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I have tried every diet imaginable and spent so much money. I have never been this overweight in my life. I have always been a big girl not your skinny sickly type. My last pregnancy did me in. My baby is 8 yrs old and I have been struggling with the baby weight ever since his birth. I set a goal that when I turned 35 if I hadn't lost a majority of this weight, I would seek surgical options. Well here I am..
In high school, I was 150lbs which for 5'4, according to all those lovely medical charts, is still somewhat overweight. I looked healthy though. I was in a size 9 pants and I felt like I was good. In fact I never obsessed about my weight at all. I ate what I wanted and I stayed that size. Chalk it up to that teenage metabolism. My first pregnancy I gained 60lbs but I dropped it in a matter of a year. Thats when the atkins diet was the big deal. Then 2 years later here came the second baby. 75lbs with this baby and through the last 8 yrs another 40lbs....267 my most horribly fatest ever. I can't breathe.I eat and my belly just lays there as a constant reminder that I am fat. I feel sick when I eat, but I still do it. My blood pressure is high, and I am prediabetic and asthmatic. My kids don't even ask me anymore if I want to ride bikes or take a walk because they know the answer. Every day I trek on feeling like a blob. I try to lose and I succeed with a max weight loss of 30lbs and it stops. Boom..that's it. Then here the cycle goes again..I get depressed with a "forget it..I will always be fat no matter what" attitude and I gain it back and more.
Wow sounds really awful. Well December 2012 this is gonna stop. I want to live a healthy fulfilling life. I want to be there with my husband and kids. I want to set a healthy example for my family. I don't need a bikini body but I need a life. I am prepared to do whatever it takes from here on out. I need a helping hand and surgery is gonna be it.
I started by attending a bariatric conference at the hospital in April 2012. The hospital I work for actually..I am an ultrasound tech. I started my primary doctor visits in May 2012. I was prepared to have surgery in January 2013 but October 1st my employer is requiring me to use 80 hrs of my vacation time by the end of the year. ????? to save the budget they say. So my surgery date is not set yet but it will be December. Yes a crappy time of year to do this but this is the change I am ready for and I am prepared to do it at anytime. My surgeon has suggested the sleeve gastrectomy and I agree with that option. So for now thats where I stand.

Age: 46
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Starting Weight: 267 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery:
Current Weight: 194 lbs
Goal Weight: 135 lbs
Weight Lost: 73 lbs
BMI: 33.3
Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Status: Pre Surgery
First Dr. Visit: 05/17/2012
Surgery Date: 01/07/2013
Hospital Stay: n/a
Surgery Funding: Insurance
Insurance Outcome: 2nd Letter Appeal Approval
sarahec's Bariatric Surgeon
207 Longwood Drive SW
Huntsville, Alabama 35801

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