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  1. Sabredy12

    i ate some candy

    It's ok to have some indulgences don't beat urself up x
  2. Does it help with our protein intake if we get these shots from our GP?? Might help with hair loss too??
  3. Sabredy12


    Figure of speech people!! Sorry for tipping ur halos! I have cheated if that's what u call it and I have had no problem with it, a few things I wouldn't recommend, but if u chew anything well enough isn't it puréed???? Yes! But as I said in my first post chew chew chew
  4. I hear ya Lumniouslife yesterday was my first drop since week one and more today SD was 12/12/13 am down about 20 pounds pre op too considering I'm only 3 weeks out and gained 6 lbs and started to lose it again. I think I'll be the one that it won't work for
  5. Thank u, I was very confused as I have gained weight must rethink
  6. Thx guys, I'm just baffled. Sorry for going on x
  7. As anyone else put on weight at the beginning?? I'm only two weeks out and lost bout 20lbs in the first week and since then I've be steadily gaining one to two pounds a day like seriously!?!? I'm eating nothing and I now have 7lbs of those 20 back on!! Is this in anyway normal??
  8. Sabredy12

    What am i doing wrong?

    It's just so frustrating it's six pounds and now it has stalled at that!!! I have started introduced puréed but it started when I was still on fluids I haven't heard anyone else on hear have the same issues it would have been too good to be true if I could lose weight 17days out also x
  9. I lost 18 pounds in the first week or so and have put on bout 7 in the last 6 days!?! Normal??? Pissed off!!
  10. Thx guys that helps. I hope it's just a part of it. I certainly didn't go through all this to put on weight x
  11. Sabredy12


    I'm only ten days out and while I'm still supposed to be on liquids (only) I am texting things as I am starving!! Trust me it's not head hunger I'm starved!! Soup going down well so defo gonna stick with that as a protein! Home made chicken and low cal!! I'm sure it's fine! Plus it helps my bowel work (tmi)
  12. Sabredy12


    Ya some cases. But others are on puréed straight from one week liquids. Without it being individual. The only reason they don't want u having cream is because of the calories!!
  13. I went for a walk around town today with hubby and baby., and felt very very weak I'm sure it's the fact that I've had nothing to eat for nearly a week now. I'd put up with everything else if u had some energy!?!
  14. Sabredy12

    4 days post op

    Are u trying protein? I was told not to yet??
  15. Sabredy12

    4 days post op

    Well I think I am actually Hungary, it's been days lol not even protein x
  16. Sabredy12

    4 days post op

    Never heArd of that. That's stage 3!!!
  17. Sabredy12


    The same as that, when I woke up after surgery I thought they were still operating on me, the pain was UNBELIEVABLE!! My incisions are sore and the gas comes and goes but all in all an improvement!! Have to say I'm kinda Hungary now though lol
  18. Sabredy12

    Date Set!

    Glad to hear it Ashley, I'm on day 3. The tired feeling is leaving slowly but surly, not Hungary at all but defo not getting enough fluids in, but I don't think I'm dehydrated either. Hope the pain is on the way out too x
  19. Sabredy12

    Post op pain?

    It's bad!!! I've had a section and it doesn't compare. Sorry
  20. Good luck ull be fine, I'm two days out in pain but defo getting better x
  21. Best of luck to u too x safe travelling x
  22. I'm getting my sleeve on Thursday and am getting more and more anxious!! I have an 18 month old son, and am doing this for him but also am terrified of leaving him please tell me if this is normal?!?
  23. I'm tomorrow booking in today I feel my stomach getting worse by the minute., please god let me be doing the right thing x
  24. Sabredy12

    Just Had Sleeve Done On 12/4

    Really good going x

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