family always does appetizers I just keep that tiny plate and eat what fits on the plate as my main meal.
  11. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    I have heard of some people having that issue but it was diet issue. They were eating still to lose and not maintain. a caloric intake issue and still working out will cause some issues if you aren't eating enough of course. I wish you luck but I'm not much help since I'm still no where near goal. Good luck and keep us informed!
  12. Veronica Page


    Don't be discourage but feeling like you are some kind of crazy cheater. I haven't read every ones post on this thread so i'll just speak from personal experience when my surgeon put me on a month long diet as just a pre op. I have admitted addiction to food and I knew it was going to be so hard for me to handle. I mean we didn't get heavy cause we binge eat on veggies and lean Protein right? So i had to do some real soul searching. I wrote down everything I hated about being overweight. It wasn't just the vanity issues either. It was real like feeling tired and old and hurting all the time cause I was too heavy for my little frame. I wasn't willing to do this to myself anymore. So I joined a group to help me be able to talk about my addiction with others who could relate me. Can my 130 lbs nut even relate while telling me what to do? I didn't think so. So I went and then got a therapist for some one on one time. Cause I'm an emotional stress eater. I avoid places like the plague. Stopped bringing in crappy foods into my house. Had a discussing with my family about support. It was tough and I didn't beat myself up when I slipped. I just got back on my horse and said ok again, try again. I can say it hard and I cried cause I wanted to eat. I got mad and blamed my family cause they indulged me cause they loved me and food made me happy. When I lost the required weight and had surgery I was so grateful and now I'm truly happy that I stuck it through and did what I did. Its almost 10 months out and I don't live to eat, I eat to live. Its still a struggle time to time and the weight loss stalls can be discouraging but I would of never lost this weight without the surgery. So keep your eyes forward and towards your ultimate goal and it will help you stick to your diet. I wish you the best of luck and I'm sure you will do fantastic!
  13. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    @@bewell it is a slippery slope, you get comfortable and semi lazy and think look i'm doing so well I can have a little bit of this and that it won't affect me. Next thing you know, you are up 5 lbs and can get the mental thoughts well darn forget it and just start eating the old way again. That is what happened to me this week. I gained a pound or two and then got sick and when I saw a 5 lb weight gain and said forget it for a day or two and then today snapped out of it and said up what am i doing? So I got up went to the gym ate pretty well so far and realize this is going to take hard work and determination for the rest of my life. I go to an over eaters group every other week and I didn't think I was going to need it for this long but I definitely do and don't even remotely feel bad about it. You don't develop an eating issue overnight and it is going to take more than a couple of sessions to fix it. I'm an emotional and stress eater and my job causes a lot of that, along with kids, marriage, friends and family. I know people have a life but this forum and website keeps me on track and reminds me I'm not the only one struggling daily and if I need help there are so many people here to help me out! I'm crossing my fingers for you and your success. I still have a ways to go but I'm just glad that I'm not what I was anymore.
  14. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    I'm happy to hear you are still losing and the point is you aren't gaining. I have been eating a lot lately but I feel like I need it otherwise I have been shaky and semi sick. I did put on two pounds but its up then down ect. I just try not to pay attention and not let it get to me. Stay strong!
  15. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    i think we have all let some bad habits slip into our lives again and I'm not really wanting to beat myself up about it. i just want to recognize it and move on. We never said we weren't going to eat normal I think we needed to learn portion control and moderation, I'm glad that everyone is still doing so well. I know that working out is so hard... I still go daily but lately it has been a true struggle, I go but it is not for as long and I'm hating it more then ever. I'm going to take some time off in November for my birthday weekend and hope when I come back relaxed and happy I will once again be committed in the sense that when I do go I'm not slugging along!
  16. Veronica Page

    Eating too much, still hungry, stalled

    well you just had your surgery and hunger is still going to be an issue time to time. Also have you spoken to your surgeon about you having acid reflux problems? I was experiencing this at first and thought I shouldn't be this hungry and once I started on prilosec I was fine. Over time you will learn the difference between real hunger, head hunger, boredom and acid issues. Don't fret. Its ok to feel hungry you won't die believe me. Just occupy your mind and your time. Stay stop and you will over come all these lil issue. Most of us have! Good luck!
  17. I have no shame in saying that I go to OE meetings. They have helped sooo much. Its helps me figure out why I turn to food. Is it emotional is it an actually physically hunger? Plus it put me in contact with people who know what I'm going through and when I'm really struggling with wanting to binge I have someone from group I can call. Just like anything food is a real addiction and can be found so much more easily that your common addictions. I had to learn how to basically re-eat. It sucks and yes occasionally I cheat or slip and have things I shouldn't but instead of a binge on that food, now I have one and then can easily go oh you naughty girl you know this is wrong and just move on. It is hard to change eating styles and learn how to eat properly, but with determination and will power you can really work your revision and lose this weight and have the long lasting effects you are seeking. Rooting for you!
  18. Veronica Page

    I think I'm abnormal

    I think it can be normal time to time. Some days I forget to eat and other days I feel like I'm grazing all day like I haven't eaten for days. I noticed on the days I graze its kinda my fault cause I'm eat really cruddy foods and not eating things that are high in protein and good fats that keep me satisfied for longer periods of time. Or its around the TOM when all when are a lil bit more hungry and going through a hormone fluctuation. My suggestion? Don't sweat it and just make yourself snacks to keep on you or in the pantry or fridge already prepared. This way they are healthy and not carb or sodium laden. You'll be fine! Good luck!
  19. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    Well don't stress about the weight until you get yourself on a healthy path. Are you still drinking a lot of protein shakes? I only drink once occasionally when I'm low on the protein. Otherwise I can't stand the taste anymore and yes I get a lil bit of a bowel issue with them as well. Some say it is cause they are high is soy which tends to do that. You are at a great weight so far and when you are more mobile that weight is going to slide right off. Great job!
  20. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    welcome to the site and how is your progress going so far?
  21. Veronica Page

    Calories at 8 Months?

    I'm 8 months out and I eat between 1000-1400. I know it seems like a lot to sooo many people but I work out A LOT and not just cardio but I do some heavy duty strength training, hike and do zumba and yoga, everyday i do something. I was semi being told it was a lot so I cut back to 1000 a day and was starving and feel ill and said forget it I do more I need more. I might not lose as fast but my weight loss is steady and healthy according to my surgeon and nut so I'm ok with it!
  22. I'm 8 months out and eat anywhere from 900-1200 calories a day but I work out a lot...every day and its high impact so I need more food and if I don't eat enough I hit a major stall. I do eat carbs but a lot but I need them and I tend to change up how much I eat everyday. Some days I'll even intake 1500, then 1300 then to 1000 its called caloric confusion and helps when I stall out. Only time I drink any calories is when I have a protein shake cause I'm low some days otherwise its sugar free iced tea and water. Good luck to everyone!

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