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    weight gain

    Thank you everyone! You all "ROCK" Kim
  2. Kim Ster

    weight gain

    Howdy folks, I am 1 year 3 months out, I was 10 lbs from goal weight...had some devastating life changes, lost my bro, whom was my bff...I lost weight then gained 11 lbs back. I am struggling......just had a double mastectomy with the start of reconstruction, thank the good lord I did this prophyalactly, I don't have cancer, I have the cancer gene.....so needless to say I have been thru a lot of crap..this is not a pity party I am actually very strong emotionally and physically, I just fell off the wagon, while I am recovering I am extremely cautious of my calorie count since I cant run or use the elliptical for a while. Just had my surgery Jan 17th. I need to reconnect with fellow sleevers to help stay on track. I guess I am looking for some encouragement... Kimster
  3. Kim Ster


    anything I want and with chopsticks
  4. Kim Ster


    I drank wine about 1 month out. No problems..just lots of calories..
  5. Kim Ster

    95 lbs gone in 8.5 months! (pic!)

    You look wonderful!
  6. Kim Ster


    When did you start eating popcorn?
  7. Good Morning, Just wanted to share my experience with Biotin. Surgery was November 6th 2012, I have lost 128 lbs and feel fantastic....My hair loss hasnt been horrible but noticible. First I ordered the Biotin liquid off amazon.com, I got this pre op and started taking it a couple weeks prior to surgery, I Noticed my nails grew, they were strong, my hair was normal. After surgery when my liquid ran out, I wanted to save some money and bought some Biotin tablets at the local store, it was buy one get one, sundown brand I think. I noticed my nails were brittle, splitting, not growing and my hair started falling out horribly in the shower....I quickly got back on the liquid Biotin from amazon.com, Honeycomb brand and within a few weeks my nails healed and my hair looked fuller and the falling out of my hair has slowed considerably. Long story short, pay the extra money for a high quality Liquid Biotin. It works! Have a great day...... Kim
  8. Kim Ster


    no problems..was told not to use them, but once in a while I do.
  9. At 5 months post op, how many calories are you eating in one day? I just put mine at 1200 yesterday on myfitnesspal, but sometimes I eat more. Just curious...
  10. Kim Ster

    Let's Check In November 2012 Sleevers!

    Surgery NOvember 6th 2012. Lost 106 since Augus 2012t. 66 of that lost after surgery. Love the lifestyle, doing great! Went from a size 26/28 to an 18.
  11. Commited to eating right August 2012. Sleeved November 2012. Lost 100 lbs as of this morning since August 2012. I am so geeked! Also, I had a NSV this afternoon...had to show my ID and the clerk didnt reconize me by my license pic.....She said "is this you" I said "really" she said "is this you?" I whispered " as of this morn, I have lost 100 lbs, can you really tell?" She said "oh my, this doesnt even look like you" So all in all today was a wonderful day! I love my sleeve, love the lifestyle, I dont feel deprived AT ALL! Why didnt I do this years ago............................ DOING THE HAPPY DANCE!
  12. Kim Ster

    Unjury Protein

    yup, its very good! I also liked the Celebrate brand. Whats nice about Celebrate is it has all your daily vitamin needs in one shake.
  13. Kim Ster

    Best Friend Help

    Well you are not doing it for anyone but yourself! So who cares what ppl say, there will always be haters and ppl that dont want you to succeed. Some of what they are saying is true, you still have to exercise will power after the surgery. Diet and exercise are necessary for weight loss and maintainance...this is not an easy way out! You still have to do the work. I just got a response the other day "I know someone that had a WLS and gained all the weight back" Like thats the case for everyone....dumb ass. But anyway, do what you need to do and dont worry about what ppl think or say. Its your life your decision. I am only 3.5 mo out and I am already seeing that Diet and Exercise will play an important role in the rest of my life, like I didnt even have the surgery. The surgery is just forced portion control. You still have to put the right food in your mouth. Good Luck!
  14. Kim Ster

    What has been your worst calorie day?

    Five Guys.................................................that was my last supper before surgery!
  15. Kim Ster

    What has been your worst calorie day?

