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  1. Well its been 6 months since my surgery... And I still believe that this was the BEST decision of my life. I am down 113 pounds.... I started at 344 pounds and now weigh 231. I can't believe the change it's made in my life, ive been a bowler my entire life prior to surgery i had one perfect game in 22 years since surgery I've had one perfect game and a 800 series.....when i think about what i use to be it brings tears to eyes. I love the way i look and couldn't be happier, now the weather is getting nice I can't wait to get the shirt off and play catch on the beach with my wife!!!!
  2. So it's been a little while since i hit the site but i wanted to swing past and up date you guys. I had my surgery Oct 9th 2013 and am 96 pounds down effective this morning. I remember wondering if this surgery was even for me, reading all the post and wondering if i really would be able to have the success that i wanted if i would ever really get this small well i can tell you this is the best decision of my life. I would post pictures but i refused to take them. I read a suggestion on here that i choose to do which was to buy a disposable camera and every month take a few photos of my self and then once a year is up to get them developed so i could see the difference. I'm excited about that. Once i get them developed I'll post on here. Any way just wanted to update you all. Keep on grinding, good luck guys!
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    This Is Unreal!

    This is Unbelievable So, surgery was October 9th, its hard to believe that just 2 short months ago I weighed 343.4 pounds, not the biggest I have ever been but pretty close. I look at that weight and think to myself WOW, what is God’s name was I doing. What in God’s name was I thinking. How was I living at 343 pounds, how didn’t my legs collapse under the weight, how did I manage to get down on one knee time and time again as I flung my 15 pound bowling ball. Time and time again. I can’t help but wonder how my body managed to keep up without having the sever amount of pain that should come from living with that kinda weight. Now, I’m down to 280.6. 280.6!!!!!! I can’t tell you how amazing this feels, I’m back bowling and I cannot tell you how much better my legs feel during my approach how much easier it is to keep my balance at the foul line. How much easier it is to get up out of my shot and that is just my bowling. None of my cloths fit anymore. NONE of them, I swear that my sneakers and work shoes feel looser. OMG I bent over and tied my shoes under my knee. Meaning for the first time in years I didn’t have to lay my foot on the side to tie my shoe. What a great feeling to have. Yesterday at bowling I had this white tee shirt on, and a fellow bowler had to do a double take at me as I was walking up to him, his face was priceless, he walks up to me and says holy shyt, where is the heck is the other half? My first response was right there as I pointed at my girl but then I realized that he was talking about the weight I lost. I can’t explain the happiness that bought to my life. To hear people I bowl with talking about how great I look as I walk past them is amazing. I can’t wait to go shopping, super excited right now. And the great part is there is at least another 60 pounds to come off. I’m already looking forward to it. #OverInspired
  4. Hello All, What i want to say to you is stop stressing over it, people have been known to retain or even gain weight with stress, something our body produces something in response to the stress that does much more damage then good. Stay strong, watch your liquids, I have banned anything other then Water and unsweetened tea.. Also watch your walking, be sure you push yourself everyonce and a while, meaning throw a little "speed walking" in there. hang in there its not the end.... just the beginning!
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    About 6 Weeks Out

    Well here we are about 4 weeks out of surgery, I have lost almost 50 pounds and I can tell you I am loing this surgery. I feel bad becuase i have not been on this site to update in a bit. as a matter of fact last time i was here it was still verticle sleeve talk. lol. no wonder my app wont work. Well Anyway, let me tell you this is great. if you are reading this prior to surgery, let me tell you IT IS WORTH IT. i am not going to lie to you, when i woke up from the operating table i hurt.... bad... but thankfully i was allowed to go back to sleep and, when I woke up it wasnt so bad. Here I am 4 weeks out from surgery and have no pain what so ever. I feel amazing, and i can tell you to be able to sit in a chair and not have my legs rubbing against the arm rest is a amazing feeling. I have been going out to eat with my wifey and of course while she get what she wants i have a soup or something and nurse the heck out of it, but i've noticed that i actually have space between my body and the booth table. Oh man! This is just a wonderful all around experience, I praise god for allowing me to have it, and am over joyed to be at the place i am. I just bought myself some new cloths and out of habit i headed to the big and tall section of the store well, i ended up trying on the smallest thing i could fit in the big a tall section and it was too big, i started to celebrate. I very confidently wondered over to the "normal" people sizes and found me this nice pair of jeans.... whoo let me tell you, one of the best feelings in the world right there. This has been an amazing ride so far, i've finally been able to go to the gym and have done so the last two day, and even that was eaiser. I am just so excited. yes this has its down falls as does everything in life, but i'll tell you what. if you even have the smallest of doubts about this surgery, email me or message me your questions and i'll be straight to the point with you... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK>>>>>>>> LETS KNOCK ANOTHER 50 OFF!
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    Ok I love eggs, always have and always will ( at least I think so), my question is how long after surgery can I go back to having eggs. I don't mean boiled eggs I would think they fell under soft food, but I mean crack em, scramble them good and eat an egg, yummm, just thinking about it makes we wanna go get one! Any help guys and gals?
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    Sitting in the living room with my wife, son, my mom and her boyfirend, they are all eating mcdonalds....mean while im stuck with my poretien shake. This will be a very trying time.....I GOT THIS!!!!!!!
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    Ok guys I know the general response to this question is ask your doctor, however as a guy I know I like to push myself. Now that my first number is no longer a 3... whoo go me, I really wanna try and hit fright fests last weekend (6 flags) which is the weekend of 10/26. Question is..... too soon? How long did you wait before you got on a rollercoaster? The 27th will put me 3 weeks four days post op. Thanks guys!
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    Ok thanks everyone I had a small beacon of hope to catch fright fest but, theres always next year! guess ill set my sights on Florida in january. You guys are the best!
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    TECHAMY We have season passes we get them every year the cost isnt an issue, and I know that my body tells all just curious ya know?
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    All of my incisions are the same size none of them appear to be larger than an inch, im not justifing a reason to go just asking for opinions. Ive love coasters my entire life, even got on a few 5 days before surgery but now that im 30 pounds light wonder if its too soon to do it again or wait until jan and go to Florida
  12. Ok, so im really really excited right now. I had my surgery October 9th, that's 4 days ago, the night before my surgery I got on the scale at home and the scale said 327, I just got on the scale a few minutes ago and it said 309. that's 18 flipping pounds. 18 POUNDS!!!!!!!! OMG, I cannot remember the last time I saw 30anything on the scale and to lose 18 pounds in four day.... I want to do jumping jacks i'm sooo happy. just this 18 pounds make me feel like the last four days of pain, and gas and sleeping have been totally worth it! I cant wait to see that bad boy show under 300lbs..... Super super excited! Oh, is anyone else having a problem with the blogs? Every time I try to post it says its unavailable and will be back October 10th. Just wondering!
  13. SigmaChefSpe

