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  1. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    I haven't been on in about two months cause I wasn't really losing anything. My doctor gave me a scolding and said I should of reached goal already and that was discouraging a bit. So I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. I have pcos and still trying to find the right balance for that and lose weight at the same time. I guess I'm just making sure I'm not gaining anything. Hope everyone is doing well and staying strong!
  2. Veronica Page


    From the album: Veronica Page

  3. OK so I had my surgery January 12th, 2015. I'm thrilled I've lost the weight I have but I was a lil bit more on the heavier side them a lot of people I have seen on here and less then some others and they are losing quite steady. I work out 5 days a week 45 mins cardio and 30 mins strength training with my trainer. I gave up fast food and 90% of carbs. I did not say I was going to give everything up for the rest of my life so I'm eating them. Everything is ok in moderation correct, My daily caloric intake 800-1000. Just want some pointers since most of you have lost 100 lbs in 6 months or less. What are you doing that I'm not so I can feel that this is worth the really hard work I'm putting into everything. I'm one of those sick ppl who eat when I'm down and quit when I don't lose. Yes I know I have done pretty well and everything I just want that lil bit more. Thanks for all the advice in advance!
  4. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    I'm trying I signed up with my trainer today and bough some meal prep containers and completely threw out every single piece of junk food in my house. plus I gave my debit card to my husband and said if I'm not with you then I don't need it cause a drive thru is very tempting. i need to just get motivated. If I could lose this weight I gained and breath a little I would be ok. So I guess the new year it what I need to get back in track.
  5. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    I'm having some major issues. I was doing sooo great then in November my son was sick most of it and I had to take off work and not go to the gym and I got super depressed and still in a way am. I'm incredibly upset I'm not anywhere near goal and of course ppl still are calling me really fat which is not helping at all. I have basically given up. I don't care anymore.
  6. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    I have heard of some people having that issue but it was diet issue. They were eating still to lose and not maintain. a caloric intake issue and still working out will cause some issues if you aren't eating enough of course. I wish you luck but I'm not much help since I'm still no where near goal. Good luck and keep us informed!
  7. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    ok just jumping on the thread to say I lost my 100 lbs and I'm thrilled. It has been really hard lately with all the stress but I still stick to the program and work the heck out of it! I hope everyone is doing well and I'm cheering for everyone daily !
  8. Veronica Page

    Child's portion card?

    I have a card my surgeon gave me and since I'm a picky eater I do give it to the people when I go to buffet and since I was going to those restaurants since before I had surgery they know me pretty well and they charge me the child price instead of the adult. So to me in those instances it is worth it. At the average restaurant though it is not worth it to me since the kids menu is not all that great and is geared towards kids and their palates. I would try here and there to see if they are willing once and awhile to offer a discount since you can't eat an average adult portion but since I do get to take the food home and get a second meal out of it I tend not to even care!
  9. Veronica Page


    From the album: Veronica Page

  10. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    so I don't know about you ladies but my monthly cycles were really off and CRAZY heavy so I called my surgeon and he told me since I was having rapid weight loss to go see my ob/gyn and get the depo shot to hold off my periods until I was almost at goal and my body would regulate again. So I went today and I have pcos which is not uncommon but she is like hey you are just bleeding to bleed you are not able to ever get pregnant again cause your uterus is twice the normal size ect ect ect. Great, awesome, oh that explains the slow weight loss and who knows what else...good thing is I did get my shot and shouldn't get my monthly anymore. Ugh just annoying!
  11. Veronica Page

    Buyer's Remorse?

    I have said to myself so many times geez did I do the right thing? I wish so many other those days that I wish I could eat a regular meal and not feel sick and then drink something during my meals so my mouth doesn't get dry then I walk by my closet and see my fat jeans staring me in the face and remember, man I definitely made the right choice. I'm healthier, stronger and so much more happy since I started. Hang in there and you too will come the the conclusion like most of us did, that it is soooo worth it! Good luck and stay strong!
  12. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    @@Aprilhoffman78 wow your progress is great and I'm so happy for you having lost all that weight and hit goal is such a small amount of time. I love buy jeans when I've lost some weight great reward!@@mduffield Thanks for the encouragement, I'm trying not to even focus on it this journey has just been so long and hard already that after years of messing up and regaining ect. I just want to win for once. I'll push through. Venting here helps cause no one else in my life understands what its like to work so hard and not always have it go my way! have a GREAT week guys and you are all my strength!
  13. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    If I was you just call a salon and ask for a master hair dressing I'm sure they will know what is best they handle everything. I have stopped dying my hair and cut it from my butt to my jawline as of today so I can manage the hair loss and also not have to worry about the color treatments as much, Almost forgot I had jet black hair. Good lucK
  14. Veronica Page

    When your spouse/significant other is still obese...

