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  1. awifeinmichigan

    Got my date

    Not anymore for me, but a few weeks after I did. My Surgeon said it was Muscle pains.
  2. awifeinmichigan

    August sleevers progress

    Surgery Date - 8/2 Hw - 317 SW - 303 CW - 271 I LOVE MY SLEEVE!
  3. awifeinmichigan

    African American Sleevers

    Good Luck to all the Sister and Brothers on their way to becoming Sleeved!
  4. I am better. Ready to go home.
  5. awifeinmichigan

    Hey My August Peeps! Tomorrow is MY day!

    Another update I am still in the hospital. I developed a lung infection which I am being treated for. Hopefully I can home tomorrow.
  6. Drop it like its hot Newlife!! Good Job!
  7. awifeinmichigan

    BCBS of MI PPO? Anyone?

    Hi! Same insurance and BMI over 50. I was approved immediately. However my Surgeon had some kind of surgical procedure himself and was not immediately available to complete my surgery and i did not want to start over with a new Surgeon so I waited. I am scheduled for Aug 2nd. My process began in February.
  8. awifeinmichigan

    August 2013 Roll Call

    I'm now Aug. 2nd.
  9. awifeinmichigan

    African American Sleevers

    Good job Rodney.
  10. Hey My August folks. My date has been moved up twice. First I was September 23rd, then September 3rd, now I am August 2nd. I am glad to join you all on the losers bench really soon.
  11. awifeinmichigan

    African American Sleevers

  12. awifeinmichigan

    Chubby Girl Mind

    Ok Ladies I need some help. I love love love love to shop! On a recent shopping trip for some necessities for my 2 boys I decided that I will pick up some items for my post-surgery weight loss. I was looking to buy some clothes from a size 24 down to a 16. Just a few items nothing serious. As I was skimming through the smaller sizes I could not wrap my mind around that I may possibly be in those size 20, 18, or 16 pants and found myself so stressed out that I said forget it and just purchased some summer items in my now size 24. Once I arrived home I was down in the dumps about not being able to wrap my mind around purchasing smaller clothing. Have any of you ladies ever had this happen? If so, how can I get past this? Please inform me if I am jumping the gun on shopping as I will not be sleeved until Sept. 23. Thanks for the advice, Rashaun
  13. awifeinmichigan

    Looking for a buddy in michigan!

  14. awifeinmichigan

    New here and waiting for approval

    I am still pre-op and can not answer your question, however I wanted to just say hello and welcome you to the forum.
  15. Awesome! I have been looking for local buddys.
  16. awifeinmichigan


  17. awifeinmichigan

    Long time stalker, first time posting

    I actually have not been sleeved yet. My date is not until September 23rd. I have just been taking my time to get mentally prepared for this lifestyle change. My biggest fear is not the surgery it self it is the psychological part of it. I want to be strong enough to fight off head hunger and believe that I can get this weight off.
  18. awifeinmichigan

    Chubby Girl Mind

  19. awifeinmichigan

    Looking for a buddy in michigan!

    I am with that!
  20. awifeinmichigan

    Chubby Girl Mind

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