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  1. Anyone from the coast of Mississippi Biloxi area
  2. stasea4

    November surgeries?

    There are so many of us on 19 th!!!! I keep reading over everything ugh I just don't feel like I'm going to get everything right measuring vitamins water protien .....
  3. stasea4


    There's a dating site for us to man wheres that at lol I really think they should include the plastic surgery with the wls cuz there's only so much spanx can do for us so.many things to think about
  4. U guys Ar so lucky I'm from ms I went to nyc last year cuz I'm so obsessed with wanting to move up that way I even have the nyc skyline n Brooklyn bridge tattooed on me maybe after my surgery n near future I can move that way!
  5. stasea4

    November surgeries?

    Hi jko happy to have u to our November group there's a lot of us where u from
  6. So I went to my pre op class today there wad four other woman in there with me 1 was getting the band an the other 3 the sleeve I was the only one getting RNY I felt a Lil weird but I told them I look in to them an to me the worst is the band an there's not enough results on the sleeve that I felt I was making the right choice one lady said her friend had sleeve was doing great n she had one who did RNY an was having nothing but problems I still feel that rny is best choice but it was just a Lil Discouraging
  7. stasea4

    November surgeries?

    Yahoo Judy I'm 11/19 also I went to pre op class today the last thing I had to do I do pre admit on Monday with hospital an sugon!!!! Then just wait patiently yea right I'm aorta excited!!!
  8. stasea4

    NOVEMBER 2013 Surgeries

    Hello I'm stacie we have the same date 11/19 there are so many of us!! November is a great month I plan to be a 100 lbs lighter by my bday 4/5/13
  9. stasea4

    November surgeries?

    Thank you everyone for the suggestion I will look for muscle milk didn't know bout it an where do u get samples the couple of whey protiens I've bought I like but they say your taste buds change so that's why I haven't been stocking up an I can't wait for my pre op class Friday!!!
  10. That's crazy an unprofessional for sure but everyone always has some story or another just ignore u will be fine I'm counting down my days to 11/19
  11. stasea4

    1 week post op RNY

    No because I've meet one deductible of 2500 an my out of pocket deductible of 7500 I've gotten down to 3000 so if I wait to first of year ill have the 10,000 to start over n couldn't afford it that's why I've been so desperate to make it this year this is our first year to be open 25 hours straight! I have family medical leave n pto but I'm just doing this cuz I don't want to leave my co managers short there's only a few of us we are a small Jcpennys in small town an hope to not be busy an the mall we are in is getting remodel so only us n bells is going to be open so I hope most people will go to the bigger malls lol but besides being over 3 departments of the store I'm over the truck delivery an it getting put out ugh but I told my boss my restrictions so
  12. stasea4

    I feel bad keeping my surgery private

    Well I've told everyone Im a manager in a retail department store an I talk to customers who have had it I bet good n bad some say oh u should get the sleeve n I just say no I've looked in to both an I chose the bypass I get a lot of people who say oh u don't need that your not that big u can just diet but I just say no I've been big all my life n I want this so bad an ivebeen putting the whole process on my facebook cuz I font care who knows or how they feel it cuz it for me n my health an my new life but for the most part I have a big support of co workers an friends n family

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