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  1. I went to my first surgical consultation last Friday, Feb 1st. As of this Thursday (less than a week after beginning the process) I will have completed all my insurance requirements. I'm curious to see how long it took for insurance approval for you all. I'm excited about keeping the bariatric ball rolling.
  2. When working out, do you go by how many calories you burn during a session or just workout for a certain number of minutes, like an hour? I'm trying to get an idea of what others are doing. I'll be 4 months post-op on August 8th. Also, how many days a week do you workout and for how long at a time (for those of you that just go by a certain number of minutes, not calories burned)?
  3. I'm 12 or 13 weeks post-op. I lost count. I'm so tired all the time with no energy. Is this normal? I assume so, due to the lack of calories I'm intaking (typically <700) compared to what I did pre-op. Anything I can do to get my energy back? I take b-12, b-complex, and all the vites I'm supposed to. Tired of feeling tired all the time!
  4. I haven't had my iron or any levels checked. I need to do that. I get in between 70 and 90g of protein a day, and 80 to 100 oz of Water.
  5. For what it is worth, I was sleeved by Dr. Nick on April 8th, and have done very well. No complications, no issues, hardly any pain. His staff has been wonderful. If you need anything, they promptly return messages, usually within an hour, much sooner if it is after hours. I'm officially 3 months out today and have lost over 54 lbs. I couldn't have chosen a better surgeon. Dr. Nick gave me my life back, and I'll be forever grateful to him for that.
  6. 101 lbs gone forever!

  7. How many minutes/hours per day do you exercise? I've been doing a tad bit over 30 mins per day on my Gazelle Supreme glider + the calories I burn doing housework during the day, but I'm thinking maybe I could/should be doing more time on my Gazelle. Not sure. :\
  8. I can't take my Vitamins. They make me sick, like close to puking sick - and that is just chewing them up without swallowing. Disgusting. Problem is that I cannot have iodine in any of my vitamins, because I'm allergic to it (and also to fish/shellfish), so I'm very limited on a Multivitamin. Given the fact that I'm supposed to take nothing but chewables, I'm even more screwed. I researched all the Vitamin sites for weeks on end, and all I found that I could take was Bellybar Prenatal Vitamins. And, seeing as they make me sick, now those are out. Looks like it is going to have to be gummy or nothing. I'm so annoyed that they make tons of gummy vitamins without iodine but, like, no chewables at all. Do you take gummy vitamins? I know a lot of NUTs don't approve of them, as they're not "complete." I can supplement with additional vitamins to make my vitamins complete, though. I'm not worried about that. It just looks like, at this point, it's going to have to be gummy or nothing. Bah. E-mailing my nutritionist but just wanted to see if anyone here takes gummies.
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    Yes ma'am, just added. Please let me know if you do not receive the invitation.
  10. Around the time I was 3 weeks post-op, I began a stall. It has lasted for 17 days now. When do these things usually end??? I asked my surgeon's office and they told me to do a couple of days of liquids to try to get things moving along again, so I guess that is what I'm going to be doing. Not happy about it, but if it gets me on the right track again, then that's great. What has your experience been?
  11. Might have something to do with me losing 49 lbs since March 25th and my body trying to play catch-up? Maybe. I don't know. Annoying, though.
  12. Today I discovered that I have some weird funky brownish, orangeish, iodine splotchy looking things on my hands. What in the world are, and where did they come from? I read that it could be b-12 or Vitamin c deficiency, but I take both of those vites daily. I attached a photo to this post. I put circles around the discolorations. I was sleeved on April 8th, 2013. Thoughts?
  13. I'm getting at least 70g of protein and like 80+oz of water per day. Maybe I need to increase that. Today I'm doing a liquid day and getting in 104g of protein. I'll try this for a day or two and see if there is a change. Thanks!
  14. Woke up this morning and the spots were pretty much faded. Not sure what the heck they were or why they just suddenly popped up yesterday. They weren't a stain or anything. I did take some extra Vitamin c last night. And, yesterday I did drink some lemon Water for the first time in forever, and also some apple juice (for regularity) the night before. I don't use self tanner (I'm too pasty & pale and would end up looking like an Oompa Loompa.) Not sure if that has anything to do with it??? I have an appt w/ my surgeon on May 24th so I'll mention it then. Everything else is totally fine. No yellowing of any other part of the skin or eyes. My liver was perfect during surgery. No problems otherwise. Just strange. Very, very strange. I'm keeping an eye on it, and if it comes back and/or gets darker, then I'll give the doctor a call. Thanks!
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    Just sent you a friend request & facebook message.
  16. I was sleeved on April 8th. If you have any questions, just send me a private message. I'd be more than happy to share my experience with ya.
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    I was taking it pre-op and have continued taking it after. I've noticed no change.
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    Reason for Pre op liquid diet?

    My pre-op diet wasn't liquids. I had to drink 5 Protein shakes per day, and then I was allowed 5 oz of lean meat/poultry + 2 cups of veggies and a fat source in the evening for dinner. I was much more lucky than most.
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    Ok, no problem. Just sent you a pm.
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    Reason for Pre op liquid diet?

    They say that the pre-op diet is required to shrink your liver so it doesn't get damaged in surgery. I also have a theory that they do it to get us to detox from sugars and bad carbs so we don't struggle with those cravings and issues post-op.
  21. It won't interfere with your surgery at all. Worst case scenario is you go under anesthesia with the tampon in and wake up with it removed. The pain meds they'll give you after surgery will also basically eliminate any and all cramps you may get. Sucks if you get your period on surgery day, but at least the pain medicine helps out a lot.
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    Tmi maybe

    5 days for me. I'm almost 5 weeks out now and still not regular. I'm beginning to think that Miralax dissolved in 100% apple juice is going to be the only way I get any relief for a while.
  23. I've heard good things about the Carnation Instant Breakfast and Atkins shakes. I've never tried any of the ones on the list you mentioned due to food allergies that I have, though.
  24. Mine wasn't painful, it was just uncomfortable and maybe even pinched a little. You know how, like, if you're on a roller coaster and you go down a hill and it feels like your stomach drops? That is what my drain removal felt like. It made me a little sick to my stomach. It was removed the day after surgery right before I was discharged from the hospital.
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