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  1. I have 2 unopened boxes of Calcet Creamy Bites (Chocolate Fudge) - 30 Count (Best by 11/13) Retail they sell for $12.99 per box. If anyone wants them, I'm more than happy to send them to you free of charge. I didn't want to toss them, so whoever wants them they are yours. Just send me a note.
  2. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Everyone isn't going to feel the same way, some want the weight loss to be noticed and acknowledged others don't. Here's my thoughts on it, if you don't like what someone is saying or if you feel uncomfortable tell the person....correct them (firmly but politely) if you do like what they say embrace their words and say THANK YOU. In my opinion sometimes we worry too much about what others are thinking and saying rather than taking that energy to focus on making ourselves better.
  3. Lynch mob mentality.......vultures hovering.....crazy and sad.

  4. Geminidrive

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm sorry due to business travel and a busy work schedule I haven't been on the site much and won't be in the future so I haven't been able to do this. It might be best for someone who frequents the site daily to comprise this list. Apologies.
  5. It would be nice if a FAQ thread could be highlighted in RED and listed at the top of the FORUM page that is alway viewable. This might reduce daily multiple repeated questions and help new and old members search common questions and topics.
  6. Thankfully I had Zero complications. No pain, no gas, no intolerances.
  7. Geminidrive

    Fooducate - Excellent App and Website

    Indeed, it is very, very helpful!
  8. Just passing on a wonderful website which provides excellent information: http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate can also be found on Facebook. You can download from iTunes and it is also Android compatible. I use this as a piggyback to MFP.
  9. Geminidrive

    Fooducate - Excellent App and Website

    I forgot to mention that Fooducate also has a paid app for those with specific food allergies and who are Gluten Free. Allergy & Gluten Free Diet Tracker by Fooducate
  10. Geminidrive

    Fooducate - Excellent App and Website

    Yes, it does, I have found it to be the most comprehensive website/app when it comes to nutrition. You will find it very helpful!
  11. Geminidrive

    Sleevers over 300lbs?

    I am 5'8" (although my surgeon's office keeps listing me at 5'6" (annoying) and I was 398 on surgery day 10/8, I'm now down to 300 (98lbs lost and more to go) .....anything is possible. If you work hard, anything is possible.
  12. Geminidrive

    I wish I would've known that before

    Prior to the surgery I did exhaustive research, so basically nothing was a surprise for me. I didn't have any bad experiences. I think for me preparation is everything, I was prepared. I think one has to also clear their head and be ready for change, if not you are bound to have roadblocks. If you have a lot of things going on in your life that cause you stress, I would suggest that you get a hold on them before you plan your surgery. This was neither painful or stressful/emotional, so far so good. No complaints.
  13. Geminidrive

    More on Gov. Christie...

    I believe it was done at a surgi center. Not sure if the surgi center was in NY or NJ.
  14. Geminidrive

    I want to cry...

    Tell her exactly what you posted here or post it to your Facebook page. Perhaps she was trying to be helpful and doesn't realize she is being judgmental. The only way to correct this behavior is to let her know, otherwise it is bound to happen again and you will be in the same position.
  15. Geminidrive


    I like the way you think! I think some do themselves a disservice by weighing in too much. Especially the daily weigh-ins. But folks are gonna do what they do. LOL
  16. Geminidrive

    Chris Christie had lapband in February

    LOL, I wasn't thinking about the actual weight loss, more so the ability to keep hush hush the surgery.
  17. Geminidrive

    Chris Christie had lapband in February

    Oh, Ok. actually I think he did a good job hiding it this long.
  18. How would one take a photo of another shopper in a private dressing room? All higher end department stores have private dressing rooms.
  19. Geminidrive

    More on Gov. Christie...

    This is news because Christie has been known to have a bully attitude and an opinion on everything, but this. He could, as he has done on other topics helped others on their journey to be healthier, but ultimately it is his choice.
  20. Geminidrive

    Chris Christie had lapband in February

    Didn't he reveal the surgery to the Post?
  21. I would suggest making appointments with Department store personal shoppers. Most major department stores have free personal shoppers and you have no obligation to purchase. Tell the shopper what you are interested in and she can pull together some looks. When you meet with the shopper take a friend with a camera so you can memorialize those looks. You can then search for similar options in less expensive stores.
  22. Geminidrive

    Chris Christie had lapband in February

    He probably had the surgery because he was called out by Dr. Connie Mariano. Good for him, but not a fan!
  23. Geminidrive

    How did you prepare?

    I got rid of all of the junk in my kitchen. I purchased bottled water and crystal lite, jello, sf pudding, greek/high protein yougurt and high protein soupall of the other things that I bought an abundance of I got sick of so I would steer clear of overstocking. I didn't take anything but myself to the hospital, my stay was minimal and hospitals are filled with germs and I didn't want to bring those germs home with me. For me, less is more.
  24. Geminidrive

    So Who's The Fat Girl Now?!

    Congratulations. You look fabulous!
  25. Geminidrive

    I have some questions

    First my question is what all should I bring with me to the hospital for a more comfy stay? I didn't take anything but myself, my stay was minimal and hospitals are filled with germs and I didn't want to bring those germs home with me. For me, less is more. Also, What are some high protien surgar free shakes & where did you find them ? I drink Premier protein, 1 gram of sugar. For the powdered mix, I use Designer Whey French vanilla.