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  1. autumn23242

    Halloween Challenge!

    Finished at 169 ????
  2. autumn23242

    Halloween Challenge!

    Still 169..... ????
  3. autumn23242

    Acid Reflux

    I found lots of meds from the doctor helped along with tiny frequent meals of stomach coatimg foods like greek yogurt and higher ph waters... good luck! My acid reflux was awful.... most awful pain ever for weeks and then the meds kicked in... next step ph test in november.
  4. autumn23242

    Hair Loss

    Mine started at 3 months and finally got better at about 7 months to 8 months out... i also cut mine shorter and i also stopped washing it as often... started using dry shampoo instead and it seemed to help.... both my hair and drain!! Lol
  5. My doc said that until i enter maintenance this will likely continue to happen. That it is the lower heart rate and blood pressure after the weight loss and can be 12 to 18 months post op before it gets better.... i also have the same issue when working out or bending then standing up.
  6. autumn23242

    Any PCOS sleevers?

    I have pcos and was sleeves december 2014. My hw was 300, pre liquid diet was 255, sw was 243 and i am 169 now. Went from a size 24 to a size 8 and have finally seen the inches dropping from the stomach area ... as we all know pcos loves us to carry it in the belly! I went off the metformin when i started the liquid diet as it made me dizzy and have not been back on it since. My hair growth on my stomach and face has slowed dramatically and i found that while i had some hair thinnig it hasn't been too bad now that i am more than 9 months post op. I also stopped scrubbing it daily and use the dry shampoo and only scrub 2 to 3 times a week which helped a lot.... think that is about it so far ????
  7. autumn23242

    Halloween Challenge!

    Still sitting at 169 ???? but definitely losing inches! Comfortably wore a pair of size 8 pants last week and squeezed into a six this weekend!! ????
  8. autumn23242

    Letting fat self go...

    Want to follow this one and share a little later... funny timing...just discussed this with my weight management psychologist this week!
  9. autumn23242

    December 2014 Sleevers

    Hello fellow december sleever! I am down 74 lbs from my surgery weight. Would love to lose another another 14 lbs.... but thrilled with where i am at! Never thought i would be where i am today! ???? Oh btw... 90 lbs is AMAZING!! Great job!! ☺
  10. autumn23242

    Halloween Challenge!

    Stuck in a rut again ???? 169 still
  11. Had my 9 month follow up... okay actually been 9.5 months. My dietician is telling me she wants me at about 1300 calories with at least 130 grams of carbs preferably 155 grams. And she wants me to purposely get out of losing and into maintenance. I am only at 170 lbs! Still over 27 bmi. My body and my mind is not ready to stop. I am averging 1200 calories a day with 110 grams of Protein and 110 grams of carbs and lots of Water. I am losing an average of 1 to 1.5 lbs a weeks. I work out 3 to 4 times a week sometimes 5. Usually about 45 mins. I think i am doing everything exactly as i should and i feel amazing. I just can't understand why she would purposely tell me i have to stop when i am healthy in all i do??? Feel so frustrated! My body will know when i am done... and its not time yet! anyone else have this issue?? She says she wants me to stop losing because i might possibly regain in 10 or 15 years if i lose more....what??? You want me to stay over weight now because I MIGHT gain in 15 years????
  12. autumn23242

    Halloween Challenge!

    169 ???? thank u!!
  13. autumn23242

    Halloween Challenge!

    170 this week...
  14. autumn23242

    Low pulse, anyone else

    I too have found the same thing. Low heart rate, dizzy but dont pass out. My doctor said not to worry and we will assess it again in 6 months. Would love to know what others have been told...
  15. autumn23242

    6 weeks Post-Op

    You look beautiful and wow what a difference in just a few weeks!
  16. autumn23242

    Halloween Challenge!

    This morning i am now 170 lbs ???? about to enter the 160's! Hoping to cross to 169 next week... i have not see the 160s since i was 16 ???? These challenges are sooo inspiring!
  17. autumn23242

    Halloween Challenge!

    Starting weight today is 172.... thank you! ????
  18. autumn23242

    Halloween Challenge!

    Thanks for organizing this! Please include me with a goal of 166 lbs ????
  19. autumn23242

    Labor Day Challenge!

    172 for me this week. Thank you!! ????
  20. autumn23242

    Onederland and a wedding

    Wow!! Congratulations on the amazing success you have had!
  21. autumn23242

    What the heck? !?!

    Sounds pretty normal... i had mine just before the sleeve and again a week after. Same thing with my gall bladder surgery. 2 periods in 4 weeks. ????
  22. autumn23242

    Labor Day Challenge!

    No change for me... still 173
  23. autumn23242

    Labor Day Challenge!

    Good morning! A good week last week! 173 for me! ????
  24. autumn23242

    Labor Day Challenge!

    Woohoo! 175 for me this week ☺

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