    Any October Sleevers?

    Hello all, My surgery was this past Wednesday the ninth, feeling pretty good believe it or not, got home yesterday, exteremly hard time with the fluid but walking is making life a bit eaiser for me. just wanted to update you guys!
  14. Doing some last minute packing before i head to the hospital tomorrow, need to know what should i bring? per the doc, if everything goes well ill be out on Thursday (1day) but i want to make sure i bring what i need. Thanks for all the help guys and gals!
  15. Just wanted to let you guys know, by this time tomorrow I will be a sleeved man!!!!!! WOOT WOOT....... Is it bad that I am not nervous?
  16. So i'm at my job and my wonderful co-workers know that I have started the Liquid phase of my pre-op diet, now they are avoiding me like i have the black plague when ever it comes to food or lunch time. I love my co-workers for being so thoughtful and trying to help me resist the temptation when i'm going through a time like this however I now feel like crap becuase to me is seems like they are going out of there way to avoid me. IE we typically eat or our desk becuase we are busy, now they are eating in a different part of the building, or, not bringing in the goodies that they usually would to share with everyone. Again I understand why they are doing it, and i do appricate it alot, but becuase of the kind of person i am its making me feel like crap. Any advise out there? talking to them about it isn't helping they think i'm just being nice. PS my office is only 13 people big.
  17. SigmaChefSpe

    Any October Sleevers?

    Oh yeah------- hey look no bullets lol----- i forgot to say my high weight was 363.... man its still hard to admit i was the close to 400.....
  18. SigmaChefSpe

    Any October Sleevers?

    its always nice to know your not going in alone! I am super excited about it, not nervous at all, but i was never really the person to be neverous about anything. My starting weight at the beginning of this journey was 334. I am currently 325ish, my doctor says i can lose all the way up to the weight of 175lbs but i'm really concerned about losing that much weight. i would like to keep it around 190-200, and work on getting the body fat percentage down as low as possible. I'm not really sure what to expect regarding the post op, a lot of people on here have had a lot of different experiences so its hard for me to mentally prepare for what is coming. What about you? how are you feeling about this whole process? is everyone supporting you at home? how is your better half taking it? PS sorry for the bullet points, not sure what i did to get them or how to get rid of them. *smh*
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    Guess Who is APPROVED!

    Thats great! i posted a picture but the boards wouldnt accepted. The funny part is a actually find myself watching it right along with the kids LOL.
  20. Yes, Family, I am approved... Guess that makes me an October Sleever. October 9th is my date........ I feel like sponge bob...... I'M READY!!!!!!
  21. SigmaChefSpe

    Guess Who is APPROVED!

    Thanks Every One, I am sooo excited!!!!!! Simpley_ke I started this Journey of approval back in June, of this year i want to say june 10th was my first appointment! I have a meeting with the nurses crew on Monday morning the 30th, and a class to take Monday afternoon and I start my liquid diet on October 4th (5 days)..... Cant wait!!!
  22. SigmaChefSpe

    Any October Sleevers?

    Hello, I am 28 as well, I also just found out that i am approved and will be sleeved on October 9th at Abington Memorial Hospital in Warminster PA. We can be buddies!
  23. Shelly_38 I had my endoscopy completed back on the 9th, but that was scheduled prior to my completion of my H.pilory test. I am not sure if the endoscopy had anything to do with the positive H.pilory discovery. IMO anyway
  24. I cant tell you that these meds are the WORSE, i took mine for two weeks and it was the longest two weeks of my life. Stay strong, it will come to an end. I wish i could tell you how to stop the feeling, but there is nothing i found that works. Stay strong. i feel you. can't stand the stuff! JeansBeans, i had to send in stool samples, it was a reuirement of my surgeon prior to having the surgery.
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    Well I found out yesterday that the doctor’s office finally opened up the claim with my insurance, that mean my insurance countdown begins…. 15 days… well actually its 14 business days until they have to make a decision on my application for surgery. I have to admit I’m kinda nervous, but its only because I want this so bad. All the weeks of prodding and poking and procedures all lead to this moment, to these final days. I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel and guess where it leads….. to a beach walking around without a shirt and being proud about it. it leads to shopping at normal people stores, it leads to roller coasters and comfortable plane rides. It leads to a healthy and brand new life. I am 14 days away from losing the weight and seeing my kids graduate, meeting and enjoying my grandchildren, and loving my life in a way I haven’t been able to in a long time. I am 14 days away from a new chapter, if you can’t tell I’m really excited for this. I ready for this.