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  1. BigGirlPanties

    My father-in-law is oblivious.

    Sure the office manager would appreciate it...it sounds like neither one of you should have it around the house!
  2. That was interesting...and all the comments are fascinating... but the bottom line is we get as "thin" as we want for ourselves...anything we lose after we hit our top weight makes us feel thin! If you start at over 350 pounds you are definately going to feel thin and healthy at 200...even tho you want to go lower but the media plays with our heads...I think most of us realize, at this juncture what we really need to do to take care of ourselves~!!!
  3. @lynette85 the earlier the better right?!? less stress
  4. still waiting to hear if any plastics are covered for me... but I appreciate everyones input on this subject!
  5. BigGirlPanties

    hi everyone finally got my approval

    waiting is the hardest part!
  6. BigGirlPanties

    Getting cold feet for Weight Loss Surgery. Advice needed!

    I think just about everyone on here (even those with complications) would say they would do it again...and sooner, if they could... I don't regret one moment of it! I feel I can eat what I want, but I don't "want" junk...so I've not had any big problem with that...been maintaining. However, I have major knee problems and had to lose weight to get them fixed...one will be done next month (hopefully) and I couldn't have gotten there without my WLS. For me, I was more excited than nervous... I knew this was for me; I have known other people that were successful... no doubts, no regrets!
  7. amazing isn't it... I wish I had taken a picture of myself every month so really see my progress... I can't even figure out how to post pictures here
  8. BigGirlPanties

    amazing video that isn't really about how to apply makeup...

    dang...can't see it here...hopefully will be able to later...
  9. BigGirlPanties

    Presenting...THE NEW BOB B.!

    congrats on a textbook procedure!
  10. BigGirlPanties

    Which is better

    LOL.... you are going to open that can of worms?!? It really comes down to YOUR choice... the surgeon will explain the varieties and why they may be good for you, and then you (or your insurance) decides. Some insurance companies still don't cover the sleeve. Personally, the sleeve felt like the best for me... I liked the idea of keeping my insides in tact so the nutrients stayed in my system, etc. I know several people that had the bypass 10+ years ago and said if they could do it over, they would have chosen the sleeve. Your co-morbidities, gerd, and other factors will play in to your decision. Good luck (glad you are not considering the band...just MY opinion)
  11. BigGirlPanties


    a few people have had complications...but your life is probably more "complicated" with the weight... Mine was very textbook... The one thing I wish I had was some carmex...my lips were sooo dry all the time...but most everything you need is provided... Good luck...let us know your progress! PS Oh Yeah...my phone charger! ABSOLUTELY!!!
  12. Congrats... I had trouble sleeping, I was so excited...Tylenol PM helped me
  13. BigGirlPanties

    What do you drink when you go out?

    Personally, I don't even bother with the empty calories of alcohol... I'll have an unsweet tea...if they don't have that, an iced coffee... I keep sugar free flavoring in my purse, so I'm ready... don't need the alcohol to have a good time... but that's me... never was much of a drinker anyway...
  14. BigGirlPanties

    My lunch bag is a sad place right now

    Torani has a sugar free chocolate syrup (and other flavors) that can be added to any beverage (and I use in cooking) so that can help with cravings at a lower calorie and budget cost!
  15. BigGirlPanties

    Share your tattoo pics

    could someone tell me how to download photos on to here???
  16. I guess I am one of the "lucky" ones as well...my hubby is the sweetest man alive! He is always there for me...we were together when I was 350 pounds and he never felt me feel "less" than beautiful...tho I regularly tell him to get his eyes checked!!! As seen by our wedding picture on my home page where I was just after surgery and down 50 pounds... we were together for 8 years before we got married...and I really didn't care if we did or didn't...he wanted it more. ...at our age, I didn't really care anymore. He is always taking care of me in more ways that there are letters in the alphabet...he is supportive and loving ... so I do believe it is all about who you are on the inside... if you are in a good, healthy relationship, you can weather any storm, including bariatrics! Find your own voice.
  17. BigGirlPanties

    Surgery today and pic

    I see a make over in your future! I love to have that done and write down everything they used... I try it out for the day and go back to buy...so I can see different lights and how it wears on my skin.
  18. BigGirlPanties

    Surgery today and pic

    With your pretty face, those eyes just need a little help (via makeup) to POP and then I see some lovely RED RED lipstick in your future... It makes you feel so good when you have on just the right shade of lipstick... I think I get that from my Mom ...never left the house without lipstick on ... Enjoy... (btw, so awesome that your doctor did a touch up for no extra charge!)
  19. BigGirlPanties

    Feeling AWudjpWNCLGhb,duos,fn!

    I made bath salts with essential oils for my coworkers to remind them to take time to relax! And I agree...I want ALL of the above too...if we lived close we could help each other out... I read in a magazine, that the best way to get some of that stuff done (like cleaning) is to trade off with a friend...one day you go to their house and do chores and help her out, then another day you both do your house... it helps to have someone helping you...just a thought... I used to do that with a sister ... it made it fun...when we were done, we would go out to eat ...but we are about 2000 miles away from each other now I want to revamp my kitchen...do a PURGE, and then move the furniture around in the living space...but I need someone with a good, sturdy back for that one! ah well *sigh*
  20. BigGirlPanties

    Share your tattoo pics

    @Sboulie 3 month wait??? What was that about?!? You trying to get it done by an Ink Master??? @Trudycarle why did you have to go back a second time...how far apart between visits...?
  21. BigGirlPanties

    Experiences with Phentermine?

    @GoGoNiner I take it he is not a bariatric doctor...because it would be quite odd that a bariatric doctor would put you on something like that. If you are planning on WLS then I'd say why put your body thru that with the diet pills...we all know they don't work long term, and if they are making you so "off", I'd tell him how you are feeling and get off them!.... but that's just my opinion...good luck
  22. snail collection...lol Pasta is always part of our family/holiday dinners, this year I am making a spaghetti squash bake (tofu mixed with ricotta as well)... my husband and his son love it (they don't know about the tofu)... this way I KNOW I'll have something I can eat and probably something many others will enjoy as well... But, I agree, these days it's all about friends and family, not the FOOD! another great article!
  23. BigGirlPanties

    Body Shapers ( Spanx)

    I'd like to hear what folks have to say... personally I don't think I'd invest in some...but that's me... but...who knows
  24. BigGirlPanties

    I would not consider YOU a successful WLS patient!

    Woman! If there is one thing we know about YOU...is you DO NOT "Coddle" LOL... love you to pieces... you have been thru so much and are still our shining star "Don't let someone dim your light because you shine in their face" ... I read that early today on this site and I think it applies here! <3
  25. BigGirlPanties

    I would not consider YOU a successful WLS patient!

    I was furious and close to tears myself as I read your post, RJ. To echo the above...WE NEED YOU! You have been a rock to me... I look to your experience and expertise all the time. I love your posts and insights, PLEASE you know better than to let someone effect you in that way (telling you that you don't belong HERE)... as for the doctor...all I can say is *SMH*

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