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  1. Excuse my language, still . . .but I am still hell no. I haven't been on this particular site since 2013 - probably at the six months out mark - due to the backlash I received for being honest about my journey & the regret I felt (feel). I received lots of negative comments on my posts & in private messages. I wasn't even a year out; I needed positive support not negative, so I stopped logging on to this site. I was hoping I would be wrong at the one year mark - and be glad I had it - as many on here said I would be, but I wasn't happy about it. Now, at the 2 year mark - I still regret it. But, with that being said, I am at a very happy & healthy place in my life otherwise. I have lost weight. I feel good. I haven't had any complications. Losing my hair (and my hair was about all I had) was very traumatic, and it was much worse than what I was prepared for, but it is slowing finally. Agreeing to have years taken off my life by having this surgery - realizing the magnitude of that now & realizing just how weak/desperate I was at that time to willingly agree to that - is so very overwhelming at times; I just try to not think about it as best I can. I just wish I hadn't done it. But, there is no rewind button on life. I am strong now. I am stronger than my regret, so that is all that matters at the end of the day.
  2. luckysmomma

    Luckysmomma - 1 year later

    Time flies....first, all the positives: 1. Mobility is better - my # 1 reason for WLS in the first place 2. 99 lbs are gone 3. Feel physically & mentally better overall 4. Look better in clothes & more content with myself in clothes 5. Found a Protein shake I can deal with - GNC Total Lean ( $$, but works for me) 6. Eating and drinking no longer hurt Now, the realities 1. My back & legs still hurt - no surgery of any kind will make me pain free 2. I have lost & gained the same 5 lbs since Thanksgiving 3. hair loss began about the 4 month mark (even though I was doing all that I should) and continues...it has been traumatic for me; my hair was nearly all I had in the looks department... 4. I am still not in the size I want...I am not hung up on a weight, but a clothing size...I am close, but not there yet 5. I can eat junk - no problem 6. I can deal with a Protein Shake, but still hate them with a passion...as I do Water My story - I still regret WLS...I would never do it again...I am at peace with my regret...but many told me that I'd feel so much differently in a month's time, 3 mths, 6 mths, and definitely, at the 1 year mark - however, I did not, and I do not...I wish I would have never done it...I am not me anymore...I don't feel like me in most given situations...it is something I have learned to deal with especially in the last three or so months...I would never recommend anyone to do this...the hair loss is horrible plus not even feeling like the real me - those two things truly make wls not worth it....maybe to some, it would be...but not to me...so, I live with my regret & have chosen to handle it the best I can.
  3. First, let me say since this site has changed...I have not been on here a daily basis like I was prior to the changes, so therefore, I know I probably need to post this question elsewhere, but it is 1:30 AM...and I honestly don't feel like trying to figure out where...so please - no negative responses on the location of my question from the sleeve cheerleaders, please. All I can say is I am sorry if this is posted in the 'wrong' place...I just need some help from helpful veterans. Second and most importantly, here is my question...I am a little over 10 months out...even though my hunger has not returned...I have NO feeling of restriction now...so how do I get it back, or do I??? At the beginning, I felt tremendous restriction, even pain. Then, it subsided to very, very strong restriction with the burps, the odd noises, etc. Now, at about the eighth and 1/2 month mark, all of that has subsided....I could eat as much right now as before...I know my body. I mean, right now I am not eating out of control, but I could I can feel the difference. I mean, I could eat an entire pizza, a can of cake icing, a package of Cookies...I mean, those are not my favorites or my weaknesses, but I am trying to be clear on how much I know I could sit down at one sitting and eat right now. My fear is when the hunger returns (which it is bound to eventually) along with the lack of feeling of restriction...that will be a deadly combination for me...I will gain it all back and then some...so how do I get the restriction feeling back? I mean, I know it would ease somewhat, but I thought one of the effects of the surgery is that some restriction would always remain...I can't wait to see my surgeon on my year visit to ask her some tough questions! Any advice? tips on what to do?
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    Tall Women, Tell Me Your Story!

    I am 5'10"...I am shooting for 174 (WW goal), but once I get there...I will go down to 165-170. I weighed between 150-160 all through high school (skinny & didn't know it then!). In my adult life I have gotten down to 199 once - I am built nothing like high school even though I have had no kids - so at 199 I was somewhat satisfied - but even then was shooting for 174. I have gotten past the weight number...I want the clothing size...I want to be able to wear 12s & 14s comfortably..(and I am wearing some 14s right now! Yay!) ...Good luck to all us, tall ladies with our journeys! Best of luck. Take care.
  5. 1. I don't drink the Water like I should. 2. I eat/drink at the same time. 3. I chew gum still 4. I don't exercise enough 5. Sometimes I don't eat at all on some days 5. I don't eat fruit/veg like I should I know if I don't fix # 1, # 4, #5, #6...these last 30 or so lbs will be impossible to lose... Best of luck to all of us on our journeys!
  6. Now at the 10mth mark, mine has slowed tremendously. Up one lb, down one lb - no matter what I do...I will have to really, really, really work to lose this last 30 lbs, and probably not eat/drink at all hardly. WLS is NOT a magic bullet; I sure wish it was. If there was a magic bullet, I know Oprah would have found it for us all years ago! lol Good luck to all of us on our journey!
  7. 1. accepting I had wls 2. water 3. protein 4. eating & drinking at same time 5. hair loss...broke my heart
  8. luckysmomma

    anyone NOT lost their hairI

    It happens to many...so be prepared...doesn't matter if you do everything perfectly....it can still happen and does happen to many... as you can see only a handful posted that they had not.... My hair is all I got and when it started at the 4mth marked...I freaked. I am still freaking. I have long thick hair to my butt. Now, it is thin. No one has commented on/noticed it to my face - I hope no one ever does. But I see it in the mirror, see in the sink drain, in the shower, in my brush...and I do it all the Vitamins, the Protein, the shampoos, etc..I have spent a fortune on it to be quite honest. . I am at the 10th mark now; it has slowed, but I am still losing. I hate that I think I look okay in clothes again, but hate my hair now when I used to love it. Many have posted that 2 years out is the longest hair loss has lasted (that I have read on a post), so I hope mine stops in a year since it is already slowing. Good luck to all of us with this issue.
  9. luckysmomma

    Lying about Weight Loss Surgery !