    I personally said to my spouse hey I got this surgery to be a better wife and mom to our family. I need you to do the same, I told him the benefits or eating right and instead of making him feel bad I told him how great he looked just after 5lbs, He has lost 20 so far. I just don't enable bad eating habits but cooking most of the time and trying not to bring it in the house so no one gets tempted by it. I hope you figure it out and have a healthy journey together.
  15. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    SO let me ask a question...are any of you experiencing uncontrollable hunger? I am. Its been the past two days I'm just sooo hungry and nothing is really filling me up and I don't want to continue on like this. I want to blame the TOM but who knows. If any of you have had this what have you done to get over it?
  16. Veronica Page

    Cardio or weight training

    You do both. The more muscle you have the more calories you burns. Cardio is great for fat loss but you just simply need both for great results 20-30 minutes if cardio with 15-30 mins of strength training is enough for you to see and maintain decent results. I too have a training who says both is equally important
  17. I'll just tell you that I had my surgery in mexico and I do not regret it at all. I went to Mexicali and my surgeons info is also posted on here as well. If you need any advice there is a whole forum on here about surgeries in Mexico and would be happy to tell you about my experience. Good luck
  18. Veronica Page

    How did you know?

    @@Soon2beslimSamantha it does feel like night and day and I'm happy so far just wish that I could kick some of the bad eating habits. I do fairly well for most parts. Like I was really addicted to sugar and since it doesn't taste as good its not much of a problem for me anymore but I still love salty things and most things with salt have carbs. I was not planning on giving up everything to achieve a new life. I wanted to know what it was like to eat in moderation and workout and learn to be healthy and happy all at once.
  19. Veronica Page

    January Sleevers ❄️

    lol I'd love to say I'm doing something wrong since most of you are near goal but I guess we all just lose differently. I slip here and there and drink and eat things that I'm not suppose to and I'm aware of that but I did not sign up to give things up forever. I signed up to learn how to eat the right amounts. Place a good foundation for working out and eating right. I never said I was going to give up the occasional things that I use to love. Just agreed that in order to change i was going to have a cookie instead of 6 or 8. Or 4 oz of steak instead of 12. Everything is ok in moderation and while I might not reach goal as quickly I know it will be a more realistic way for me to get there. I hope you guys are having a great week and try to enjoy the holiday weekend!
  20. Carbonation is my enemy still and I'm almost 6 months out. I took a tiny sip and man did that suck. I wouldn't even attempt it for some time. The discomfort is killer and while Beer might taste good you get so lil right now as in calories drinking them is just counter-productive.
  21. Well I can't eat half the things on my NUT list. I have given up meat but not really voluntarily which is horrible cause it is WAY easier to find high Protein foods from lean meats then it is from fruits and veggies. What can you do? If your sleeve doesn't accept it then dang you do what you can right. I too have noticed that everyone is starting out with semi lower BMI's and is hard to see if people can relate to how you feel compared to others. I start a lil bit under 300 and still felt like I was on the really high end of BMI's. I hope you ladies find the support you need. Some days I say I regret it cause I just want to sit and eat a meal, then I look at how far I've come in such a lil bit of time and think this is pretty good why would I EVER want to go back! Stay strong!
  22. Um....frustrated? I see a 46lbs loss. Would you have had that success without the surgery or pre op diet? I think you are doing great. Plz be patient and remember you did not put that weight on in a couple of weeks or months and it will take some time to take it off. Try to learn from the whole experience and just be happy you aren't gaining right. You will learn how to eat right and the right amount. I call it the body reboot. You are learning the proper portion amounts and how to live skinny. Enjoy your journey and I'm sure you will be fine but if interested you might want to go to the veteran post op forum and see if you can find someone there who started out at that weight and is at goal! Good luck sending you good vibes!
  23. the 5 day pouch test is a semi basic reset on your food intake. Most or I should say a lot of people use to to get a grasp on what portion sizes our sleeves are suppose to really handle. It also tends to be a great help when you have a weight stall and have fallen into the wrong eating habits. It help reestablish the proper diet and size of food we are suppose to be intaking. I just did one and it helped me break a one month stall!
  24. Veronica Page

    Not losing enough on pre-op diet

    Yea I see how you are worried and believe me I'm a SLOW loser. I went two years without bread, soda, or sugar in my diet. I lost the total of 10 lbs. Pathetic. I had my pre op only lost 10 lbs. Now I'm 4 almost 5 months out and I've lost 70 lbs. Don't stress. This is a body reboot basically. You will learn how to eat correctly in portion size and in a cleaner way. I'm sure you did not just magically put this weight on in a matter of months. It took time and you will need time to lose it as well. Be positive. I was so down about me probably not losing weight, but I feel fine with the progress I'm making even though when I stall I whine and moan. Be strong and we are here for you!
  25. Veronica Page

    Four months transformation

    wow close to 60 lbs for couple of weeks? That's awesome. Its funny how we all lose so differently. I just barely lost 70 lbs since January 15th. Good for you, I hope that I can see such a dramatic difference in myself one day!

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