    NO I didnt lose 92 lbs in 3 months...Oh My I wish!!! I am counting since August when I started my Weightloss Journey. I feel like its fair to count it because Weight lost is Weight lost!!! I met with my WL surgeon in August 2012 that is when I decided to change my lifestyle so I am counting the weightloss since then...
  16. Kim Ster

    What has been your worst calorie day?

    I am 3 mo out, the most I ate was 1400 that was once, maybe twice. I drink wine on occasion but I allot for that in my calorie count. Honestly I feel so guilty going over 1200 calories....I usually eat 1100 per day. I know my nut will up it when I see her next week for my 3 mo check. I could exercise more too. I am in a cold climate it makes it harder so I try to keep the calorie count around 1000-1100 but once this winter breaks I will be increasing my exercise and calories..... As long as you are steadily losing, then so be it!
  17. You look GREAT! Congrats. I was sleeved November 6th, down 93lbs. 40 prior to surgery then 53 after surgery............... Great job!
  18. Kim Ster

    Why Lie?!?!

    You know, ppl have been asking me how I have lost so much weight. I first tell them that I eat less and move more. Then I tell them of the VSG. I make sure they understand its not a band or bypass. Most ppl dont know what a sleeve is so I explain it as a partial gastrectomy blah blah blah. I say that is a procedure to help me with portion control and that I stilll have to do the work......its only a tool and I still have to watch what I eat and exercise and its not a free ride. I am not embarresed that I needed help, I mean really in THEORY what is the difference between a WLS and hiring a personal trainer? They are tools......I would rather say I had help with the WLS then do nothing and EXPLODE from being such a fat ass not doing nothing... Just Saying.....................if ppl want to judge me for taking a stand and doing something for myself then they can just suck it....LOL!
  19. Kim Ster

    So scared

    Its normal to be scared and nervous....complications are rare. The risk of complications outweigh the comorbities of being obese. Have faith in the Lord and your surgeon to get you thru....I was sleeved on Election day 2012 and its the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Wish I would have done it years ago. The weight is falling off and I feel amazing.......... Godspeed
  20. Howdy, I weigh in every Saturday, this is the first Saturday I havent lost between 3-5 lbs....kind of a bummer.....I only lost 1 lb. Anyone have a stall around this time? My calorie counts are 1000-1300 mostly on the low end, I like to go up and down to keep my metabolism guessing. I could always exercise more from day one......just curious if anyone out there stalled at 3 months........ Any comments welcome......... Have a great day! Kim
  21. Kim Ster

    NERVES are running crazy here

    I am 3 months post op. Was scared to death as well...you should have seen my in pre-op...LOL. This was the best thing I ever did! You will be pleased with the lifestyle and results....being scared is normal!! I sailed thru the recovery and have lost a total of 92 lbs since August. 52 lbs since the procedure Nov 6th. You will be so pleased with the incredible weightloss.....complications are rare remember that. godspeed
  22. My pain was on average a 4, I only took pain meds in the hospital then 2 days after I was home, after that I just felt like I did a ton of sit ups. No biggie. In pre-op I ask for my Post op meds...I dont like morphine I always ask for Diludid...its awesome! Not too heavy, no nausia, hallucinations...just right! Gas pain was not a bad just had bubble guts, no biggie. This was my 2 abdominal surgery, first was an incision for a hysterectomy, my VSG was laproscopic, they were very different. I recovered from both lickety split! I was a nervous wreck but the pre op folks and my surgeon calmed me right down. I had my procedure at Henry Ford Detroit in Michigan, they are a Top Notch Facility and highly recommend them. Dr Carlin was and IS amazing. I was in the hospital 3 days 2 nights, released on the third day. I had my aunt and mother with me for 1 week post op, I could have easily handled it on my own. I wanted to go back to work on week 2 but was forced by family to CHILL I went back to work (office job) after 2 weeks...... This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Wish I would have done it sooner. I love the SLEEVE lifestyle.....keyword LIFESTYLE...you need to make some changes, but it the changes you NEED to make. I dont feel deprived at all. Good Luck! Keep in touch.