    To each his/her own on this...I haven't told a soul and I won't...it is a personal decision...and anyone's opinion about it (good or bad) really doesn't matter to me...I don't live my life for other people....for people who shout their WLS from the rooftops - that is your personal decision. I don't have an opinion about your decision for you. Agree to disagree on this one, people... peace!
  10. luckysmomma

    Restriction - vets please answer

    3 to 4 oz skinless/boneless chicken breast
  11. luckysmomma

    Restriction - vets please answer

    I can eat two pieces of grilled chicken in one sitting & feel fine...I have salad & green beans, also, in that sitting.
  12. luckysmomma

    Restriction - vets please answer

    Thank you for your responses. No, I have definitely not eaten the things I mentioned. However, I have eaten 'bad' on occasion in the past ten months. Thus, I know I could eat a huge amount- no embellishing. I am going to live life, and that on occasion - to me - means on special occasions not eating diet/healthy foods. I make good choices the majority of the time, so therefore, I don't understand not feeling any restriction at all. I mean, on one hand, I feel more like myself & more normal eating/drinking normally, but I do not want to have gone through all this to turn around & gain it back. I went into this knowing it was one tool out of a whole toolbox set I would have to use to lose weight, but I was informed that there would always be some restriction from my surgeon. I see my surgeon on the 1 year. All the other visits I have only seen like a NP or dietician. So, I will be talking straight to my surgeon soon. I hope I haven't developed any problems. I haven't had any (knock on wood) except dehydration at the beginning and the hair loss from hell. What do they do if it is the dilation thing that was mentioned here??? Protein ...I still do one shake per day, but then, the rest of my protein comes from food. I get in about 70 or so grams. I feel no difference with whatever food choice I make. Healthy or not - everything goes down easily now & I feel nothing. I will read up on this 5:2 (I've seen it posted, but never really read about it to know what to do) Again, thanks for the words of advice & tips. I appreciate it.
  13. luckysmomma

    Will I be sipping forever?

    I am so glad to be able to post...I have not been able to do anything at all on this new site...not look at it, nothing til just now...I have tried daily...I couldn't even click to tell them I was having techno issues. ...no, you won't be a sipper forever. I am nearly nine months out...I can't guzzle like I used to, but I can drink quite normally. Keep sipping for now; it is what is best for you. Good luck!
  14. 90 + lbs gone...still regret it, however, but at peace with it...hair loss is horrible..mobility so much better...found a shake finally GNC Total Lean Swiss Chocolate protein shake that I can stand...need to exercise more...but overall, I am doing good.
  15. luckysmomma

    100 by surgiversary!

    Awesome! Congrats!
  16. luckysmomma

    Hair Loss

    From what I have read & researched & read here on this wls...most wls people have to deal with hair loss to some degree - some worse than others - regardless of your diet, all the protein, supplements like biotin & collagen, fancy shampoos, style vs no styling, wash or not wash etc etc... My hair loss started about the 4 month mark...and it still going strong at the 8th month mark...my hair is all I have ...it is to my waist...but it has thinned so, so much. I pray it stops soon. I feel like it is getting noticeable to others (it may just be in my head) . . Best of luck to all of us with this issue!!
  17. luckysmomma

    4 month pics - 50 lbs

    Awesome! Congrats!!!
  18. luckysmomma

    Anyone regret WLS and why?

    I have had no complications - knock on wood. I have lost a lot of weight & my mobility ( my number 1 reason for having wls) is much better...but with that being said, I would NOT do it over again. I thought I was ready wls after a year of preparing, but the mental/emotional/social aspect I was not prepared for...I am not me now eating and drinking this way. I hate the way my life is now when it comes to food. Time has given me peace with my decision. I am nearing 8 mths out, but I am not happy about my sleeve. I am making lemonade out of lemons. But I do regret it each and every day. I am in a tiny minority here as you can see. So, don't be nervous, do what is best for you. Best of luck to you.
  19. I am 7 months out...my hair loss didn't begin until about 4 1/2 months out...it is getting really bad (and I fear- noticeable to others & no one knows I had wls surgery)...I would like to hear from those 7 months out and beyond...how long will it the shedding and loss truly last? Yes, I am taking biotin, prenatal, collagen & all other vitamins for hair. Yes, I am not styling/using styling products like I used to. Yes, I am not shampooing like I used to. Yes, I have tried various shampoos/conditioners. Yes, I am getting in my protein. So, I know the hair is inevitable for most wls people...I just want to know how much longer can I expect to keep up this amount of shedding and hair loss???? 1 year? over a year out? how long? Please veterans respond! Thanks!!
  20. luckysmomma

    who drinks soda occasionally?

    On occasion. I quit cold turkey at surgery...stayed off of it about 5 months...had a death in my family in August...starting drinking it again (tastes awful), but drinking it anyway... trying to get off of it again - very hard now.
  21. Awesome. Congrats. THANK YOU so much for sharing. I love hearing from veterans!
  22. Awesome! Congrats. Thank you for your wise words.