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  1. SliminDownThick

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Left 270 Right current 4 months out 206
  2. SliminDownThick

    Week 4: May 27-31st Sleevers

    Sw 256 Cw 234
  3. SliminDownThick

    Week 3: May 27-31st Sleevers

    Sw 256 Cw 238
  4. SliminDownThick

    Week 3: May 27-31st Sleevers

    Hi ya!!!! Hw 270 Sw 256 Cw 240 Feeling great. A little constipated. But that'll pass. And the scale moved today finally! :-)
  5. SliminDownThick

    Week 2: May 27-31st Sleevers

    I'm on a stall TOO!!! it'll pass :-)
  6. SliminDownThick

    Week 2: May 27-31st Sleevers

    I sent you a pm message with my number. :-)
  7. I'm day 10 and just starters mushy foods. I had mashed potatoes and never felt a restriction or fullness. I ate about 1/2 cup. So I stopped. Just wondering thanks :-)
  8. SliminDownThick

    When does the restriction begin.

    Thanks everyone for the quick replies. :-) new journey and sooooo grateful for y'all.
  9. SliminDownThick

    Week 2: May 27-31st Sleevers

    You're already eating meat. Yum. I just got mushy foods today. I'm in the springs and walk around prospect lake if you'd like to join me :-) pm me and I'll give you my number if you're interested. We were sleeved on the same day.
  10. SliminDownThick

    Week 2: May 27-31st Sleevers

    Hey I'm here. I had a very rough first 2 days. I'm good now just exhausted.. Just been so Bleh these past few days. But doing good. And catching back up with everyone. Down 14lbs as of today. Getting all my liquids in and protein almost. Hope everyone else is doing good. :-)
  11. SliminDownThick


    I finally got my surgery date. May 29th. 3 weeks away. No preop diet. Just clear liquids the day before. So very excited an happy to be joint the other side. :-) I can't wait to have a story to share.
  12. SliminDownThick

    May 28 - 31st sleevers?

    I'm sleeved. Had my surgery on Thursday at 3pm. Had a horrible first 2 days with shoulder pain. Today I woke up feeling great. Mild belly aching. No nausea and working on my protein and liquid goals. Not every close but a little better each day. :-)
  13. Hi all. I am getting sleeved tomorrow. I've had surgery before but this is different. My mom went on for surgery on April 3rd and got a blood clot and passed away April 4th. Just about 2 months ago. She was my main support. My in case of emergent person. I've found myself breaking down. Now I'm mostly afraid of dying and leaving my 3 year old daughter alone. She's lost 2 people in the past 8 months. I'm just stressed and can't sleep.
  14. SliminDownThick

    Surgery tomorrow. Very scared

    Still in preop. Delayed another hr. Ugh. :-/
  15. I did! :-) today and it sucks. Lol. Mine was clear liquids. And isopure is disgusting. Anyways. I'm getting sleeved tomorrow. Very excited. And congrats on your journey. I thought I was gonna do a couple extra days of liquids on my own too but when it came down to it I just wanted to enjoy the last super crap I could. The freeness of eating when I want how I want. I will miss that. And only that. :-)
  16. SliminDownThick

    May 28-31st Sleeve Week!

    Good luck everyone. I'm on clear liquids tomorrow. Going to be the longest 12 hr shift of my life. Lol
  17. SliminDownThick

    May 28 - 31st sleevers?

    Yum! That last meal huh! :-) I've decided in IHOP. Lol. 3 days and counting!
  18. SliminDownThick

    May 28 - 31st sleevers?

    Hi! I'm in the springs too but having surgery in Denver the 29th as well. So exciting.
  19. SliminDownThick

    May 28 - 31st sleevers?

    I'm only required a clear liquid the day before. But I think I'll do a full liquid starting Monday. Surgery on Thursday. I feel that would be a good challenge and kind of know what I can do.
  20. SliminDownThick

    May 28 - 31st sleevers?

    I'm May 29th Denver Colorado :-)
  21. Hi. I'm in the springs just wanted to get in touch with anyone also close. I'm having my surgery in Denver on May 29th. :-)
  22. SliminDownThick

    Any Colorado Sleevers :-)

    Love the fb idea!!! Sign me up!! And that would be an excellent way for us all to keep in touch and updated on losses and struggles. I love it. :-) let me know the name.